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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 sucks.. will it be better in 2009??

2008 is it a good year for me.. ?? it has been a question for me.. I don think so.. as I know career isn’t that stable and others as well. Will 2009 is better? wanted to see wats de horoscope say or should I go to Lilian Too Fung shui place to look on it?

In this few years my life isn’t as good as I expects it to be.. is a normal dangling life which had been dangling fr so long.. this year is unexpected travelling so much but is jus in Malaysia .. so far my dreams and life is not wat I want it to be.. I feel like givin up my life at a moment which I really dono if my life is not as good as other ppl. I see ppl have ppl care, love and all.. but me .. I am trying to figure something out of my life too.

Thanks to someone in this year who have make my life more nice and more happier.. maybe de way he talk had make me smile, and his songs had make me understand many things in my life. I had put my days this year in doing crafts,blogging and sewing .. jus few things which had made me fulfil a year

I understand of putting career first in life .. and the rest.. I understand de way of living in the world.. but sometimes some how or others I still in de dilemma.. of thinking which one is the things I need to do.. how can I forget .. how can I transfer the words to say.. that make him understand what I am thinking .. Sms-ing will it works? or jus to say wat I am thinking upfront?? isn’t life miserable?

I had started my new path in KL.. but how will de path like … its still cloudy outside and I see no clear routes of my life. I see obstacles in all de parts of my life.. I see nothing but jus a very great clouds which the plane cant even fly. KL life is already a month fr me. I have many things I need to do.. and wans ?? but leading KL Life is not that easy as I expects it to be… now I am trying to change my lifestyles in makan liao. I think if I am going to settle down in KL .. I need to really calculate all de budgets and the etcs… no more others….

and I tnk stay more home will save a lot of money.. ya ma> that’s wat ppl say
I think should practice this life style in kl.. hahahha

Christmas Tree in Sunway Pyramid

KL LIfe Month 1

Oops eventually is one month in KL.. so now I am on my track to work and go about.. I had got my touch and go card.. so I can TOUCH and then GO.. to LRT, KTM this and that… em.. back to Pg 5 days but like 2 days only.. is kinda hectic life in Pg cause meeting frens, do this, do tat… and this and tat…

1 month eventually pass.. and now is time fr me to pay my high dept of credit card bills.. cause fr last month I use my credit card a lot to buy my using appliances like bed and all .. and this month I will have tight pockets and need to strive.. wif not much food.. cut down on tel bills.. and buying unnecessary stuff including CNY clothes.. no more. … I am going to buy .. wait till after CNY where get my ang pau… only den will c me buy… wahahhaha.

I will be only back this month during CNY and that’s all .. no more trips to Penang this month once only .. cause u know de ticket is getting expensive lol.. but petrol is getting cheaper.. huh?? so .. now I will start to stay here kuai kuai.. hahahahhahahaha… and trying to figure makan budget and all budget fr JAN 2009.

Any ideas to countdown on budgets.. Here I goes- transportation will be about 150, it cant be cut di.. house rent- 230 so no more cut.. and that comes to 380 which is fix.. so I will be having lunch and breakfast fr the price of RM 2 daily fr working days.. so will be about RM 40 fr 20 days.. isn’t dat save. That’s up to 420.. and at nite will be approximately RM 10. Is there any cheaper? I am trying to cut the night makan ? Maggi mee? or wat? so will try to figure my night makan… dinner!!!! and will have good food on Sat and Sunday only .. and den buy a cross stich fr RM 100 and stay home every weekend to complete. so I can cut on kai kai money d. so if one week I cut RM 50 fr shopping so 1 month will cut 400 so plus minus I pay fr the cross stich I still save RM 300.. I think my life will be dis fr one month . then I can save about RM 400 this month.. if my calculation is correct lol..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Home made Thong Sui

I love to have thong sui.. and this is made my XY mama.. oishi oishi dong sui.. Thanks aunty fr the nice thong sui ya.. ;)

Gift from Kelly from Hong Kong

is a very nice and cute gift from HK by Kelly , my collegue… wink * wink* like is so much .. will keep them in my pat poh seung in penang where I keep all de things that frens give me since form 1..

Christmas Decoration in The Gardens, KL

- Carol and Me in The Gardens-

A new Photo album 2008 ( Christmas Feel)

Christmas Decoration In Prangin Mall, Penang, 2008

whats my 2008.. and wats my 2009

2008 will be ending in 2 days time.. and has all de wishes and dreams come true.. most of it is not lo.. Am I still in de dilemma.. This year .. is a job hoping year for me… from Agilent to Dell and now to KL CSA. All in one year.. kinda funny sometimes.. and can say a travelling year for me .. me .. is travel in Malaysia.. not outside yet la.. ahhahaha.. support Malaysia tourism this year

IN 2008, I had travelled to KL to watch Nicholas Teo concert which brings me a lot of excitement and fun.. and been to see Gary Yap for the 2008 Superstar contestants and more.. that’s happen in March which brings me lot of laughter.. and fun wif frens..

