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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bye Bye Pg.. becoming KL lang soon

moving… had made my final decision today to work in KL after been in the dilema ,.. to go or not to go. I am going to be half KL lang d.. haha. Frens in Penang don miss me oooooo… but i will come back pg at least once a month la..how also mus come back see u guys ma .. haha.. jus when i am here u guys don fly plane can d. Life now is kinda relax.. after hand in my resignation.. since i had been in the dilema a yes or a no for few days. And i had finally.. make this decision.. haha.. dono how right or wrong.. but it will a brand new life dere.. and be staying dere and learn how to be KL lang.. haha..Jus wondering who is de first person know will be HIM.. and he jus say.. haha.. good .. kinda fuNNy !!!

So for other frens………………. i will………remember u guys.. er… fr pg frens.. yook ngo hang kai…fai la… fast fast.. only one month … haha.. now quick .. hahahahahahahha….

hope life is good in KL

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

林峯 - 愛不疚

Clips MOvIE?? HOw to do IT?

i had watched this small clips of the movie.. jus wondering how it is been made? Anyone can help on this?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

2005 Christmas Gift fr Qi Shan and CSin

Gift fr best fren Anna from Pulau Redang

Convo Gift fr Irene (2006 Convocation)

2001 Gift fr KL by sis

- A nice purse by my sis on her trip to KL (2001)-

1999 Gift fr China

- Gift by My teacher( Pn Gan) on her trip to China-

2007- Fu Wa Handphone Hanger

- 2007- a gift from HP on his trip to China - Fu wa handphone hanger-

2007- Snow Man Gift fr Christmas

- SnowMan by Hooi SIn-

Birthday gift fr Carolynn 2005

- Gift fr Carolynn -

A gift fr Jayme Khoo.. during my birthday ( 1995)

- A gift fr Jayme Khoo.. during my birthday ( 1995)-

Crystal Handphone hanger fr Margaret

- A gift Fr Margaret ( 2007) on her trip to Penang fr Jpub Trainning-

A gift fr my best fren, Siew Leng

doggy 2001 birthday gift fr Faz

2001- Fat Pooh fr Grandma

kuala bear fr Australia

- a gift fr See Shin during her trip to Australia.. cute kuala-

2000 Birthday Gift (POOH) & cup fr HP

- cute?? The cute fr HP but the Pooh is a bday present wif a cup during form 5( by Priya, Ee Vonne, Bee Lay and Wan Yean)

2006 birthday gift fr JV

cute turtle- fr jv

christmas gift 2006

- Kapo- a gift fr Guan, Howe, HL, KY-

3 years Uni Bear Bear

- my Bear Bear- accompany my 3 years uni life-

2005 bday Gift

- sleepy Piggy - 2005 bday Gift-

2007 Bday Gift

- doggy gift fr someone lo.. - special gift-

2007 cHristmas Gift

2007 Christmas Gift By HP

2003 bday Gift - Piggy

2003 birthday gift fr Guan, carol, Koh and KY

Little Turtle: 2006 Birthday gift

- 2006 birthday gift fr Daddy-

Handphone holder- 2007 Bday Gift

- A birthday gift fr Yee Giap. Thanks-


- Totoro- a collection of mine .. haha.. i buy one fr Gary and one fr myself and a small one Xyee-

2007 Birthday Gift

- Cute piggy, arent they cute.. love it so much. Thanks dear.. fr the cute piggy-

2007 Bday Gift- is de first one

- Piggy fr someone cute- DD-

special Star..

-first day work Gift in Dell by SY-

special Star..

-first day work Gift in Dell by SY-

2007 Birthday Gift

- by some one special-

Mushroom.. cute..

-Thats my cute mushroom - help me waking up .. haha-


夕陽快消失了 像一顆心沈入海底 投入灼熱的光影
對話都結束了 胸口的悸動還沒停 今天我更喜歡你
好想獨佔這距離 你的小心 我的呼吸 誰會先鼓起勇氣

如果我們能在一起 我只想此刻的你的孩子氣
和笑瞇瞇 陪我未來的風雨
如果我們能在一起 我只想此刻的我的好心情
心電感應 讓所有的心願不怕來不及

人群都散去了 你鼻尖微濕的汗滴 蒸發在我的體溫
好想獨佔這距離 你的小心 我的呼吸 誰會先鼓起勇氣

如果我們能在一起 你的天使會比以前愛美麗
會更美麗 就像函館的夜景
如果我們能在一起 唱一首歌會比以前有感情
心有靈犀 就連太平洋也靜靜在聆聽

如果我們能在一起 我只想此刻的你的孩子氣
和笑瞇瞇 陪我未來的風雨
如果我們能在一起 我只想此刻的我的好心情
心電感應 讓所有的心願不怕來不及

如果我們能在一起 你的天使會比以前愛美麗
會更美麗 就像函館的夜景
如果我們能在一起 唱一首歌會比以前有感情
心有靈犀 就連太平洋也靜靜在聆聽

Penang? where to go?

