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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We should not make our lives complicated.

Life is short

Break the rules

Forgive quickly

Love truly

Laugh constantly

& never stop smiling

No matter how strange & short life is

Life is not always the party we expected to be

but as long as we are here, we should smile, be contented & grateful.


Days being with him is indeed a sweet memory and a loving one. Thanks lot dear, Jerry. I don know how to describe wat he had done.. and did but his caring and de love he gave me is really unlimited and is so so so sweet..
I now had felt the love and he turns my black and white world to a multi color rainbow.. not only 7 colors but thousands and millions of colors. I know sometimes my " yam seng' and " tiu man" may make u felt u dono wat to do wif me .. or even making u blur.. but i know i am wrong.. sorry..
i promis i will not called u de word u don like.. and u know is wat ya.. sorry if i had hurt u sometimes .. but i really don meant it.. i love the way u love me, the way u hug me, the way u care for me .. and everything u have done..

Though sometimes i might be scared.. and have negative thinking but i try to change them to positive.. sorry .. thanks a lot dear
just one to say a word..

Watashiwa anataga aishiteru.


Friday, March 27, 2009


26/03/2009 is kinda funny day fr me.. reaching to office as usual.. i received an email from my bos to attend some sorts of orientation programme. so , i did it and i understand kinda many many things in the office and how a management is .. is that call Project Management or wat ? So, today work wise i din complete taht much task.. just following with those customers only.
The plan tday is thinking Bkt Bintang/KLCC/Bkt Bintang/KLCC.. and at last we went Bkt Bintang Jalan Alor for dinner. The place here is famous for hawker food.. but the food here don taste as nice as the one in Penang of coz. i had de Prawn Mee and dear had the Pg Char Koay Teow. Oh ya, we went to fetch my beloved room mate at KL central before heading down to Bukit Bintang to have our dinnner. Em.. looking for the routes to there is kinda difficult and hard to find.. but we manage to find them at last as well. As for food wise, the prawn mee is still ok.. but others doesn’t seems fine @ all.

after then, we headed back home and went to de Curve for a walk. There is not much things to c or to buy as many shops had closed d.. WHY? cause we arrived nearly about 10 pm and this is why all the shops are closed d.. but we just have a walk walk and some time to chat only.. Am I making you tired? are u bit angry? since I am trying just to get more understanding of him..

rEacH home kinda late as yesterday I can say is one of the most tired days in the week.. after 1-2 sms, gosh.. I had slept till early morning wake up cause get a cold.. winter feel.. and have to get the fan closed .. and is still cold.. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………..

A day passed.. but being wif him is really very happy happy lo

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thanks dear

Yesterday, u look at me.. and wait me at the LRT station.. had make me very happy .. we said not to meet yesterday as u will be having dinner at home… but we did had together yesterday as well.. Thanks waiting me at the lrt station.. and being me who always felt cold in office and anywhere, u hold my hand tight and give me the warmth had really makes me very happy.. and touched.

Saw your tired face yesterday gave me the feel of worried and seems like I am taking a lot of your time.. and u said “ No No.. You are not” .. love to see de message u put in ur msn.. and the way u hold me … you gave me de feel of xin fu .. as well the happiness which had lost a few years back had come back to life …

Many ask me .. who is he ?? is he xxx or xxx? NO NO NO .. no one knows who he is .. is not my course mate … hahaha…and is seems like a shen mi jia pin .. He will be following back on May.. if u guys wanna c , try to find me down in town of Penang island to c whether u r so lucky to meet me and him not.. hahahhahha…

Thanks a lot dear.. yesterday for accompany me again.. Thanks and thanks.. hope I won give u lots of burden la.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1-U and NZX

yesterday went to 1-U and have a great time dere.. and we went NSZ.. as well.. but NSZ is a bit disappointment that there is not much things to see as well.. as for me, life is very nice and smiles can be seen on my face.. though i don have much sleep .. but the battery power like always kinda full charge.. one.. mmmmmm... isnt that good? hahahaha...Thanks .. arigatoo .........
today back to office seems there is many work.. but dono why perhaps is my feelings kua.. had not much stress in de work but working happily dere.. tWhere will i be today? Plan is to the curve.. hope i can find the things i want to get la.. if not ... cham d.. use plastic bag la.. hahhaa.. as wat i said.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Not a good day but a xin fu day

though today is not a good day .. as many things had happen.. but i am happy and felt the xing fu .. as u r here wif me.. and din say a NO words to me... i called u in the morning and wake u up.. i ask you to drive us here.. and nite, u have to accompany me.. and u make me happy and xin fu ooo..

thanks a lot :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wish List ComeS TRuE??

is my wish list coming true.. i had found two of them... and had make me happy d. Life is not perfect .. wishes will not grant all.. but i had 2 after i make this wish list is very good enough.
This year perhaps all my wish list will come true.. maybe.. material wise in kinda hard.. but try to earn more $$ . is not really very important to have them.. since i already have a 3.5 MP handphone and a semi- pro camera.. is just a wants and not a need .. so i won be so particular on this . Life is never complete and i learned something which is to appreciate...

hope my days will be happy always la.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2009 Wish List

2009 had past but seems like my 2009 wishlist is not out yet
Here comes my 2009 dreams

Vacation List
1. Melaka
2. Perak

- Cuti – cuti Malaysia will be it… since economy no good.

