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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Dono why today, suddenly i love to hear song titles that have the word "忘".. dono.. also.. but suddenli i felt all this song is nice
你讓我忘 你讓我忘 我們的事情早就該忘了
當初誰知道到最後會是空 看你的眼 我無法預料

你讓我忘 你讓我忘 相愛的時候一切都逍遙
也許你追求是過程最重要 我面對結局卻無處可逃

怎麼忘也忘不了所有 就像你說吧 我應該把你忘掉
簡簡單單的不用多少纏綿 你轉過身後回到你的從前

怎麼忘也忘不了所有 短暫的愛情還能忘記甚麼
本來就不夠留一輩子溫柔 把過去的愛都轟轟烈烈再想一天


我不怪你借用 我的感情 如果你曾用过心
我学会不在乎 背叛的很安静 算了吧 就让你赢
我忘了你犯的错 道歉的话别说 我忘了你犯了错
所以我不难过 宁愿保持沉默 心才不会被撕破 拜托回忆 能放过我
我知道是结局 所以不犹豫 悲剧不该走下去 太勉强的拥抱 没有理由继续 我选择当首插曲
不恨你 不爱我 至少我们快乐过
我爱你 我恨我 只靠想念赶不走寂寞
我忘了你犯的错 道歉的话别说 我忘了你犯了错
所以我不难过 宁愿保持沉默 心才不会被撕破 谁放过我
当爱不再是拥有 我不敢挽留 你会快乐 就足够
我忘了你犯的错 道歉的话别说 我忘了你犯了错 所以我不难过
宁愿保持沉默 心才不会被撕破 请放过我
我忘了你犯的错 道歉的话别说 我记得你深爱过 所以我不难过
宁愿保持沉默 心才不会再被撕破 拜托回忆 能放过我

想太多 - 李玖哲

Suddenly, listening to songs .. i found out this MV.. is really nice.. but kinda sad... i love the lyrics as well

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

TOILET BOWL concept RESTAURANT will be open at Queensbay Mall Penang

toilet restorant 1


Ever think of having your meals in a toilet?? em.. i never think of dat as well but now you can have your makan in the toilet restorant wif your love one.. It will be opening at the Queensbay Mall 3rd floor.. so watch out for the toilet restorant.. if you dare to try.. :) This shop will be opening on 18 Febuary 2008..

toilet restorant 1

RM6 Shark Fin Soup

Shark Fin

Had ever think to try RM 6 Shark Fin soup.. hehe.. kinda.. don belief it? is nice and yummy and teh taste is the same as the one you ordered for RM 20-30.. haha. the taste firstt of all is nice jus not having the pure original shark fin.. and that's the reason it is cheap!!

The aunty of this store had been selling many years back and when i am a kid i started taste her shark fin soup and i never resist whenever i went to the shop. past 2 to 3 years, thsi stall is in Paya Terubong at 1997 Restorant and now this store had moved to Pulau Tikus and the little hawker store is situated opposite the Peng Hua school Food court. It is very worth to eat as RM 6 for a yummy shark fin soup with lots of crab meats.. yummy...

Shark Fin

- The Closer View Of Shark Fin Soup-

Putu Mayung .. an indian delights

when i took this pic.. oh ya.. saturday.. in Pulau Tikus Market.. haven been makan all this yummy delights for a long time.. so suddenly pass by and saw the uncle selling Putu Mayung.. but this time I din purchase cause i am full so din grab dem..

Putu Mayung are my favorites.. too as it has nice pandan flavor that i love to grab dem.. em.. this food is mix with santan ( cocunuts) as well as brown sugar.. is kinda nice to have them..to eat.. is yummmy.. i love them a lot..
The location of my favorite putu mayung will be at Pulau Tikus Market as well.. Yummy when i think of it :P

Putu MayungPutu Mayung

KFC Fever fr Dad Bday

Last Sunday, my daddy birthday and he suggested to have KFC , so we went KFC for makan last Sunday.. em.. i never think that KFC got breakfast and the variety is more than MCDonalds.. hmm.. maybe should take a try once i think of it..

