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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

romance level? Believe it .. haha

haven a bored time.. try this.. recomended by my fren.. hahha.. kinda bored.. so have a try !!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crystal Meanings

Suddenly I am interested in crystal meanings… and started to look at the net on the meanings.. which I found kinda interesting which made me feel like blogging them … haha.. let me share the meaning of them.. hehe.. is too long of them.. and this is the URL if u wanna know more

Monday, September 22, 2008

Back to new work

Today can say first day back to my first day work in dell again.. shifting a new department .. and today is a training day of course.. as going back to zero again.. today perhaps can say very good news. Gary back top 8864 again.. yeah.. after din saw him for a week in 8TV now he goes back to 8 TV again wif hisr the handsome look again.. but he is a bit thinner after since he was sick for the last week. .. Now he is back to work.. real happy..

Today work is still de same and life is getting busy. Learning the system today.. and seems there are many more to learn in this few weeks… before really get into the move to work.. haha.. and is kinda fun working lo.
Everything tday is ok.. and still enjoying .. and that’s de great day today ..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

holiday trips?

Today ..at last my 3 day holidays is gone lo.. thinking where wanna go next? i am still thinking and planning .. i think in these few months will have a stop fr travelling at this moment .. cause need to work di.. and wil put more time in career and will go if i think is neccesary lo..

jus dream la..at this moment i think i need to think back and do the things i need to do now. so, hope Air Asia give more free tickets and can save more so can go fr another trip. still thinking Kuantan this time and perhaps Sabah or Sarawak..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

is dere love?

Sometimes I feel sad and down coz I dun have my love, my true love…espcially when I saw peoples with their lover hanging around sweetly and happily…hai…what a tragedy for me…What can I do to have a good relationship? What should I do to accept myself, accept other’s love? Why can’t I fall into love easily? Coz I’m too chosy,set the standard too too high?? or i could not forget the past ...

wat is the main point of life sometimes i am thinking... perhaps life there is many up and down.. and perhaps life is like dat..will be shifting to a new department soon.. so at this moment i will concentrate my career .. perhaps thats life ..and thats the things that i need to learn and need to be aware of. I am still thinking how many things at this moment is not smooth .. hope life is really smooth at this moment ... and happy going lo

Friday, September 19, 2008


Happiness no longer be wif me.. I was suddenly thinking many things that had happen in my current life and many things else. Sometimes people is no longer know wat is the word friendship means in their mind.. Perhaps the route I walk now is no longer smooth.. Or perhaps the people I see is more of that kind. Or perhaps I don know wats the current world like or maybe I am still living is somewhere or somehow outdated.

People now adays are now a days more material wise or perhaps using someone in behalf of their life. They don really have the point of taking care the emotion of people.. And perhaps in deir mind they are more centred to themselves.Life no longer have the word frens which I can see right now. People look at wat u wear, wat u drive, wat hp u use.. How much u can spend.. Or perhaps how much u can spend on dem.. Maybe.. Or how high class u are, wat benefits u are able to give them.. I don mean to pin point of any people.. But that's wat the real live right now they are looking at on de benefits they get .. Maybe I am not in their categories.. That made me suffer so much .. Because of that..

Things don look de same anymore… the world which emerging to the era of technology perhaps making people to be tech minded.. Which everytime want something fresh and new in their life which had forget the old one.. Things can be replaced.. Easily.. Jus buy and throw away in jus a minute.. Wat u need is to have money that's all.. As simple as that.. Does people keep all ur bday cards and everything their frens gave? Perhaps some had seen and keep them fr a year and den throw dem away.. But for me, every single stuff from a fren means a lot in my life. I keep the bday card 12 years ago.. And my gift from my frens 13 years ago. I can say I treasure each and every moments of my life. Every gift .. And every mail and every thing they send me. Everything means a lot.. Each of the words may represents the care they give to u..

Dere arwe many things living in my mind now… I don understand why people gamble.. It can be seen that many people can earn their daily wages so hard and they hardly eat and buy … but when is on some days of the week they can gamble a lot from the whole week of wages and gamble everything and all. Have they think of their family? Gambling might be some way out of getting more money but the percentage of losing than winning is even higher. But many people never thought anout the losing chances.. Sometmes I am kinda funny wif some gamblers .. As when they win a few hundred dollars from de gambling.. They are really very happy.. But never think of how much they had lose at that moment.. Is that really funny thinking.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

1st Sep- KL trip

The last day in KL .. is only left me, Carol and Chun.. as we are going back to our hometown in de afternoon.. what we did on our last day in KL... hehe..oh today we wake up kinda late so have time to take pictures inside de room.. the room is ok.

we went to have our breakfast at Petaling Street and the food is not really nice. Then we headed to put the things we bought to Pudu and we continue our journey to KLCC.. wat we did there is planning to go for the Aquarium view but at last we din went for it as one of the reason is the high charges for the enterance fees... so we jus snap a few picture around there haha.. as a rememberance..

after that, we headed for shopping and makan makan at KLCC before back to the bus station and headed back. Wat i bought dere is jus some cute stuff and have makan ice cream at the Haagen-Dazs.. and that cost us about RM 80.. for 4 person... besides we also enjoy ourself for lunch at the food court at KLCC.. kinda nice as well .. as for food.. will talk more in my food blog ( http://malaysianfoodie.blogspot.com) haha...

