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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Radius International Hotel


Radius International Hotel, Waterfront, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah is a newest and stylish “ BOUTECH ” concept hotel as the Group’s first “ BOUTECH ” Hotel in the region. The term “ BOUTECH ” is the combination of the words “boutique” and “technology” to reflects the size of the hotel and the technologically skewered infrastructural interior design. The hotel was design to not just fit today’s needs but also for the needs and changes of tomorrow.


The hotel is located on the 7 th Floor of Warisan Square, a shopping centre in the middle of Kota Kinabalu. Guest will find an easy walking access to all local attractions, commercial districts, retail, eating and entertainment facilities. Just 10 minutes away from Kota Kinabalu International Airport. Nature and adventure, Islands and beaches, golfing and diving, all these are interesting offering available in Sabah, The Land Below The Wind .

Photobucket Photobucket

I had stayed in the hotel for my trip back to Sabah.. em.. overall the rooms are extreemly clean and nice and the service is not bad.. Good can consider.. Other than that, the service is quite good.


- The Cupboard-

Photobucket Photobucket

- The Wash Room-


- The Outside SOfa-


Price : RM 160/nite

For more info can visit http://www.radius-waterfrontkk.com/

Service: 4/5

Cleaninest: 5/5

Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram


Not the oldest, but certainly the largest Buddhist temple in Penang. The colossal size is not within reason, for within the main temple is found the reputed third longest reclining Buddha in the world. Measuring some 33 metres (108ft) from toe to tip of headgear, Wat Chaiya's reclining Buddha takes pride of place alongside other Buddha colossi found in Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and China.


The Wat Chaiya was built in 1845 on five acres of land donated by Queen Victoria to the Thai community. The architecture is authentic down to the last bit of gold paint on the pagodas - so much so that one feels transported to another place and time when wandering about the sprawling grounds. Like the Burmese temple across the road, one is likely to encounter mythical beings and religious icons which dot the grounds.


Walking towards the main temple, visitors are greeted by awesome looking green-faced beings standing guard before the temple entrance. 'Crawling' at their feet are two huge dragon-headed serpents. Unlike the culture in the West (read Caucasian), Oriental mythology teaches that serpents and dragons are propitious beings and not to be feared.


A casual observer might not pay much attention to the different poses assumed by Buddha, but Buddhists believe that the different postures signify different meanings -- standing, sitting or reclining. The significance behind the reclining Buddha in the Wat Chaiya, for example, with the head resting in the palm of the right hand, with the head pointing northwards, signifies enlightenment or Nirvana. Underneath the reclining Buddha are niches where ashes of the deceased are kept.


Dhammikarama Burmese Temple


The 'enclave' at Burmah Lane in Pulau Tikus is home to two magnificent and historical Buddhist temples -- one Thai and the other Burmese. The latter was originally known as the Nandy Molah Burmese Temple, the Dhammikarama was the first Buddhist temple to be built in Penang, in 1803.


Like a beacon on a foggy day, the ornate gilded roof of this 200 year old temple beckons from afar as one walks down Burmah Lane, past the souvenir stalls selling tacky knick knacks. A pair of stone elephants at the entrance serve as silent reminders of the sanctity within.


Mythical figures and religious icons dot the spacious and well kept compound -- among them bell-bearing acolytes, myriad buddhas, chimeras and flying beings. Two huge and imposing-looking chi lings (a fabulous being that is a hybrid of a dragon, horse and a lion) flank the entrance to the main prayer hall. Chi lings are traditionally used in feng shui to deflect evil, so one could assume that despite their fearsome appearances, the presence of the chi lings at the temple are more for auspicious reasons than sentinel ones! Next to the remains of a disused 200 year-old well is a huge man-made water catchment filled with carps. Buddha statues in different meditative poses nestle in grottos marked with the names of individual donors. A pair of winged chimeras called Panca Rupa look resplendent in the roles as "Guardian Protectors of the World."

Photobucket Photobucket

The display to take the breath away is a huge mural depicting the Great Renunciation of Prince Siddharta. The future Buddha is 'captured' riding his steed Kanthaka in mid-air with his faithful servant Channa seemingly hanging on for dear life. Evil beings on one side try to discourage him from his noble quest while the good ones on the other side welcome him with open arms. It's all done very tastefully and the more spiritually inclined may even be moved to contemplate at length on this very significant moment in the history of Buddhism.
Photobucket Photobucket
Or one could simply choose to make a wish at the wishing pond or meditate under the boddhi tree.
The main prayer hall exudes an air of peacefulness - voices are respectfully reduced to a whisper – but the quiescence is occasionally broken by the ringing of one of the several bells found in the gardens.