Ehm.. we ordered KFC set 2 dinner plate and a set of new release rice set.. my mum get the rice set and me and dad get dinner plate.. it cost me bout RM 40 kinda cheap.. compare eat in restorant and wat suprise me is KFC accept credit card.. wau.. since when fast food restorant accept credit card.. i never knew bout it either.. maybe i had not makan in KFC for nearly 3-4 months so i never realized KFC accept Credit card..

Nice and cheap dinner.. haha.

KFC Fever


CNY CARDS.. out view

Had made my big big CNY card di... i will do another one hopefully today.. but unsure will it be de same design on it not so still under consideration :)Just finish yesterday night

CNY CARDS.. inview


Wanna Go travel?? Any places of interest for the year? Now Air Asia is offering free tickets to many destination.. Go and bOOK now :) at www.airasia.com.my

Monday, January 28, 2008

Lok Lok..

Em. it has been a long long time i din eat lok lok" and i turn up went to some hawker centre arong peng hua dere to grab a few "lok Lok" yummy.. ok .. let me see wat i can think of to say bout this yummy lok lok.. haha..

is like steamboat first of all..but its more for personal makan. so after u grab the food you wan from the counter u need to deep dem into the soup.. so it will be cook and u can it them.. wif either with chily sos or another sweet sauce. There are many choices of them you can choose.. fishballs, cuttlefish, egg, crabstick, sausage ...and more.. so grab and deep..

so have them try. This is available in many hawker stalls in Penang... so don worry you cant find them.. You will see them along Gurney Drive, Pulau Tikus Market and more..

Mee Goreng- Jones Road..

There ara many place to have Mee Goreng in Penang.. famous one will be in Bangkok Lane.. and another i love is the Jones Road Mee Goreng. This stall has been about 15 years di as i started to love the Mee goreng from this stall ever since i am Form 1 and i will bought dem for my lunch.

Em.. talking of this yummy food, it has squid, tauhu and mee.. and it can choose whether you wan mee goreng or rebus.. so u have de preferance.. but me i like goreng more..

The stall now had moved to Jalan Pasar in Pulau Tikus opposite the market and you can see dem.. in a shop along that area.. Have a try there.. and the shop starts to open at about 7 am till nite.. and there will be a break in between about 3.Other than mee goreng, the western food is nice as well. I forget wat the shop name. here goes the map..

Swiss Premium - Gurney plaza new ice cream.. choice

There’s a new ice cream outlet in Gurney Plaza - Swiss Premium. Located at the Lower Ground floor next to Beard Papa Cream Puffs. em.. is jus arong Laksa Shake dere.. if i am not wrong la..

Since is new.. i am thinking to give it a try .. though is kinda expensive.I’m told the Movenpick ice cream is the one found inside Mache at The Curve, and that it tastes pretty good. Having such a sweet tooth like mine, I couldn’t resist walking towards the place after i saw them when i am shopping . They don’t really have that many flavours as baskin or Haigen Daz to choose from (about 8-10 if i am not wrong ) but most of the ones I tried tasted good.

em.. looking at it.. i am pretty sure i could not decide dem.. eventually i make my choice and at last finally decided on 3 flavours - Caramelita, Stracciatella and Chocolate. I loved the Caramelita as is sweet.. is nice as well and Chocolate also is quite nice because it really full chocolate! Stracciatella was lovely with bits of chocolate in it is not bad.. .

Three scoops of the ice cream cost me RM18.80. Single scoop retails for RM8.80. Currently they are having some opening promotions which include buy 1 scoop, get the 2nd one at 50%. Definitely pricey, almost in the same range as Haagen Daez. But definitely worth treating yourself to once in a while!

They also offer sundaes and dine in pleasures. Other flavours available during my visit include Passion fruit and Mango, Lemon and Lime, Maple Walnut, Espresso Croquant, Strawberry and Pistachio.