Raining .. nowadays, Penang had been raining heavily .. is kinda hard to estimates when is rain.. and this few days rains till banjir everywhere.. haiz.. and now I easily not wearing high heels to work.. cause scared very hard to jalan one. U know la … raining .. mafan .. as well. Recently, I had been busy with writtin diary in paper form not in blogging much.. as a lot of heartfelt matters is not good to put in blog ma.

Life isn’t easy anymore..days past very past.. and another few days more is one year past d.. and is already 2 years he left me.. and din meet him den… XY went fr training in KL and my this week will be kinda bored as no more queensbay.. as she is not working ma. This week, carol will be coming to Penang .. so hopefully this week I can take her fr some tourist attraction. I am still thinking where to go? Is dere any special place in Penang? Bkt Bendera…?? I also haven been or go to..Botanical Garden see mOnkeys… Haha.. or KOMTAR? Malls??

Historical places are mosltly in town.. but she is a Christian .. I am wondering if she wanna see kuil not? Still thinking where to take her. Here don have zoo.. Zoo is in Taiping, Perak…other places. I am also not much idea. Penang food? Food I can say is jus in town mostly we can makan all.. asam laksa in Penang Road and Gurney drive .. all de heaven of food is all dere. Nothing else di. I also dono where to go liao. If shopping, em… gp or prangin mall only lo. Nothing else,, haha..
See how la.. hopefully I can know hoe to take u along la

Card Makin

Card making had been my interest now and I had a number of card …and me now is not plan fr card making but on others more big project .. modeling a new 3D card for someone for Christmas.. I dono how will be as I know it would not be easy as I expects it to be … I have the rough idea… but will it generate nicely that’s another matter… it is perhaps can be use and is 3 D as well. I am thinking to do many kinds of card from 2D- 3D but ideas haven fully generated.. and I have a wedding design as well as next year I know there are ppl on wedding so who wanna order guess book can contact me.. I am figuring a big one and a different design and u can custom made as well.. as who would like to do their couple face can also contact me as well. I have also design cross stich patterns fr fair price where each cross stich pattern will be RM 5 per design. I am also thinking fr Chinese new year card design as well as Christmas cards. Anytime u can order them fr me.. as well as bday cards and so one.. u can look at my creation corner and u can find many designs. Haha… hope can make more la.. :P

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sushi week

I am still in the moments of thinking to blog my gifts as well as my presents and my soft toys out not .. and it has been a long time I said I wanna to do them but till today I am till ponder on this. At last today, I had make my decision.. to start another labels in my strawberry blog about this.

This week, is sushi week and I think I had taken the largest amount of sushi in my life for this time.. gosh, and is real yummy … and I think I will stop eating sushi den .. since today .. and a few weeks down the road. I am still thinking on food to eat .. but I am growing fat. Today is Friday again and I really love Fridays.. since is weekend and time to jalan. Tomoro wil be wandering at GP again. I love to wander there last time but now er..not much since not much to buy and look. I hope there is more place fr me to wander next few weeks as The New GP Wing will be opening soon .. next month 17 Nov.. it can be seen like renovation in progress…..haha

So work is so far ok.. had learn a lot.. but I hope I can learn more on my life … I am now planning to pursue to advance myself in more things like … marketing and business and many more. Now I am busy wif cards making and designing. I hope I can invent more stuff out and can seell… hehe.. but no one buys .. haiz

Maybe need to do more promo liao. Hope my life is better and better. Praying

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


- i like dis .. love the complicated-

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Leo Ku New Year's Eve Live In Genting

Leo Ku started as a presenter in TVB entertainment news and Jade Solid Gold in 1992, before releasing his 1st album to become a Canto-pop singer. Leo has since come a long way. Being praised by David Tao for having his unique talent, Leo is one of the few Canto-pop singers who can make use of falsetto (a vocal technique that enables the singer to to sing notes beyond the vocal range of the normal or modal voice) to perfection.
At the same time, he has been referred to as one of the ”New Four Big Heavenly Kings” by veteran singer, Alan Tam, along with Hacken Lee, Andy Hui and Edmund Leung.
Leo is the first singer to have won all four newcomer gold awards from HK’s radio/ television stations.
Witness this extra-ordinary talent perform for a one-night only show at the Arena of Stars on new year's eve at 8.00PM.