Survivor Island - Pulau Tiga


Just over a hundred years ago, a tiny island was formed by a volcanic eruption off of the coast of Borneo. Since that time, the island of Pulau Tiga was essentially unknown to the world until just a few weeks ago when it became a household place name in the U.S.A., thanks to America's popular television show, Survivor.

- The Place we Stayed-

- The outside view-

Survivor is a reality-based television show on the CBS network based on Sweden's Expedition Robinson. Last spring, sixteen Americans were "marooned" on Pulau Tiga and their every move was filmed by television cameras. The contestants in this twisted game show have to slowly vote each other off the island and the end result, after 39 days, is that only one "survivor" remains - and that person wins $1 million. The 39 days on the island were broken up into 13 one-hour episodes that air every Wednesday night on CBS.




Pulau Tiga (the name means "Island of Three") was formed on September 21, 1897 when a large earthquake on the Philippine island of Mindanao triggered a volcanic eruption just north of Borneo. The eruption of mud and rock formed a new island 66 feet (20 meters) wide. Over the next four decades, subsequent eruptions of the volcano and the development and eruptions of two additional adjacent mud volcanoes expanded, coalesced, and formed the island in its current state. The last eruption of the mud volcanoes on the island was in 1941 but warm mud continues to ooze from these geothermal vents on the island. Though it's mostly a low-lying island, Pulau Tiga's highest peak is approximately 330 feet (100 meters) tall. The island is now about 2.8 miles (4.5 km) long and 1 mile (1.5 km) wide, for a total of eight square miles (20.7 km2).




Pulau Tiga is 6 miles (10 km) offshore of the island of Borneo, to the northeast of the country of Brunei. The Malaysian island's absolute location is 5°44' North and 115° East.

To get to Pulau Tiga, most fly to Kota Kinabalu (the capital of the Malaysian state of Sabah) from major Asian airports - including Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia's capital), Singapore and Taipei (Taiwan's capital). The island is located about 37 miles (60 km) southwest of Kota Kinabalu, a 90 minute car ride followed by a 30 minute powerboat trip to the island and its national park.




Yayasan Sabah


Built with bold architectural and engineering concepts, it is a building which many thought was not possible. There were also many prophets of doom who predicted that it could not be built as designed, as it was the first of its kind in Asia. They were all wrong because Yayasan Sabah Headquarters has not only been built, but has become one of the most famous and admired buildings in the country.

Set beside the blue waters of Likas Bay and its coral-fringed coast, it is connected to town by a 11.2 km coastal road which cuts across the bay.

The tower-like Yayasan Sabah Building has been likened to a modern Taj Mahal, which changes its colours throughout the day, depending on the clouds, sun and ever changing colours of the sky.

A fitting symbol of Yayasan Sabah, this towering building which looks like a giant rocket ready for launching, not only represents its forward looking attitudes but the whole of Sabah as well - for reflected on the special reflective glass walls of the building is Mt. Kinabalu, the mighty symbol of the State, which although 80 km away can be seen on days when the sky is clear.

Something Nice in Gurney .. at last i can have a sit.. no more ta pau

At last i found something that is Kim Gary.. able to sit and makan.. haha.. cause i always long q.. then i will jus ta pau back .. but Kim Gary today not pack so I can sit down and enjoy .. As usual wat i always ordered there is my favorite French Toast which is RM 4.90 and we today ordered bacon soup mee that is RM 7.90.. with two cups of nai cha.. hehe.. Thats our favorite..


- My French Toast-

Thats a mus in Kim Gary and its my favorite where this french toast add in wif honey pour over the bread and inside have peanut butter and butter kua.. and then toast it.. and den.. have butter up dere fr u to have them wif the bread.. DElicious when u munch them when it is served hot.. :) A must in Kim Gary and most recomended


- Bacon Soup Mee-

And wat I ordered is also this becon soup mee... share wif XY.. and this one taste so so.. Maybe the portion is too big.. thats why the more u have eat teh more scary it is .. Futher more, the mee will be taste yucks.. when taking too much.. but the pork bacon is nice.. haha.. :P Not recomended so much la this one from Kim Gary

Price: RM 18 wif 2 drinks included

Taste: 3/5

Environment : 4/5


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Travel Plans??

My trip to Ipoh is getting nearer... and I am still not feeling well.. jus a bit of flu.. so need to take medication.. UNavoidabe.. and office is always freezing cold.. wat i plan to do there.. make a long list on wat to do as well as where to go... lets see.. i have in my list is all the nice famous gua, and things to eat as well as wat is a must to buy dere..