Daddy birthday .. 27th January 2007.. would like to wish him Happy Birthday .. Hope he love de gifts we bought la.. keke.. and de yummy KFC

27 Dresses

I saw the review on this movie the last two days when i watched a movie in GSC. The story is quite fasinating that had also attracted me to watch this movie. this movie will be on the cinema on 28 February 2008

Jane (Katherine Heigl) is a vivacious New Yorker with a great job, a great apartment and a collection of ugly bridesmaid dresses she’ll never wear again. She is so invested in other people’s love lives that she is guilty of “wedding-hopping”, a feat witnessed by Kevin (James Marsden), a newspaper reporter who realizes that a great story on this always-a-bridesmaid is his ticket off the wedding beat. Jane’s precisely organized life becomes permanently disrupted when sexy younger sister Tess (Malin Akerman) arrives from Europe and immediately captures the heart of George, Jane’s boss (Ed Burns). Accommodating Jane is enlisted to plan yet another wedding, but there’s a serious complication: Jane is secretly, and desperately, in love with George


Released on 7th Feb 2008.. a new movie staring Taiwan hot stae Jay Chou and Pop duo Twins- AH SA.. in this new movie.. Shi-Jie (Jay Chou), grew up in a Martial Arts School. Hence he is well verse in Marital Arts especially Kung-fu. With his Kung-fu skills and his good reflex, Shi-Jie excels in basketball by mastering the slam dunk skill. On the pretext of helping Shi-Jie find his family, Wang-Li (Eric Tsang) invited him to join a university’s basketball team in hopes of making money of it.

There Shi-Jie faces new challenges by finding his place on the basketball team with team mates Ting-Wei (Bo-Lin Chen) and Xiao-Lan (Baron Chen).

With upcoming Basketball championship games and appearance of Li-Li (Charlene Choi), will the team be able to put aside their difference and personal emotions for the love of the game.

Cant wait to watch dem :)

Chinese New Year Greetings

Chinese New Year coming liao frens.. All mau balik kampung di ka? i haven meet many of you guys for so long.. miss all of you.As usual.. i am afraid that i miss out some of my frens from all places so using my biasa way my blog to wish those who i haven wishes the HAPPY CNY ya.. Hope you guys have a nice new year ahead.. may all of you have a nice and blessed u with all de best!! Hope all enjoy ya.. ur mouse year

Chinese New Year Glitter Graphics From Dollielove.com

Chinese New Year Glitter Graphics

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I recentli playing a game.. called de sim2.. i love de game a lot recently. anything cant be in realistic maybe u can do it in game form.. u also can dress ur self in the best as well as having a nice house u dream of.. everything. thats wat i like de most. This are some of the clips... on wat can u do in the SIM2

Caffeine - Good fr health

Browse de net and found some interesting facts to share..We all know what caffeine can do for our moods in the morning, but caffeine is also increasingly celebrated in the dermatological community for its impact on the skin.
For years, caffeine's ability to quickly and effectively constrict blood vessels has made it a valued topical ingredient, particularly in products designed to minimize facial flushing. For that reason, caffeine can be a tremendous boon to those who suffer from rosacea, which is essentially caused by frequently dilated blood vessels that lose their ability to contract.

La Roche Posay Rosaliac products, for example, are a great anti-inflammatory option for anyone who suffers from rosacea or facial redness. Topix Replenix CF Anti-Photoaging Complex SPF 45 is another excellent, well-rounded product that offers a blend of powerful antioxidants, caffeine, and sunscreen.

Caffeine's blood vessel-constricting benefits also make it a go-to ingredient in many eye creams (like MD Formulations Moisture Defense Antioxidant Eye Crème, for example), as it can quickly minimize redness and puffiness.

In addition to its anti-inflammatory benefits, though, caffeine is starting to get lots of attention for its antioxidant properties when used both topically and orally. (That morning cup o' joe might not be so bad after all!)