Next is my trip to Sabah .. with my sis and having a great time enjoying seafood and yummy food up the hill and from seas.. that’s yummy … unfortunately cant grab a cup of my fav Avogadro drink from the market as I went back on Sunday and the Pasar tamu haven open yet .. hhahahha.. That’s the place I went …

Later I went to Perak for 2 days 1 nite trip which is tiring but is fun.. went to lots of caves and enjoying Perak special food.. like ipoh hor fan…and more.. :P… have makan makan makan.. yummy..

Oh ya.. went to Melaka as well this year, and have a try on its famous food besides trying many yummy food and many artist for the year.. wahahahhaha… Gary, and more…

next trip is headed to KL and from that day was like everytime PG- KL.. for many times this year. From KL – PG, PG –KL.. huh..uncountable.. for my sis UM entering and more, den genting trip and KL trip with my groupmates, interview and all.. and now.. is back PG for holiday.. ahhaaha… that’s my year of travel.

What I buy this year.. Gosh too many to calculate.. but wat I get is my sony ericson handphone, facial facial… as well having a Sprit handbag …hahaha.. as well as many other things as well kua.. which has been not much a success of getting purchasing something expensive this year.

So, wats my aim next year??
1. Something money cant buy
2. Watch concert ( Wai Lan, Leo Ku, or someone I think is worth)
3. A 5 MP Handphone or Apple I-Pod
4. A local travel ( langkawi, Melaka)
5. Save more $$$$$ since eco not very good … haiz

Spemd wisely next year!!! Yeah… and earn more$$$

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008


At last I got wat I want … hahha… I been searching very long for the drama and the CNY song.. hehe.. at last I managed to buy them.. at last from Mid Valley. Though it is kinda expensive but I got them as well. I had always want to collect all Leon Lai drama.. and at last I managed to get them.. yesterday night when I was in Mid Valley and the gardens shopping.

The Gardens security guard damn goodness.. I mistakenly drop my money and I walked about a few metres away and I realized I dropped a few ringgit on the floor… and he picked up.. he din even return me the money and I was about to walk and get it .. he get them and looking at me with thedamn fierce face.. Gosh.. he is terrible.. Management , u should teach your staff.. He picked up the money and put them in the pocket.. gosh and he stared at u fiercely.. and I jus walked away.. Gosh.. a highclass mall with this type of service..

Then headed to Mid Valley and bought socks and CNY song- by 8TV.. and when jalan.. let me spotted a long time want drama – class of distinction.. and make me de whole nite very happy. My xmas gift to my self .. hhahahha.. and get to makan my chicken rice after yawning for that for the whole day.

christmas wish to all frens

- Christmas is coming .. but maybe i am later and have not much time to deliver the christmas cards to all frens.. wishes u have a long christmas and happy happy ya.. ;) all de best !!! and dreams come true ...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

KL Life week 3

Life had been not that easy as I expects to be.. I been so tired recently where I had need to travel daily with my 2 leggy transport .. which is my own leg.. haha.. as usual .. travelling from morning as early as 6.30 and at home as late as 8 pm.. which I still have not complete my dinner. Usually in Penang, I stop to eat at 8 pm .. and now I eat at 8 pm.. so is like breaking up my rules in eating huh.. but I am not growing fat but is thinner..

I had learned how to sleep in LRTs …and sleep while standing .. gosh that horrible.. and calling and sms – ing in the heavy sardine crowd in LRT,, hahha.. is the life at KL.. and walking with high heels and fast pace like running out if time.. they don mind in sardine as long they are able to catch the bus.. and one thing I found out is the RAPID bus ticket can be used for one whole day with one time payment.. which is not the same as in Penang.

On Saturday, was in town and have jalan jalan ..and the bus ticket had been using up to 4-5 rounds.. gosh.. is cheap.. that about 40 – 50 cents per round.. wat u need to do is to show them the ticket u get on the first round when u pay.. and this is used for the whole day.. I was travelling from home to KL central and then to Pavillion.. and later on to sunway pyramid.. cant manage to snap the Christmas view dere.. as is real pack dere… so is kinda a tired day as well last Saturday
I am getting indulge and now learning to find places to crave for food.. and spotted the yummy bak kut the stall yesterday … will blog in my food blog , things I found to eat in KL at my food bloggie : http://malaysianfoodie.blogspot.com

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back to Penang (8th -9th December 2008)

Wake up kinda late.. very nice sleep.. ended up din manage to go back and taste my favorite curry mee.. but went to Chulia street to take chicken rice.. a shop next to one of the famous chicken rice in Penang.