Then we take the bus back to Pg.. Sleep all de way back.. perhaps i am too tired for the week.. see u next time ooo.. haha

Friday, September 12, 2008

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Genting Trip ( 31 Aug 2008)

continues on my second day trip in KL .. we wake up kinda early which take us about 5 am.. where we start to prepare ourself beautifully to genting.. Thinking to wear.. skirt and dress up had been forgotten as i was thinking will it be hard to play games.. at last change to jeans as well.. walking to LRT station and den went to KL Central..On the way, i spotted the two beautiful twin tower.. and snap dem up.. from dere.. can see how early we took de LRT.. gosh.. kinda sleepy

Reaching dere and have our early breakfast .. MCD breakfast.. while waiting fr the VIPs .. haha.. here come Wei Howe nad then Ban Hock and lastly de super VIP Dr Tan..

Rushing to the bus stop...but we miss de bus .. so need to take de next bus dere lo.. Total pay RM 20 lo... and is ok la.. the trip wif bus i think about 1 hour plus before getting the cable car up..to the cold area by Uncle Lim.. haha.. Genting.. and den we reached at the cable car station at last.. and the weather getting cold.. start our journey to take de cable... around dere are many shops and dere is one shop keeping many ppl attraction which have free tibits to eat.. i did try and bought a packet and kinda nice.. and the try is not limited as is really FOC and eat all u can.. haha.. cause no one really cares.. haha

Oh ya.. i manage to snap a beautiful view around dere... which really big big .. beautiful scenary

Here comes the cable car ... and we manage to catch one as well.. and ours is only 3 ppl

... hehe.. and at the cable car up.. is kinda exciting as well .. up it goes u can see many green green trees up on de way.. with different things on de way to keep de journey not so bored.. i think it take about 20 minutes to go up.. and wat we see in the middle is all the clouds.. and other cable car.. hanging one by one.. and de front one is our team cable car as well haha

and here we reached at Genting.. after walking a distance , u can see banners all over advertising on the upcoming events here.. Genting.. and den here we seperate our self in to groups.. see if they wan go gambling or playing ... haha.. Guan and Howe persue to de casino and den we a group persue to theme park lo. First we hearded to the indoor theme park and enjoy the beautiful view of the theme park.. is like going to the Ah Mo world.. like all the buildings inside all like old old style .. hehe.. YOu can see de Genting 7 wonders.. haha.. de tower.. and all and we did take some pic as well..

After purchasing the ticket, we proceed to play de outdoor game.. and is really nice inside..as all de restorants are really beaitiful.. hope can get a chance go dere another time and snap more picture lo. em.. outdoor seems like de games more scarry. suggested by dem, we play rocket shot first.. and i was really scared.. at that moment and tears began to start.. is like jumping from a place which is damn high.. and is really damn scary.. after playing this, i quit all other games di.. as everything looks scary to me

Next is this roller coaster which also scare me as well which it called Corkscrew.. and is damn scary.. Me and Chun is really scary and den.. we nearly give up all games.. but another weirdo.. say is totally not exciting.. gosh.. wats dat.. Carol and Law.. wats wrong wif u guys??? haha.. maybe i am de one who are scared.. Now .. and den, wat i do is jus taking pic..haha.. and den carol and hock continue wif playing the games like ... Pirate ship and more

While me.. is busy taking pictures as well as posting lo.. hahaha.. prefer that moment..

Next day play again... haiz.. but i give up except go fr the Space one.. haha.. and see wat exciting game dey play ... which i think is also scary..

After that, we went for makan at Flavors..which is taking chinese food lo.. not bad.. and nice too but price is jus killing only we ordered kinda many food... hor but not many la.. one ppl one nia.. hehe.. but is nice .. hehe.. but if me.. i rather eat at kl city oo

and den after that went to casino fr walk walk.. me and carol den go on our own .. to jus walk walk .. but not going play games or gamble.. we ended up snaping pic in de internal theme park .. and keep snaping and snapping pictures.

After that, the trip ended.. and we back KL again.. Bye Bye Genting!!!

when reaching KL, all us departed on our own.. bye wei howe.. and have a nice trip back to Sabah .. and oh ya.. HAPPY MERDEKA

Thursday, September 04, 2008