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Friday, September 24, 2010


Nothing on the last day vut moving round the mall- The place we stayed is located just next to the mall. The TUNE shop.. simply nice.. Wondering does this shop ties with Tune Hotel or Air Asia??

We also had a delighting specialities of Sandakan dine here in 1 Borneo and the crocodile meat and the Prawn BKT


The Masjid Terapung is our morning visit where the iconic mosque is located.

We went down for a town walk where on Sunday they had SUnday Market. There is a Malaysia Monument to be taken there as well.

Here goes the Sunday Market where you enjoy the magnicifcent culture and you can almost find everything there. From food, souveniers and to animals and more to go there.


Our day 3, is on the trip to the Mount Kinabalu. The trip up to the hill is indeed refreshing and a fun trip. Roads are not straight road but uphill road.

We reached there but the weather is very cold and the clouds is thick. We hardly can see the tip of the mountain and slight disappointment.

Along the way, we see cars and stalls of selling local food and delights

We are now on the hill but is not the tip. It is at the road where is the final stop for cars. So, you need to walk up if you want to reach up. We did not make our move up but we stop at the Final Car stop which is at the Pondol Timponan. Here you may see the people helping to carry your bags with RM 10-20 per kilo up hill.


Had our breakfast down in KK town and we had a delicious pork noodles.

The kon lo mee which is simply delicious.

The pork soup.

We then headed to the Lok Kawi park which is about 20 minutes drive down town. With our GPS we reach the destination safely. The Lok Kawi Park is a wild life parks which are full with wildlife.

#1: Deer
#2: The elephants
#3: The chempanzee
#4: The honey bear


The 2010 trip had been planned ahead for the past few months. Thanks to Air Asia which are providing a cheap and affordable fare of the year. I been thinking of going to Sabah again after my last trip in 2008. This is the trip i went with my beloved ones.

I booked them from a package AIR ASIA GO with 5 days 4 night trip for only RM 660. Is truly a cheap and affordable package for me. So, the day had come. We went there through a big plane of Air Asia departed at 8.00 am. No delay from AirAsia and the place had been numbered.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gary Yap 2010 Single " So Worry "

Gary Yap had is single's released and the album with a song " So Worry " had been released in the market for charity purposes. The charitable star had make his move to a " Gary Ga Ga" Look where he had changed his look from a handsome, cute artist to a " Ga Ga " look.


He had presented the song " So Worry" profesionally and hereby had a look on his performance pictures on stage.

He had a style of dancing where he had put a big effort on the performance as well. Great job Gary!!


The chicky smile from the star had appaluse the crowd.


There are also charitable moment where the star had donated the things he buy from overseas. The star had made a charitable heart to help the poor

People are requesting for the post for the album and here he comes with repost of the style.

 After the performance Gary had take the opportunities to take pix with fans as well.

Saturday, September 11, 2010