Thsis shop is kinda new but the chicken rice is really nice and oishi. The chicken was well being cooked and is smooth. I love it so much with the chilly sauce on it… emmmm… oishi oishi.. don know if there is any nice chicken rice shop in KL and don see any nice chicken rice stall in KL lo.. haiz… all also expensive one? Is dere any to recommend for KL newbies? Haha…

After eat, went to Gurney plaza a while to pay some bills and walk walk walk.. after jalan a while thinking of getting a sport shoe but fail.. I then ended up in PC fair again… haiz.. is damn cramp dere.. and I am keep imagine.. if there is big fire … all of us will become roast pig… yummy roast pig then.. hahaha.. is seems like the maintenance and the planner din think of the situation and the if else if there is a fire… haiz… I manage to do my celcom broadband .. haha.. and bought a hard drive.. jus the casing will change when I see any nice then only buy lo.. wahahahhaha…

Then @ nite, when to queensbay mall for a long shopping spree.. wahahha.. din buy much and we had this oishi Kenny rogers . Oishi desu.. oishi oishi ano Kenny rogers desu.. haha.. and den went to develop de pictures lo and go home sleep.. wahahhahaha..

Back to Penang (5th -7th December 2008)

Back to Penang again.. haha.. and I am very happy when ever I go back Penang. HAHA.. Its Friday last week.. and everythin goes fine at the office. Today need to go to SUNs for a meeting at their place but me looks kinda blur as I am still new and trying to cope up with all the things they say. Thanks Kelly for guiding me. Kelly will be on a long holiday next week.. and I will be on hand on my own.. handling some accounts.. haha.

After work , my bro will be fetching me to take my bus in Pudu but at last he ppk me.. haiz..no choice and have to learn the way how to get to Pudu in PJ. There I goes.. take the Putra line down to Masjid Jamek and transfer again a LRT to Pasar Rakyat.. and u will reach there safely.. wakakaka…

I had get the 1 hr early bus back Penang .. as a tired week.. I jus zzzzz once get in de bus.. and scare me to death when I reach some small town which I din see b4. gosh.. and start calling frens fr help.. but lucky when I saw Bidor.. I realized in Perak .. and I kinda relieved d.. never ever I will take dis bus again.. taking me round the states.. and stop many places. Wakakaa.. and ended up I reach my home sweet home about 4 am.. and have some sleep and wake up at 8.40 am.. and continue my journey to XY house.

Today, Gary in Cititel and we manage to meet him and cakap wif him this time.. he is so cute .. unbearable.. @ lunch, we makan at the coffeeshop at the corner and met Siao Yue as well. This time, I able to took more pictures with Gary as well as with Siao Yue and TVB old actor, Lau Tan.. hahaha.. kinda enjoyable journey

The next- I went to BT cafĂ© along Jalan Burmah and have nice nice food. One of it is Asam laksa.. which I never resist no matter what happen … haha.. and the assam laksa is not bad jus a bit more sour lo.. Rate as 3/5 lo.

after that, I makan char koay teow.. claims as a nice oishi char koay teow.. had no longer today as the koay teow is aladi become “chau lung koay teow” the koay teow had been fried to long till it become “hangus” di.. so is not really nice any more. Rate is as 2/5….

We also ordered many oishi food like “SABAH Pan Mee” which mum and dad claims nice. Mum says the Pan mee is nice and oishi cause of the mee is well cooked while dad says is nice as the soup taste is nice.. haahhaha… so is nice la… I tasted.. I can say not bad .. oishi oishi as well.

After makan, went to PC fair but din buy anything as the fair is going to close at about half and hour I went in. din manage to get anything .. need to go back tomoro to grab lo.

The Christmas Gift for GARY

This is a first little small card which is especially dedicated to Gary .. hope he like dem la

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas dreams...

everyone have a christmas wish and dreams … and wat we want .. haha.. me wat i want.. is *hint hint*

1. a phone with 5 MP camera

2. sony PSP ( pinky one)

3. somethin that money cant buy ( i think is kinda hard to fulfil lo)

4. big teddy ( the one in front of SNJ GP - big bear bear)

5. profesionnal camera ( EOS) -will it be le… dono ..