After the trip to Ipoh, will be next month di to where GENTING.. yeah.. wif Siew Leng and carol.. haha.. another nice trip.. coming soon ... cant wait.. to see all my frens dere

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Sick again.. oh gosh.. i hate being sick.. but this time is better.. not cough.. but bits of flu.. so it will recover faster.. so no more yummy food in my mouth till i recover.. Tomoro will be back to work.. and this weekend .. my plans again .. TRAVEL

where?? some where nearby nia.. Perak, IPOH.. em.. i have been to Perak .. but jus passing by cause many says nothing in Perak to see and look .. so i don really bother till last few weeks i saw the web on some places NICE places in Perak and things i shoud eat and blog .. haha.. and tats my decision headed to Perak.. on 3-4 th May.. why not more days?? em.. dono if frens dere are free to accompany not .. so jus go fr 2 days first .. den.. i will go when free again..

Hehe.. so i see.. dis week perak.. and next month is KL wif Carol, Siew Leng... haha.. hopefulli have more frens to come and join lo.. not sure yet. so my plans is like this way first.. and aug.. maybe is Sabah..

Still on planning.. i plan fr HK and Langkawi.. but see la.. how first.. i am looking fr more time and more money so I can shop till i drop.. today cleaning up my room and trying to make dem look more pinky

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Love VS Like

I was reading on the net and I saw this one.. that make me think to post them up..

never leave the one you [LOVE]
for the one you (LIKE)

because the one you (LIKE) will leave you
for the one they [LOVE]

the one you (LIKE) will give you goosebumps;
the one you [LOVE] will make you laugh
and send shivers down your spine.

When the one you (LIKE) cries, you feel sorry for them;
but when the one you [LOVE] cries, you cry for them.

True Love Doesnt Have A Happy Ending
BECAUSE True Love Never Ends

...tonight your true love will realize how much they love you

Poems For You (CD+DVD) (2nd Edition) - Kenji Wu

This edition comes with an additional poster (56 cm x 36 cm).
Kenji has Poems For You. Finding just the right words, Kenji Wu shines with this ballad-filled release arriving during the most romantic month of the year. Included on Poems For You are such mellow works as "Holding Hands", "The More I Love You, The Sadder I Get", and the titular song Poems For You. Also featuring Kenji's hymn to love "Valentine's Day", and the dance tunes "Move" and "What Thing", Poems For You combines the best of two worlds for all music lovers.

This edition comes with a DVD featuring in-depth trivia concerning the Poems For You music video.

Victor Wong 2008 New Album

Victor Wong gives lessons in love. After presenting an album of mainly English song material with the 2007 release Need U Most, Wong returns with more Mando-pop ballads. His new eleven-track album is dedicated to his fans, as well as every girl he has ever fallen in love with. Among the album's featured songs are "Best Friend" (Track 3), "The Person I Want To Meet Now" (Track 8), and "Fatal Tenderness" (Track 9). "The Things Those Girls Taught Me" (Track 1) and the duet "True Love Forever" (Track 11) with Ding Dang have also been included.
This initial edition comes in deluxe packaging, and includes a personal letter from Victor.

Janice Wei ( 衛蘭 ) - 雜技

Janice: Ten ppl cant be compare to one

Monday, April 21, 2008

Trip to Cameron ( COMPANY TRIP)

New Hasbro i-Dog Musical Companion for iPod and MP3 Players

The i-Dog has been updated with new features for the 2006 holidays by Hasbrofacebook-scrabble-is-here-sort-of Apr-7-2008 . One of them is that this playful, palm-sized robot puppy reacts to music now without connecting a cable to them.

There are many ways to get the i-Dog to react to music it hears:

1. Try sitting i-Dog in front of a speaker, or
2. Use his own built-in speaker, or
3. Plug him into the headphone jack of an iPod or other MP3 player.

SharperImage described that "After a few seconds of music, his face lights up, ears wag and head tilts in sync with the beat. i-Dog also can be expressive without music, staying animated even after the music stops."
Oh yeah, you need to tweak his tail to mute sounds when using his built-in speaker.What I love about this i-Dog is the blinking LEDs on his face that shows the expression of i-Dog's four moods: "agitated" when listening to rock and rap music; "pleased" when you're playing him country and classical; "delighted" from pop and R&B numbers; and "excited" when it comes to dance music! The i-Dog is compatible with most portable music devices including iPod, Discman and Rio. Besides Pink, i-Dog is also available in Blue, Black, White and Dalmation.

