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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Early Morning View @ Setia ALam

Gary Yap Congratulation Card

sick again

Sick.. sick sick again.. i am sick..but just half past sick.. haha.. means sick then ok.. den sick again ...i am pretty unsure wats wrong wif me.. had been busy all this days .. wif so many things in my mind.. rushing for 4 cards that i haven been doing them till tday .. i think i need to expedite de cards di.. and all other things.. and now sick is mking me more sufffer.. and always having a bad headache now .. i also cant find de answer of why i have all this problems

gosh.. is getting sick is the worst senario... and i suddenly very happy as guan will be coming back after convo.. so we can go kai kai di. Plannin to genting and KL had been confirmed after a few days after his convo and my bday ..will this year i have a memorable bday?? i am still in de dilema and asking my self d questions that i think i am.. kua.. cause b4my bday .. i hope can see gary yap at the 8TV Summer live concert.. pity this year no chang dong liang .. oh ya. i am pretty enjoying watching nicholas concert.. de concert dvd is out .. and i grab dem straight away wifout hesitate,, though been to the concert.. i still love to buy one but it is a pity it missed a few songs .. not really complete .. haiz.. but is real nice.

next, last week went out wif Irene and HP .. bought the gift fr him and HIM .. but still not wrap.. and will continue wif my big project.. since it is not out yet.. keep dem as a secret first ..hehe..

thats last weekend ... which is doing my big project + watching drama series

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I am still in de dilemma of thinking wats best for me.. last weekend indeed a terrible weekend but very happy on one thing which is Gary won de awards. Xia yoh Gary … em.. last weekend, OMG a sick weekend.. had been sick for nearly 2 weeks .. gosh .. that’s de worst of all… is ON and oFF.. u know big factory aircond is always cold and I think I had always fully covered my self wif jacket but still the coldness and the shivering of the factory..

I had a new project on now.. doing cross stich and have 4-6 cards to do.. perhaps I can turn them into business huh?? Mayb I can … I am now doing a cross stich on faces.. and next card will be projecting on bday card, chong chau jit card, and 3 more specially made cards.. and also many other things as well.. too many in my list .. perhaps after getting the ingridients, I will be hiding my self at home .. to kau dim all the designs and all.. haha.. will it be a spcial things to keep me busy not thinking on something that I shouldn be thinking

Other is to save money for my trip to KL.. cant wait to meet long time no c frens.. Ban Hock Howe, Sin and more.. we going meet again .. haha.. hopefully guan able to come lo..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Sick.. too much durian perhaps.. bt getting better now.. after an 8 hour sleep. Yesterday, was listening to my cds again.. de cd tat I supposed to send him but u din do that.. so just kept in my drawer collection .. The songs all is about bitterness of the HURT u felt after a breakup and how the pain is .. Though is getting so long .. and though I said that I had given up .. but when I listen back to the songs.. it reminds me the pain and sorrows that I feel…

Because of these song ( Xi shou ge ( NIcTeo)), it reminds me every moment, the moment where I fall in love ( wu ge zhiu yau – Pin Kuan), and how the sweetness of love – every time u sms me though is disturbing my sleep but I don mind ( ai ni- cyndi) .. and reminds me on the times we been through when we are frens.. though is frens but the tenderness tat u give me.. will always in my mind ( mo meng fan dek loh man- leon lai) from dere we had been to de route of changes from frens to lovers and the happy moment ( hao xiang ni- Vivian Hsu) and many songs as well… but all this song .. I think I will never listen again.. cause it always bring me back to many sad memories..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A fully occupied holiday

A special weekend though.. is a real record of me in this 3 days.. hehe.. On Sat, went to Prangin Mall. It seems a long time I din shop huh.. Just went Prangin and trying to search a gift fr Gary but fail.. and went to long summer and buy some ingredients to do cards for TTG for his convo.. since I am not attending ma.. so is also a need to buy some gift kua.. haha. Still unable to find this gift.. since there are more time to find them.. no worries la.. maybe now adays my taste wan stuff also not the same di.. Oh ya.. I met XY and her sis and we had lunch together in YL.. went to have tom yam but the quality had a drastic drop .. no longer nice…After that, on my way back went to ta pau me Jalil.. not bad.. and is turning me good taste.. hehe

Sunday.. em.. today is pretty lazy for me.. I wake up kinda late and stick on the PC for the whole morning till Chun call me . as we had an appointment in Qbay for a makan and is her birthday tomorrow.Happy birthday dear … hope u have a nice and enjoyable birthday and gift. J Wat I give her.. Yummy Famous Amos.. since I really don have much idea wat to buy.. After that we went to purchase the movie ticket which is Centre of the Earth.. And we had Johny Steamboat for lunch. Its ok lo.. and not bad. And is consider very nice as well. And the service is not bad.. but kinda expensive.. next time we go Town Steamboat ya. That’s nice and more things to makan.. haha.. and den we went shopping around for gift. I manage to get birthday gift fr a fren @ the tie shop .. and get my makeup at elianto.. is offer yeah.. I get a handcream, and few mask as well as a foundation. Not bad… nasib baik can pay by credit card.. and we went for a movie.. er.. the movie is real real nice. Not bored .. kinda exciting.. love them as well