6. a travel to HK

KL Life 2nd Week

is coming to second week to KL.. unspoken.. i back pg last week.. will blog soon on my Pg visit back la.. this week in KL seems a bit fast to past.. maybe MOnday and Thurs is a holiday.. haha.. so i was in de office de whole day till back..

i am trying my best to get used to KL life.. but look like i am right now in de big city.. walking with high heels..and wake up early to work and back home kinda late.. a very good announcement is i am comin back Pg soon but is not perm keh.. i am back for 5 days trip down to Penang for xmas…

Monday.. a reach back ome kinda late with the big back that had stiff my back bone.. and not manage to snap some pic of KLCC.. mus do it when i have time during xmas.. hhaha.. den back home and sleep.. usual me had get to work again and as usual work is by 9 - 6 where me will reach bout 8 am.. and thursday a day i can sleep more and wake up bit late..haha

REcently, KL had been having very banyak rain which i can say ..is really har see wa.. haha. so yest configuring my line on my laptop and format my laptop.. now my msn gone.. need to reconfigure again.. haiz.. and had complete my hse work- cuci baju and all…. haiz. like see lai d.. wahahhaha.. is maybe a trainin how to be ppl wife.. hahah.. but don have anyone wan yet la.. haiz…

today still de same wif same old work in office only lo……………. haha. dats a week in kl d.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Feel in Time Square, KL

The shopping spree in Sungei Wang, KL

KL Life Week 1

It seems I have not blog on my life recently like I am in Penang is really free to blog . KL life is not as easy as I am thinking and is not as simply as wat I think of. I miss my frens and family in Penang.. and treasure them more as I can or when I am Penang.

KL life is really hectic.. I am wearing high heals walking round the city and suffering pains on leg cause I am going work for high heels. Wearing formal which I had not been wearing for years ever since my first job in Dell. Though sales is my interest and planning and logistics is also giving me lots of interest. The life is KL is wake up early as 6 am.. and back home as late as 8 pm. Gosh.. that’s terrible which I don lead in my Penang life which I wake up at 7 am and back home at 6.30. I then can shop can continue watching dramas.. can chat , can blog and more… and my life here is totally 100% different which blogging is only available in weekends or nite .. trying to open my eyes to blog.i have not much time for my self which I had wake up and shift buses and LRT to work and via versa. Once back and complete my dinner, wash clothes and iron clothes and den is time to sleep. No more de way in Penang.. which not much worries on all this things as there are washing machine to help me out .. and de time is not that rush.
I think my life is hoping for time rush so I can ended in the bed earlier than usual and have lots of energy to work. That’s the only wish I wan ……. Hahha…

Aeroline Services..

Taking Aeroline to KL and this bus is named as so.. as the service is like aeroplane.. hahhaa.. this is my first time taking this bus.. and the service is really very good. I love the service very well.. most off all de bus din stop many times.. as well as it provide me with small pillow as well as blanket if u are asking… they pickup in 2 place which is not crowded which is in Queensbay mall and destination are mostly in malls.

They served Ayamas Chicken rice during the way as well as a cup of coffee/ milo or tea up to your choice… most important they have plugs for me to charge my laptop if I am using dem.. haha.. but I din use it as well.

Overall the service is 5/5 and very punctual. Recommended.

Queensbay Mall Christmas decoration

- 2008 Christmas Decoration in Queensbay Mall, Penang-

Monday, December 08, 2008

Another Softtoy - is ngau Ngau

Thursday ( 2nd last day in Penang)

Is my last day work in Dell and work today is not hectic but is more to leading the newbies Aaron on the billing on few countries.. is pity that the billing on India is not here yet and therefore work is not that hectic.. and for me.. i started to miss my collegues as well as frens in Penang as will be leaving tomoro to KL.
Today my day in the office is kinda easy to past ... and everything is really a smooth going ... oh ya.. is nice to get a give from them.. and is a jewellery box. Is kinda nice. I love them as well. Thanks for the gift ya. Much appreciated. J thanks to all the vendor and DHL people can bare with me on the billing as well. Hehe... Thanks a lot to Ai Sim cause always need her help in billing... wah a lot of thanks and thanks to all my collegue and manager who give me great support in the work that i have been doing..

Took several pictures with FSP team as well as my team. Everything is real great .. J and things is real nice. After work, i went to my usual place of jalan which is Gurney Plaza,, and is real nice.. to have makan.I met wei Leng and manage to snap a pic

I went to have the Chicken Rice Shop with Xiang Yee and is real nice this time.. yummy yummy. The set cames with a rice, chicken, a taugeh as well as a cup of drinks.. after makan we proceed to the auditorium and see Lin Yu Chung performance and the album promo in penang.

It is seems differents from the first time i see him and now.. seems like he lost some weight. Overall his performance was great .. but for me, i just don really like the DJ that day .. not really good.. hehe..

Yu Chung was real great in the performance and i love it very much. He sang bout 3 songs that day and it is all nice song.

Nice nice song- yuan yuan.. and many more.. nice nice song which i can say the performance is nice and is a succesful. Thats my last night in Penang!!!