Friday, April 18, 2008


I want to run away
Inside my bright red scream
I want to break the doors
Holding back my dream

Living like this
Checking the skies for rain
A constant reminder
Of this burden and pain

I'm holding on to
A shooting star
Its points cutting my skin
This time it's gone too far

Nothing left to wish on
My bloody star fell
Left me drowning in hopes
Inside my wishing well

Not looking for a hero
To owe such a debt
I could not ask for saving
This loss is not a regret

I want to run away
But there's nothing out there
I want to shatter windows
That look out on nowhere

This is not life
If I'm already dead
My bleeding heart stopped beating
And tears I no longer shed.

陳小春 - 獨家記憶

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pinky Pinky

Today life is like i am thinking to much.. i suddenly aims fr lots of gadgets.. laptops as well as PSP .. I am not sure if i really need them or jus a word of want.. If i get a laptop i still can play any games i want.. my priority is still The Sim 2.. i think i need to really list down.. wat i need but not want ..

Is it a neccesity for me to grab PSP or a laptop?? i am asking my self.. i also dono.. All of the sudden i am back to pinky again.. at 1 time i am crazy of green and bought many apple green stuff and now i am back to pink.. I dono why.. Apple Green.. em. influence by someone to love apple green.. last time is yellow.. bright lemon yellow..

I still like pink as is real sweet... i think thats wat I love the most.. PINK since this color is my fa fr years.. haha

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dell Inspiron Pink one.. my new dreams as well

Last year i got a laptop Inspiron 1420 .. a green one..green color .. apple green.. and this year ... this laptop might need to hand to my sis.. so i am thinking wanna get a laptop or a desktop? if laptop will it be dell again.. a pinky one.. haha... i also dono ... so if yes.. A dell one.. will be de pink one. I am wondering

PSP Pinkie one- My new Dream..

Wan or not ?? em... still thinkin.. i am so indulge in playing the SIM 2 but i am thinking ? wanna buy dem or not or will dat be my another dream.. still thinking ... haiz.. let see de specs..

SLIM & LITE PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) - Rose Pink
1. Photos: Carry your favorite pictures with you wherever you go.

2. Music: Enjoy your favorite music whenever, wherever you like! It’s easy to save and play your favorite MP3s.

3. Network: With Wi-Fi functionality you can go online with your PSP® or communicate directly with other PSP® systems. Play games online, browse the web and more.

4.Games: Dazzling widescreen LCD brings gaming to life! With the new Video out connector, you can even play it on your TV screen!

5.Movies & Video: Watch full-length, feature movies and TV shows - over 430 UMD™ movies and TV shows available. Or watch videos saved to your Memory Stick Duo™. You can even watch them on TV simply by plugging into a TV using optional Video Out cables.

6.Multiplayer: Choose whom to play, where to play and when to play - two multiplayer modes let you take on the world or just your buddies.

7.Enhancements: Make your PSP® go further. Watch recorded TV with TiVoToGo™. Watch live TV wirelessly with LocationFree® TV. Connect to the internet with T-Mobile.

8.Evolution: The PSP® is constantly evolving with exciting new features in each system software update. Discover the potential that internet access brings to your PSP® by checking out the Official PSP® Website directly from your PSP®.

Dragon Fruit


A pitaya is the fruit of several cactus species, most importantly of the genus Hylocereus (sweet pitayas). These fruit are also known as pitahaya, dragon fruit, huǒ lóng guǒ (火龍果/火龙果, "fire dragon fruit"), lóng zhū guǒ (龙珠果 "dragon pearl fruit"), strawberry pear, nanettikafruit, or thanh long. Native to Mexico and Central and South America, the vine-like epiphytic Hylocereus cacti are also cultivated in Southeast Asian countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia. They are also found in Okinawa, Israel, and southern China. Hylocereus blooms only at night; they have large white fragrant flowers of the typical cactusflower shape, that are often called Moonflower or Queen of the Night. Sweet pitayas have a creamy pulp and a delicate aroma.

Nutrition Information
-Red-skinned pitayas are rich in vitamins, especially Vitamin C.
-Pitayas are rich in fiber and minerals, notably phosphorus and calcium. Red pitayas are richer in the former, yellow ones in the latter. In Taiwan, diabetics use the fruit as a food substitute for rice and as a source of dietary fiber.
Pitayas are also rich in phytoalbumins which are highly valued for their antioxidant properties.
-Costa Rica Pitayas are rich in antioxidants which prevent the formation of cancer-causing free radicals.