Monday .. registering my sis in Olympia . After tat, went to SSL, to buy some stuff for cross stuch as well as other things in One stop and GP. Oh gosh I spend a lot .. and purchase quite a number of cds and dvds as well.. as well as do wat .. looking for gift.. my card designing still in process.. have the idea di.. but din complete yet.. hope can kau dim,,,soon.. Tomoro is wooi birthday” happy birthday fren!!” .. at night start m designin hope can make it done asap.. since like I have more hobbies this weekend

Friday, July 11, 2008

Another week..

A cold Friday.. It comes again another week.. and have a holiday and weekend again. I haven stay in Penang for two weeks in Penang .. and tomoro is a must to stay in Penang… and enjoy my shopping life in Penang .. though many say KL is a shopping paradise.. but I always cant get wat I want in KL.. need to come back Pg to look fr it.haiz.. pity me.. today is another day.. break my record.. 3 weeks + din go gurney.. is a record.. Iooks like is hardly see me in GP now.. haha.. is not I don wan to go.. is I have no time 2 go.. wah.. so busy huh.. Strawberry Gal .. hehe… the first week is laptop week.. and drolling in Midlands .. now I am nearly hang up wif the working life in Dell and after finish work I will stay in front on my PC reading mails.. my mail box is always a problem.. dono why.. I have been shifting email mail box,,, and my usual account cant log in .. wats dat?? Many contact lost di… thank good ness have friendster as well as facebook keeping me in touch wif all my frens.. frens.. I need u guys email.. my mailboz gila di.. so I change mailboz.. pamelayeoh@yahoo.com.. Can get me here la.. dono wat happen to d old one.. I lost all my mails.. haiz..

Today lunch went out to have them wif HP @ SR ..kinda nice.. thanks HP fr a lovely lunch.. next time my turn ya.. Need to fix sometime to meet my frens di.. long time din c dem.. oh ya.. tday Michael Liu bday .. happy birthday fren,, hope u have an enjoyable bday ya … and next week will be chun and wooi.. my two beloved uni frens and coursemate.. happy bday both of u … hope can meet u guys ,, when free let me know ya..

Oh ya.. my holiday wat I do. .. still thinking.. sat have appointment wif pg frens fr jalan jalan.. and Sunday unsure yet .. at night mer watch TVB drama lo.. wat else.. haha.. Hopefully have an enjoyable one la.. and perhaps life is better… em.. ya.. some frens ask me bout my work.. hehe.. sorry ya frens.. now my working place do not have access on personal email mail boz… so a bit slow replying u guys emails and message on frenster and all.. em.. working in here.. wat can I say.. is fun.. collegues are nice as well I can learn a lot of things from them.. They are also very good listener as well as teacher.. that’s why I can pick up quite ok.. not say fast la.. I am not really fast learner ma.. so they really guide me well.. and work is fun. Can learn about so so many things .. and is kinda interesting.. I love the job as well :P that’s the most important things kua..


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Apple I-Phone wiif 3 G

Apple I phone will be officially launch tomoro in US.. will it be de same as in Malaysia .. think not .. Introducing iPhone 3G. With fast 3G wireless technology, GPS mapping, support for enterprise features like Microsoft Exchange, and the new App Store, iPhone 3G puts even more features at your fingertips. And like the original iPhone, it combines three products in one — a revolutionary phone, a widescreen iPod, and a breakthrough Internet device with rich HTML email and a desktop-class web browser. iPhone 3G. It redefines what a mobile phone can do.. Wah… u see.. so so so many features le.. I wan but not now lo.. hehe..oh ya.. they have 2 colors – White and black..

Sick Again

Em.. is been very cold today.. at last I fall a sick today.. oh gosh.. having a bad flu and cold.. but still in work today.. not 100% KO so wont take MC lo.. Maybe if total KO will see me takin MC.. haha.. Is cold in office today.. and flu getting to disturb me again. I still remember those days when I am sick, he ask me to get more water and take care of my self. Now no more.. I have to take care on my own.. myself and no one will be taking care of me.. sometimes I think even if I die no one will cares.. I am getting sick faster cause lack of vit L.. haha.. dono why.. but now I don take care much of myself but indulging myself into work and work … and just thinking how to earn more money … I wan to get more vit M.. and I hope fr Vit L as well but is it that easy?? I had walk pass perhaps ¼ to 1/3 of my life but I haven get wat I wan….. Now in my mind .. jus to wish wat I wan I can get …….but as for Vit M… it need hard work.. but if Vit L it need the angel and the cupid.. haiz…..