Justin Live IN Genting

Justin Lo has come a long way in a relatively short time. Having only recorded his first album in late 2005, he has achieved considerable success and fame in less than 3 years. With three studio albums and hit songs like "Erica", "Hard Life", "Good Person" and "I Got It Going for Myself", Justin has become a household name in the Cantopop music industry.

The mercurial Justin will be in Genting Highlands for a one-night concert on the 18th of October, 2008.

Ticket price :
VIP - RM 350
PS1- RM 270
PS2-RM 200
PS3-RM 130
PS4- RM 80

Friday, October 10, 2008

Frens.. is important

Recently I am interested on many things and blogging is one of them.. now I start to clinch again with my old hobbies- hobbies or aren’t, I cant say is yes or no.. is writing diary as well as making cards… I wan do cross stich but the time effort and eye strength must be very good to complete them.. now my eye side is not as good as I will be facing more details figures and numbers in office.. and eye strength is a lot more needed. I had less msn .. though u can c me online. I jus put there online but I am in my own pace reading and enjoying dramas. I jus completed a drama.. is kinda nice… is acted by Bobby. The story morals is said that people can give up money because of love,.. haha.. and reality is dere? Not much people will do that , most will give up love because of money. I think so… Many guys said “No Money No Love” .. how true is this word. Maybe sometimes we need money to survive.. as long we have a okok living wif happiness shared wif love one should be more than enough.. but if u live wif money but no one cared and love … how will u survive..

some say.. I have my games and PC is ok d

Some say.. I can buy wat I wan.. is ok d

I can go round de world ok d

Have ppl think- ya.. you can accomplished ur goals and dreams .. but at the same time if u don have anyone to care, to talk .. how good is tat?

I have my games and PC is ok d- will u face ur pc or games whole day alone wifout ppl playing wif you or challenge u. Wat are u doing wif ur pc.. online whole day nothing to do when no ones wan chat wif u.

I can buy wat I wan.. is ok d- u can buy everything, car Ferari and all, u can have big bangle like palace.. but when u reach home u jus be alone … and who will u talk to .. walls?

I can go round de world ok d- u can travel? Alone? Will it be bored and exciting.. sitting on plane and bus the whole moment alone. Who will enjoy meals wif u .. who will help u snap own nice pic.. who will be wif u when u r travelling when u are lost and language prob

Maybe many ppl din think how important frens are… perhaps sometimes we need to face one thing fr 2- 3 days alone. No talking, no hp, and u will believe wat the importance fren are in our life

Thursday, October 09, 2008


In the world of today, I felt that the world had changes and things no longer be de same. Mentality of people had drastiacally changed. Compared last time, ppl last time are more to appreciation and care .. but now people are just thinking of benefits .. in terms of promotions as well as in terms of money. Life is no longer worth while as u do not even know who is ur best frens.. or perhaps someone u can believe in .

No matter how much effort u put in life to help and to treat someone good. Sometimes, I felt that friends we mix around is just something that need to pass through.. here comes and stay wif you fr a couple day, months or years and it just pass through… is dere frens which really stay on in life wif u? perhaps frens can be dozens and perhaps thousands. Looking at ur phone book on yr handphone. U may have hundreds of numbers in it.. who will u call when u r in trouble? When u wanna share ur happiness as well as ur down time? How many ppl are dere? Is jus one or perhaps a few… perhaps tats de case. Maybe DIgi and Maxis make this well known where they give extra benefits on phone calls.. Active 10 or somehow like Digi 5 + 2 promo and all. Is this a good strategy in marketing .. maybe among those no u call, mosli are family members and bf or gf. Is dere much frens u call?

That’s life.. perhaps I should live in the world wif full of reality

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


shifting department.. working in planning dep and DLP is totally a different work world and today me is can say is thinking i had different thinking like de past. work is quite hectic here where can consider i am busy fr day til nite. i totally have no time to think or perhaps to update my self with de current affairs.

I am currently busy and busy.. wif my current things which includes my bloggie as well as many many more. Work.. my planning and more. Today i need to spare some time for all myself.. updating my blog.. reading messages fr frens and more. is that wat life should be for me? i am really ignore ignore and ignore a lot of many things in life.. oh ya.. thanks fr ur gift dear.. i love is so much... is yummy .. but sorry ooo.. i din blog them up.. all ended inside my perut di. Thanks for everything u had done for me.. but really very tired sometimes and don have time for many things... thanks fr sparing time online chatting wif me.. sms me even though i bored you and fan u when i am down.. i am crying .. i had problems wif work and all. Thanks a lot dear. .. when i totally blured on my life.

kinda funny sometimes when i saw i see u ..i dono wat next in life. but glad to meet u soon in penang. hehe.. since the last time we met is a month ago.. dono this time ........where we are going le. Penang?? ui really dono where to go sometimes... but maybe Penang food.. wat else.. is dere.. any more recomended? i also dono.. jus see lo.. eat while jalan.. maybe.