In fact, research suggests that both oral and topical caffeine may offer powerful anticarcinogenic benefits. A series of studies performed on mice found that caffeinated green and black teas prevented sun damage and even repaired damage once it occurred, whereas decaffeinated teas did not.

One particularly promising study suggested that topical caffeine may also repair UV damage - and that it may prove to be a stronger antioxidant than certain green tea polyphenols, currently among the strongest and best-researched antioxidants around. (On a related note, coffeeberry, which comes from the fruit of the coffee plant, is also getting a lot of attention lately as the next big antioxidant.)

Just a couple words of caution, though: Caffeine is dehydrating, so be sure to follow your coffee or tea with plenty of water. And if you're prone to facial flushing, hot beverages can cause redness; consider enjoying your caffeinated beverages over ice.

Guang Liang-妹妹

i suddenly found this song that i felt i am in love wif it.. i dono why i din realize this song until last two days.. when i am drawing in my room.. i found this song..from Guang Liang.Is nice song and have a very good meaning.. is a kinda old song is from de album "FAIRY TALE"- Tong Hua.. de title is mei mei

The Lyrics
妳笑說風好大 沒說兩句話 淚就像雨下 好好哭一哭有沒有帶走 眼裡那顆砂

# 看著妳在掙紮 還是愛著他 說什麼話都多餘啊 愛情像個長假 再美的回憶 結束了還是要回家 不管是苦澀還是甜蜜

* 忘了他 他是個傻瓜 他不值得妳 還為他流淚牽掛 有太多好男人是妳的選擇啊 想再看到妳笑的燦爛如花 忘了他 我的妹妹啊 雖然他也是 我最喜歡的朋友啊 我打算從此再也不見也不理會他 我們把他忘了吧
Repeat #
妳說妳不怪他 妳還是會想他 對愛妳已不再有想法 成長的痛苦 原來有那麼多的代價
Repeat *

Andy Lau Wonderful World Concert Tour Hong Kong 2007

People often say that Andy Lau is as hardworking as a bull. That may very well be true considering his continuous non-stop involvement in films like Brothers and The Warlords. However, Andy's super efforts are not only limited to the film arena, as he proved once again last year during his extensive concert tour from September to December. Andy Lau Wonderful World Concert Tour Hong Kong 2007 records his performances at the Hong Kong Coliseum before the close of 2007. The tour was an overwhelming success even before it started, with tickets sold out in the blink of an eye, and this live recording is one of the most highly anticipated Chinese music releases of 2008.
Andy Lau Wonderful World Concert Tour Hong Kong 2007 comes with two CDs, plus a DVD. On the CD side, fans can look forward to 33 tracks including "17" (CD 2 Track - 13) and If One Day? (CD 2 Track - 15) all the way to the Infernal Affairs theme song (CD 2 Track - 11). The Lunar New Year collaboration song "Congratulations to the Lucky Family Members" has also been included as a bonus track, only available on the CD release. As for the bonus DVD it features the MV of "Angel Without Wings" and a making of documentary that includes behind-the-scene's material and a concert highlight reel.

Love Joey Love 4 (New + Best Selection)

A great role model in the Chinese music scene, Joey Yung's level of popularity is apparent from her numerous music awards, including the Best Female Singer trophy at the JSG Top Ten Song Awards for five years in a row (2003 - 2007). Now it's time for Joey to reward all fans with her latest new-plus-best compilation which features 60 tracks on four CDs.

The first 2 CDs feature some of her most popular recent songs including "Modern Generation" (CD 1 - Track 9), "Hallucination" (CD 2 - Track 4), and "Tomorrow's Grace" (CD 2 - Track 13), as well as Joey classics like My Pride (CD 2 - Track 9), and "Feeling Stronger With Each Song" (CD 2 - Track 1). The two live CDs record Joey's Metro Radio concert from September 2007. Among the included songs are "Dancing With Cats" (Live CD 2 - Track 2), "Grand Encounter" (Live CD 2 - Track 10), and Joey's cover of Justin Lo's "Love Song" (Live CD 1 - Track 12). Fans can also look forward to guest performances by Vincy Chan, Ken Hung, and Deep Ng, with highlights like Vincy's cover of "Under Mount Fuji" (Live CD 1 - Track 8) and Joey's duet with Deep (Live CD 2 - Track 5).