4th Revisit- Kingfire Seafood in Relau, Penang

King Fire Seafood again.. it will be my usual routine back to this place to eat as is delicious and price is reasonable.. we ordered some dishes today.. oops 3 dishes... so see wat we ordered.. oH.. this restorant is located at Relau.

1. STing Ray in Black Bean Sauce..
Mummy and daddy love sting ray .. as well as me.. and we tasted this a few trips back and is delicious.. so we ordered them again this time. This is where the sting ray are being steamed wif the black bean sauce with the additional of chilly paddy as well as onions. The taste is a bit spicy... cause have chilly paddy.. don bite it.. if not..u know..wat it feels.. haha


-STing Ray in Black Bean Sauce-

2. Kailan
- Usual Kailan is being steam and being cooked wif ginger and is called "Cheng Char Kailan" this is wat in Hokkien.. and is fresh and greenish still de vege and de taste also very nice.



3. Last order that his "Hor Yip Yok" in english is called Pork wrapped wif Hor Yip.. where de taste a bit like ba chang .. and they take them to steam and served them hot. When u taste them the pork are already very smooth and tender.. as well as having the smell like taking Ba Chang.. is nice and speial dish


- "Hor Yip Yok"-

Overall this dinner is nice and yummy and is RM 30 for this yummy dishes.. wif 4 rice.. hehe..
Nice and yummy.

Taste: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Environment : 2/5

Looking from trees to Sky


- Little light can give.. some people hope..

looking at branches.. is give some a new life also -

The Bright Sea


- When life is stress... the sea will calm u down..

and looking at the bright sea.. the problems we face in life is jus a bit of that-

Denise Ho: Goomusic Collection 2004-2008 New + Best Selection (2CD + Karaoke DVD)

Denise Ho's road to success has been long and storied. Active on the music scene since 2001, Ho's big breakthrough came at the end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007 when she was finally honored as CR2 903's Best Female Singer, beating Joey Yung and Janice M Vidal. From that moment on Ho's success was catapulted to a new level and the mass media even went so far as to declare her a "new generation female diva" along with Miriam Yeung and Joey Yung.
Goomusic Collection 2004-2008 features perhaps the most complete compilation of Denise's best loved hits to date in old and new versions on two CDs. Among these are "Rolls Royce" (CD 1 - Track 15), "You are the 1980s" (CD 1 - Track 10), and her award-winning song "Bright Gathering" (CD 1 - Track 5). The collection also features four news songs, including Wyman Wong-penned duet with Sammi Cheng, "Sword and Snow" (CD 1 - Track 1), and "Kaleidoscope" (CD 1 - Track 4).

This edition comes with a DVD featuring Denise's latest music videos plus 14 karaoke-style videos.

> Alex Fong 2008 New + Best Selection (CD + Karaoke

Alex Fong continues to maintain a high level of popularity in the Hong Kong entertainment scene. Once eager to win Olympic gold for Hong Kong as a swimmer, he now enjoys a steady career as singer, TV host and actor. After 2007's successful album In Your Distant Vicinity, Alex now releases his all-new greatest hits album, which also comes with some new songs. This release features eighteen tracks including the duet song L For Love - L For Lies (Track 1) with Stephy Tang from the same-titled film that also stars Stephy and Alex in the lead roles. Other songs to look out for on this compilation are "Kindness Will Be Repaid With Kindness" (Track 17), "Generous" (Track 7) and his award-winning hit duet with Stephy Tang Love Is Not All Around (Track 18). The promising new songs "Holding On Until The End" (Track 3) and "Great Song" (Track 4) have also been included on this compilation.
This edition comes with a DVD including the music clips for L For Love - L For Lies and "Holding On Until The End", as well as sixteen video tracks with karaoke function

Leo Ku 2008 New + Best Selection (2CD + Karaoke DVD)

Leo Ku continues to charm music lovers with his easy listening Canto-pop songs. Last year he received several music awards for his major album Moments. Now Leo returns with the follow-up to his best-selling compilation album Leo Ku 2005 New + Best Selection. His latest greatest hits plus new song release includes the special medley "Classic New Song 2 - Ballad King" (CD 1 - Track 1) featuring Leo's covers of songs like Winnie Hsin's Taste, Faye Wong's "I Am Willing", and David Tao's Airport. Other featured highlights include "Ask Myself" (CD 1 - Track 10), "Genius and Fool" (CD 2 - Track 2), and "Dream Lover" (CD 2 - Track 7). Leo's smash hit "Want To Go Home" (CD 2 - Track 1) and the duet version of "Belated Love" (CD 2 - Track 12) with Vivian Chow have also been included on this release.
This edition comes with a 12-track karaoke DVD featuring music clips.