Snake Temple (蛇庙)

Snake Temple (蛇庙) was built in 1850 in memory of the renowned Chinese monk Chor Soo Kong. The Snake Temple is situated in the small town of Bayan Lepas and is famous for the fact that it has pit vipers living within the temple grounds. Legend has it that Chor Soo Kong, who was also a healer, gave shelter to the snakes of jungle. After the completion of the temple, snakes appeared on their own accord. Today the snake population of the Temple of the Azure Cloud is very small, due to the urbanization of the area, but you can still see them coiled up on the altar tables, and you can touch them if you are brave enough. Originally the snakes were said to be rendered harmless by the smell of the burning incense, but today, to be safe, the resident vipers are devenomed. RM5 for adult and RM1 for children.

Penang Khoo Kongsi

When the first immigrants from the Hokkien province of China arrived in Penang, one of the first things they set out to do was build one of the most magnificent clan houses in Penang . Work began on the clan house in the 1890's which resulted in what was said to be a palace which rivalled that of the Emperor of China. As the story goes, this extravagance incurred the wrath of the Gods and on the first night of the clan house's completion, an unexplainable fire broke out and burnt the house down! It wasn't until 1902 that the current clan house began construction.

One of five clan houses still standing in Georgetown , the Khoo Kongsi clan house takes on a remarkable resemblance to a mini clan village. One of the grandest clan houses in Penang , the Khoo Kongsi features tall thin columns supporting a gently sloping, red tiled roof, topped with carvings of dragons, phoenixes, mythical animals and various scenes from popular Chinese legends.

The clan house also has a grand hall adorned with resplendent and intricate carvings and richly ornamented pillars which are said to have been crafted by master craftsmen from China . Other major Hokkien clan houses that can be found in Penang are the Cheah Kongsi, Yeah Kongsi, Lim Kongsi and Tan Kongsi.

Opening hours: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm


Oh gosh.. I am getting fat now a days .. I also dono wat I eat .. and makan till fat .. haiz.. food.. why so fast can get fat ooo…… need to diet di.. now is time to replan my food list.. will it work? Eee.. dono le.. I jus know I am in KL I eat non-stop.. especially donut.. I am really donut crazy in kl.. whenever I saw donut shop will go in and buy them.. oishi oishi.. now see de effect.. so now is doing my dieting plan keep me back on track

Ok.. wat is my yummy food plan

Morning- Spirulina and coffee

Lunch- normal lunch

Dinner- skip and a bottle of Vitagen

Night- No more makan after 8 pm

That’s my schedule for a month … see if it works not ..haha

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dunkins Donut in Midvalley

What is a must when I am in KL? Haha is donuts.. it has been a must to buy donuts … when I am in KL.. that’s my favorite of all.. and his time I took Dunkins Donut.. is my 4th time taking it and I could not say NO.. though my favorite is still JCo.. but I still cant resists Dunkins as well.. I am in Mid Valley and I had this one.. oh gosh.. and is real sedap!! Oishi des.. I love it so so much. I think is a promo.. buy 6 free 2 so.. wat I take.. for the 6 is of course my favorite peppermint haha as well as peanut, tiramisu and chocolate.

The taste is ok.. but I still prefer JCo.. no choice.. din go Pavillion.. so no JCo.. haiz…em.. we ordered 2 specially brewed coffee as well is Dunkins Coffee.. em .. is not really nice.. but ok still

Overall the bill with the coffee is RM22.80.. Ok ka?? Hehe

Love is it??

Sometimes I ask myself .. is it hard to find some one u are truly in love wif him and he love too.. em.. perhaps it is. Challenges in life where you need to take up. I thought I can’t forget the past but I did.. I realized to forget the past is not that difficult when u can see the future.. maybe is time to let go.. and is time to seek for a new one.. someone who I can walk through my life.. and be with me.. is it that difficult? I am still thinking many things .. why why why?? Hopefully there is someone trusted and someone who have real care can walk wif me..

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A tired week...

A tired weekend.. it seems I din update my blog for days.. em.. is because is not I have nothing to write but I am in KL this week.. to settle my sis university stuff.. The journey sitting in a car more than 10 hours for through and flow from Pg to KL is real tiring.. em.. getting turn into wrong route … oh gosh.. and asking around.. haha.. that’s most of the time I do.. Lucky me.. able to find my way to my bro place at last. I reached there as well.. but don ask me where I been.. shoppin and more.. I think I do that this time.. is such a rush.. and I dono much route in driving so need to wait fr my bro.. haha. So, in de first day, just stay at home.. and just exploring the town dere. Sg Long is the place we stay.. to go down t town, it take us more than an hour.. can u imagine that.. gosh.. is wif out traffic jam. Haiz.. Lucky have a laptop but no internet access so can play games.. haha.. will review the game I play later lo.. haha.. and get a good news. My best frens can convo this year fr his master.. Congrats Guan, at last u convo ur master!!

