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Saturday, November 21, 2009

2009 Review

2009 is going to end.. and this month end is already a year of me in KL .. what I had done and achieve in KL?

1. The biggest achievement is getting a good, handsome, caring boyfriend which is my greatest achievement in life.
2. Getting a good bos and job in my current job at CSC

Places I had visited is not like many people – Japan, Loas.. and other out of Malaysia places. I had been to:

1. Perak – Ipoh
2. Perak – Teluk Intan
3. Pahang
4. Balik Kampung – Penang
5. Negeri Sembilan
6. Melaka

Good enough for this year.. haha.. and lets see what I have for this year. I have a lot of gadgets for this year

1. A CANON EOS 1000D Camera
3. Samsung Hard Drive 320GB
4. Flowers ( CUTE AND BEAUTIFUL ) one

Which artist I met in Year 2009
1. Gary Yap
2. Nicholas Teo
3. Jeff Cheng
4. Cheryl Lee
5. Xiao Yu
6. Golf and Mike
7. George Lam

Sunday, November 01, 2009