Things I wan buy

- Kuma Kuma
- Teddy Bears fr SNJ
- DSLR camera
- 8MP Camera Phone
- Drawing Keypad Mouse

Plan Long Things
- House
- Car

- To have someone to care and love me ( if I can find la)
- Save more $$$

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Face Shop Mask

I had tried so many types of mask but the mask from face shop seems ok ok la.. since I am in the mood of sleeping and do mask dis mask is good enough cause is paper mask where I jus take off anytime. haha.. comparable with the washable one .. where I look on time and all.. haha… so this mask do a good job on this..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My First Cooking In Kelana Jaya - FAIL

My First Hair cut in KL - 14 March 2009

Have my first hair cut which i think is kinda special ... where i never ever had before.. eeee.... hehhe.. wat u think ooo??

This is de first time i had my hair cut in Wangsa Maju.. keke

WaT a GaL is ThinKINg

Girl Language

Message: if i dont call you
[ Its because im waiting for you to
call me ]

When i walk away from you mad
[ Follow me ]

When i stare at your mouth
[ Kiss me ]

When i push you or hit you
[ Grab me and dont let go ]

When i start cussing at you
[ Kiss me and tell me you love me ]

When im quiet
[ Ask me whats wrong ]

When i ignore you
[ Give me your attention ]

When i pull away
[ Pull me back ]

When you see me at my worst
[ Tell me im beautiful ]

When you see me start crying
[ Hold me and tell me everything will
be alright ]

When you see me walking
[ Sneak up and hug my waist from
behind ]

When im scared
[ Protect me ]

When i lay my head on your shoulder
[ Tilt my head up and kiss me ]

When i tease you
[ Tease me back and make me laugh ]

When i dont answer for a long time
[ reassure me that everything is okay ]

When i look at you with doubt
[ Back yourself up ]

When i say that i like you
[ I really do more than you could
understand ]

When i grab at your hands
[ Hold mine and play with my fingers ]

When i bump into you
[ bump into me back and make me laugh ]

When i tell you a secret
[ keep it safe and untold ]

When i look at you in your eyes
[ dont look away until i do ]

When i miss you
[ im hurting inside ]

When you break my heart
[ the pain never really goes away ]

When i say its over
[ i still want you to be mine ]

宇多田光--Boku wa Kuma

- a cute song i like-

Thursday, March 12, 2009

SKII promo in Mid Valley - Lee XIn Jie

Went to Mid Valley .. and everything I do is to shop .. and eat .. but at the end I din manage to get anything from the store but just able to see a star Lee Xin Jie,the actress of the movie “ The Eye” which make her so famous..

I din bring my camera.. but using my hp I am able to snap a few nice pictures of her as well.. and ended up seein her a few minutes of the promotion of SKII.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

a day is Selayang Mall - 15 Feb 2009

Before the show starts the banner is up.. and there are kinda not much people dere posting .. and me quickly get a chance to have a post there..as well taking with the banner. .. after that, I saw him, the cute handsome guy Gary Yap.. which he is on his way here to do his show.

Isnt he cute when he posted with a cup of Mc D drinks… He looks cute more than ever

a day is Selayang Mall - 15 Feb 2009

Before the show starts the banner is up.. and there are kinda not much people dere posting .. and me quickly get a chance to have a post there..as well taking with the banner. .. after that, I saw him, the cute handsome guy Gary Yap.. which he is on his way here to do his show.

Isnt he cute when he posted with a cup of Mc D drinks… He looks cute more than ever

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Creation – Valentine Card for Gary

A Right choice

feeling towards him is no longer dere.. and I am now more happier than before.. it this means that life in KL had make me happier than before. Though life here is not as easy as the one I had in Penang but here teaches me the word of “independent” ; the word of “ trust” and everything. I had been busy wif work here .. where working had taking me towards the way I am grown up to talk and to ask about everything. Ask on the things I don understand.. and my heart had open to be occupied by people and frens .. to go on .. I am now brave enough to face the world.. talking and meeting people of all kinds.. that’s what I learn on being in sales line.

having this in my life had make me also happier now.. though job is kinda hectic now a days. I had made the right choice a right move …

Cute CNY Card

This is a very nice CNY card from HP which is so cute.. and adorable.. and I will place dem in my office cubicle and ask de choy to come in.. hahaha…

Thaipussam Day In KL

Taking from the bus on the Thaipussam day on the Indian Street.. around KL central. It can see.. how massive jam and so many things to see dere…

Monday, March 02, 2009

2nd and 3rd week of Feb

A week of hard work.. getting a room rented and all.. and at last I had means on settling down the whole schedule. Me have been travelling non – stop recently between the two towns , Jln Klang Lama and PJ Kelana Jaya. Shifting to a new place. Em.. a week had pass of working and a day of shifting .. me shifting my things one by one and things by things.. Valentine day .. I had done my shifting and make a day for myself to shop .. ahhah.. at 1-U and spotted a nice bootstrapping shop which had cought my big attention and wasted my money dere.. wakkaka .. about RM 90. The things is nice and special.. Wondering how long I can get to master dem.. wakakaka..

I am now more independent that I used to be last time.. and now things is getting easier for me .. and I understand de way of wise spending and budgetary spending … and a day had pass jus like dat.. and the next day .. I went to Selayang Mall for Shopping and to see Gary. Thanks a lot to Joseph for the help of fetching me there .. thanks . .

Is my record I snap over 400 pieces of pictures and den .. I need to filter them all .. and upload to the web. that’s wat I will do .. as that’s a day .. when u need to struggle to get the line good for you to online. haiz..

Next , will den back to work again.. and that’s another week of working … and a busier moment where I don have time to chat as well. Job has been more and more growing and things had been more difficult .. and time is getting more.. and more less.. ahhaha..

this week , I headed to Klang pula, but not having to eat Klang BKT.. hahah.. and is really cheap things dere.. compare to in KL as well u can find a long lost wanted stuff.. . that’s the place it is.. and a week had also pass without I known.