Hope to see u again... and again and again. Miss u much!!! and take care!!! love ya. :P braging here right.... i think u know who i am telling right.. haha. guess ur own!! miss u much :P.. don take too long to choose ur ticket here .. if not i will miss u more. Quick buy yr ticket ya... or not i need to fly over and find u liao.


你的小心 我的呼吸
和笑眯眯 陪我未来的风雨
你的小心 我的呼吸
会更美丽 就像函馆的夜景
和笑眯眯 陪我未来的风雨
会更美丽 就像函馆的夜景

Saturday, October 04, 2008

LInda Chung Debut Album

So far Linda Chung's career has been a fantastic success story. After winning the 2003 Miss Chinese International Pageant, Linda joined TVB as an artist and soon became a familiar face on Hong Kong TV screens. Leaping to the next level of her acting career, she appeared in the 2007 hit movie Love Is Not All Around with Stephy Tang and Alex Fong. Her efforts were rewarded with a Best Newcomer nomination at the 27th Hong Kong Film Awards. Now Linda starts her latest career as singer with her ten-track debut album. Fans can look forward to the principal songs "Dinner For One" (Track 1) and "Lovers' World" (Track 2). Other featured songs on Linda's promising debut music release include "Roller Coaster" (Track 5), "Actually I'm Unhappy" (Track 6), and "Matchstick Paradise" (Track 4).
This edition comes with a mini poster and a DVD featuring music video and making of footage.

Kelly Chan Love Fighters Concert 2008 Karaoke

Canto-pop diva Kelly Chen lights up the stage again. The talented star returned to the Hong Kong Coliseum in June, surprising everybody with the announcement of her wedding later this year. She delighted audiences with a grand show with themes of space warriors, Arabian knights, and dancing queens. Kelly Chan Love Fighters Concert 2008 Karaoke invites fans to over thirty tracks including songs like "Everything's Wonderful Just Because of You" (Disc 2 - Track 2/ Disc 3 - Track 14), Shake Shake, and "Lavender" (Disc 2 - Track 9). A triple encore rounds off Kelly's latest tour.

Your Love (CD + DVD) bt Raymond Lam

Moonlight Resonance, for which he also performs the end theme. "Love Has No Guilty Conscience" (Track 1) is the principal song on Raymond's second full-length album. Other promising songs on Your Love include "Summer Snow" (Track 9), "Shadow's Love Story" (Track 6), and his duet "After Tomorrow" with Vincy Chan in Cantonese (Track 4) and Mandarin (Track 10).
This edition comes with six postcards and a DVD with three music videos.

THE FOUR <少年四大名捕>

Broadcast from 22nd Sept to 24th Oct.
A drama adapted from the popular martial arts novel written by Wen Ruian about the four great constables, "Heartless", "Metal Hand", "Life Chaser" and "Cold Blood".

Hardhearted and smart MO CHING (Lam Raymond) became a crippled when he was young. Fortunately CHING has met CHU KOT CHING NGO (Lam Ka Wah), the Head of the Sheriff Bureau, and has learnt from him his unparalleled skills of using concealed weapons. CHU has once helped the Sung Emperor recover an invaluable piece of article that the empire has long lost. To reward CHU, the Emperor reopened the Sheriff Bureau. In addition to CHING, CHU has recruited ZEOI MING (Sammul Chan), a cunning swindler, TIT SAU (Ma Kwok Ming), an honest guy and the cold-blooded LANG HUYT (Ng Cheuk Hai, Ron), and called them The Four.

The Sheriff Bureau has cracked many difficult cases under the leadership of CHU. After having gone through thick and thin with the others, CHING has become a lot less arrogant. He has fallen in love with SONG CHI YIN (Tsui Tsz Shan, Kate), a herb doctor, but she is only using him to sow dissension amongst The Four, furthermore deepens the hatred between him and SAU. The King of Qi CHIU CHEONG (Tsang Wai Kuen) and the treacherous minister CHOI KING (Lau Kong) are plotting to revolt against the Sung Dynasty. CHU risks his life to ruin their plan but by doing this, he is also driving the bond between him and The Four to the verge of disintegration.