Nicholas Teo " From Now On" Malaysia Concert

KUALA LUMPUR: Taiwan-based Malaysian singer Nicholas Teo will hold his first concert on home ground in March.

The concert will be held at Stadium Putra, and while the venue's 10,000-seating capacity is considerably challenging to fill, more so for a first-timer, Teo says he has confidence in his fans.

"We waited for a very long time for it (the venue). Our first consideration for this concert was the venue."

At a press conference on Wednesday to announce concert details, the organisers said more than RM900,000 had already been invested in the preparations for the event.

"I've been training daily and even recorded a theme song for this concert. My guest will be a female artiste and I'll be singing a duet with her," Teo, 26, said.

Warner Music Malaysia managing director Cheah Su Kong presented Teo with an earpiece specially made for use during his concert.

Winning the 2002 Astro Talent Quest with a heart-felt rendition of Huang Hun helped launch the Sarawakian's singing career. Teo has since released three albums 1st Choice, Only Nicholas, and Prince. His biggest hit in 2007, Wang Zi (Prince) sold more than 100,000 downloads on caller ringback tone alone.

Apart from making music, Teo has also made forays into acting. He was the leading man in Taiwanese drama Smiling Pasta and Malaysia's first award-winning Cantonese movie 3rd Generation. He also provided the voice for the Chinese version of Ratatouille.

One of the few Malaysian artistes who has successfully broken into overseas markets, Teo is well-known in China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea and Japan.

Nicholas [From Now On] Live in Malaysia will be held at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium on March 29 at 8pm.

The concert is organised by Warner Music Malaysia, Astro and MyFM, and coordinated by Star Planet.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

YummY YummY Food..

em...is a kinda old picture i took on food.. i think should be a week ago...Love eating is not me la.. but leh.. one of my favorite one of it is " cuttle fish" or in penang is called "JIU HU ENG ZHAI"..
JIU HU ENG ZHAI is a food that is popular among Penangist as well... is combination on a type of vege called eng zai and cuttle fish.. so is called Jiu Hu Eng Zhai. Em.. one of the nice one i have tried is from..1997 Restorant in Paya Terubong. its yummy.. and it is open at nite.. can try and see..

Another one nice things dere is the Asam Laksa.. very nice as well. :) try dem dere :)Nice and yummy one..

Sony CAmeRa- My New DreaM

em.. i found something interesting today when i am blogging.. hehe.. Another dream camera of mine.. Is a sony camera - cybershot.. not jus nice.. but it can use to blog.. wau.. thats my dream of all..

Bak Kut Teh, SaTe.. nice yummy one..

Bak Kut Teh.. famous one is in Klang rite.. Penang also have 1.. haha.. i had tried a few places of bak kut teh but i felt that this one is nice and delicious.. You might can consider on trying them as well when u r free..
I tried them a few days back.. and would like to recomend to bak kut teh fever frens. The bak kut teh is nice.. as the soup is reall having the " Yok Choi" smell as well it has many choices.. Prices is ok.. is really worth while.. is quite cheap

Look yummy isn't it? The shop name is KIM SHAN.. is at relau dere nia. em.. if u r going from PISA, u will need to turn in to Relau.. and then u will see there is a motor shop beside the shop. is on your right .. and at the back of the shop dere is a temple dere.. you can see dem clearly... The shop is also gave a nice taste of Penang White Coffee.. better than the Ipoh White coffee... as well as nice Sate.. the sate is different from others as well.. is really nice sate.. where the kuah for the sate is different.

DIY Chinese New Year Card

creation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cardscreation DIY CNY Cards