So, just stay I Sg Long on Sat .. and the next day when to Uni to settled all the stupid irrelevant procedures.. haiz.. lucky can settled them…if not I also don know how.. I just know is very ma fan.. haiz.. After that, went to Sg Wang fr shopping .. and makan.. Makan dere is so so lo.. we went to the food court .. the food is ok nia lo. Then headed fr shopping.. wanted to buy some shirt and dress.. but don have much I love .. so din grab.. but jus grab a bright yellow bag.. I am now crazy on bags as well as baju. After that I went to watch de 8TV stars promo.. no GArY .. haiz… den I went to Pavillion fr JCo.. and then have a look there.. gosh the things are all branded.. is expensive. Oh.. din grab much.. just eat Jco, and John King egg tart and buy 3 pairs of earing.. keke

Next day back to Penang lo,,Went to Ipoh a while fr makan.. that’s all.. haha.. and at night went to Queensbay to pay my telephone bills and makan @ the Old Town Coffeshop at Basement of Queensbay Mall

Friday, July 04, 2008

Market Exploration - Chowrasta Market, Penang

Been to Chowrasta Market, a place where you can taste nice yummy food.. and buy a lot.. one of the popular market in Penang.. Wat u can get? a lot and a lor.. from makan, vege.. as usual, toys,shoes.. and many many more..

Some views of the market to share:

Thursday, July 03, 2008





Cave in Perak..

The cave around Perak... the place looks nice!!

Cute Toys

New Dell Studio

Dell released a new laptop – is very nice le.. Dell Studio.. wah.. attempted but cant la.. jus buy new one only …haiz.. is nice.. wondering can I get the wallpaper nia bo.. hehe.. This laptop is mainly for middle range between Inspiron and XPS.. The specs is so nice.. and the price is range from RM4000 and above.. The specs really good and attractive. If me.. I will love them and put a pink casing on it..
Oh gosh.. and is slim as well haha… nice, beautiful laptop wif finger print sensor.. Is similar to Sony VIOS which have so many nice color.. haha..
Love them

還是好朋友 -- 古巨基 + 梁靜茹

Change Lifestyle

Today is my official 2 years working life.. hahha.. 2nd anniversary.. em .. 2 years 3 jobs.. wah.. kinda funny right? No choice.. is life.. shifting jobs in unbareable..and most important.. is 3 different position.. haha.. 3 different posts.. and job scope.. hehe.. wats tat.. Degree in IT but turn up shifting to Sales, Web and now to Planning.. haha.. isn’t that weird.. A degree cert is just to help u to get a job more easily.. but it doesn’t means u need to go fr it.. That’s wat I think la.. haha…

Now working hard to earn money.. fr survival.. and to survive .. u know la.. once petrol up everything up.. and makan up.. haiz.. but no choice.. need to gambate and change life style.. that’s wat PM say.. so.. change lo.. no more movie time di lo.. stay home see TV nia.. don go cinema.. no more MCD burger.. wan burger.. I need to go down to the Malay stall and grab the RM2 burger.. no more big rest makan.. go to “dai bai tong” and eat.. or hawker.. no more ori cd.. listen radio nia.. change my lifestyle.. I can save kua… like last month I save about RM 300.. so able to give my parents more.. haha

That’s my new life .. my new plan.. so hope if really 1 month can save more about RM 500.. one year I can save a lot.. I can grab.. wat?? Do investment la.. and a holiday kua.. haha..

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I had started to see my beloved UMS how good is it.. I had been dere fr 3 years.. Neverthless, I do have complain on the system and the management dere.. as well the uni is so so far.. and today.. I started to get to see the uni best views.. and compare to Malaysia best uni.. UM.. oh gosh.. Perhaps is an old uni.. so de hostel is really sucks.. is jus a small room.. like 1/3 of my UMS room.. how can I imagine the student staying dere.. wif the mini room.. and is not windy as well.. I cant imagine how the students can stand wif the dirty toilets and the mini rooms…

Oh gosh.. de registration system is as well unbarable.. is not systematics.. and the people perhaps not that helpful as UMS.. em.. maybe I am yim chim kua.. ppl say best UNi wor.. but fr me.. UMS still de best.. having the right things right pace.. and the ppl dere is nice. I still love UMS.. after so many years dere.. the facalities is great .. and de books are new.. :P most of all.. I study in English.. haha.. and have nice room mates, coursemates and frens

Thanks frens u guys giving me such a memorable moment.. Thanks UMS