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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


These is some of the pictures I am able to snap on my way back from Penang to KL in the bus. I think the view is pretty nice and I could not hesitate to grab my camera to snap for the photos.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Dell Mini 3I

Dell's Smartphoneto be released into the Chinamarket soon - the Dell Mini 3i. Weeks ago when the Android powered phone firstmade an appearance in a China Mobile event, Dell said it was just an item to"wave around", but Sina, a chinese tech website, has already gotten avery through hands-on - check out the picturesfor yourself.

Peppermint Peel of Mask from Skin Food.

I had finally try the mask from Skin Food which is the Pepper mint Mask. The mask was great. It is actually the peel off mask which peel off mask is use for getting rid of the dead skin and dirt and after using that mask I feel really refresh from it.

Price wise is still considerable ok. Is not as expensive as well

Price RM 25.90