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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1st Vincci shoes in KL

That’s my first Vincci shoes I bought in my KL Life for 5 months.. haha

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1st march 2009- Siam Express ...

Is it quite sometimes we went there.. we had our dinner at the Thai Express.
I still prefer siam express then Thai Express. Thai Express is one of the places served Thai food.. as u can see from the name.. As for that, they have all sorts of Thai Spicy food to yummy local Thai desserts which is cooling.

This is the first place I went with dear .. as both of us love spicy food that’s was the choices. The shop we had our dinner is the Thai Express located at The Curve .. and the streets dere is fullof many shops of MAKAN.-famous, expensive one.. and is our first time having our dinner dere after a movie.

The thai dessert we ordered is kinda nice .. but it served in cup.. is look like kinda weirdo.. haha.. but the taste is not bad la. It has the chesnut and the chendol inside together with the coconut water.

thai dessert

Next come the Thai tomyam.. mine is the chicken one while dear one is seafood. The tomyam wasn’t spicy at all for both of us.. haha.. cause we ordered the wrong one supposedly.. not the extreme spicy one kua…

- thai tom yam -

That’s mine tomyam.. all is chicken, fishballs and mushrooms and not much seafood lol.. while dear one is kinda same jus add a bit of extras seafood only

-dear taking thai tom yam-

- seafood tom yam-

Overall lets see wat we rate

Food: 3/5
Service: 1/5
Environment 2/5

Angel and Singer of my life.. JERRY KOH KOK SHEN

Knowing him is really a gift from god.. he is the angel in my world.. he sits dere and accompany me when I am bored.. he care for me every minutes. he make me laugh when I am sad.. and down.. he is there whenever I need him.. he is there to accompany me round the malls and places.. he is there hearing my problems.. he is there for me whenever I need him. he is truly the angel of my life.. Jerry..

he is not just an angel but the singer.. he love to sings songs with meanings.. make me laugh always and gam dong with the way he sings.. edits the songs.. and more.. he is the singer who I can say he can make my life full with laughter .. a singer in my life.. full my life with rythms.. and all of the love 

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I had been asking my self wat I like in my life?? A question that many people asked me including dear. Like ~ em… I can say I like many things and like does not means I need to have them.. like a things sometimes … is sometimes a desire to buy something where u did not need to have them .. or u do not need them… or perhaps after buying them is a waste of $$$

As this economical world …or perhaps at my life stage now.. like is not a things a good terms of buying the things .. sometimes is not worth … to buy though u can say u like dem. That s the theory of my life.

Like- em.. I like handphones, IT stuff , cameras with extreme functions … and all of this I can say prices and the tech is changing daily. This means u buy tday ,, and tomoro is a old old one liao.. so wat makes a point for me .. now .. is buying something I need but not I like and want, Since now I have the K800i hp which 3.2 MP camera.. is good liao + I have a Canon Powershot A500i which is somesorts of semi – pro camera is also better than a lot d. will it get a point to buy extremes??

Yesterday, can say I am thinking too much … and perhaps .. my mood was not in the extreme which I am damn happy.. is a up and down stage. wat so ever, I can say.. I have many ??? which is still in my mind… hardly I can smile.:) I hope I can.. but not.

sorry, if I have make someone worried. .. sorry..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Long summer, Perangin Mall, Penang

Long Summer, a place of purchasing something special for your love one. I notice this shop a few years back when I was crazy of soft toys and this shop since then be my fav shop to visit. The product inside are mostly DIY and you can use ur concept to tell de bos and he will make dem for you. Some of the items includes photo frame, lights as well as teddy bear wrapping and cartoon / soft toys flowers. I managed to catch up with some of their product in de shop. ..

Here u goes.. oh ya, de shop is located at Level 3, Perangin Mall at the Parkson Side, Penang

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sungai Wang with George Lam- 21 March 2009

George Lam , a HK star was in KL for his concert promo.. and I was in Sungei Wang last month which is on 21 March 2009 for the promo.. Lucky thing I brought my camera and can get some shots of him..
Not much songs , he did sing .. but I jus manage to capture his picture and can see he is quite nice lo.

Cute Kuma Kuma from dear



- This is a set of gift from DIGI for its customer… and can be redeem at Bio Term. Is a set of new products by the company.. em… is it good?? let me try den let u guys know..

My Set of Skin Food Products

Though I haven a 100% skin food fans product but I still have a few skin food products which is very nice to use.

This includes my collection of –
- Cucumber Mask
- Papaya Mask
- Aloe Vera Make Up Remover
- Moisturizer
- Honey Dew Hand Cream
- Fruity Hand Cream
- Make Up Base
- Make Up Foundation

me and dear after asam laksa @ Petaling Street

- after makan de laksa at the Petaling Street, we had a simple shot wif my 3.2 MP Sony Ericson K800i camera.. under hot sweat—
A memorable moment wif him …

Kuma Kuma creation By Dear

I am with the Kuma Kuma daddy specs.. am I cute ma?? the specs can see very far one le.. and hor .. wat u think I can see also le

- Am i handsome???-

Planning to places around Malaysia

- Ipoh, Perak (going on 18 April 2009) – I went di .. again .. and will be many times a year liao
- Teluk Intan, Perak (went on 29 March 2009)
- KLCC Aquarium (KL)
- Dear Park(KL)
- Zoo Negara(KL)
- Cameron Highlands (Pahang)
- Genting Highlands (Pahang)
- Penang (tropical Farm)
- Langkawi
- The Mines Wonderland
- Melaka (food craving)
- Bukit Tinggi
- Pangkor Island
- Sabah
- Pahang

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Course Gathering @ Shabu Shabu, Times Square, KL

Last week 11th April 2009, is course gathering day where kinda many of our coursemate did attend. It has been past 2- 3 years ever we haven met.. wat is so so nice.. is able to meet a group of long time no see frens as well as updating the current status of ourself.. Some are still in IT some are not.
Some are getting thinner and some are getting fatter.. some still de same no changes.. and even I can say.. we are kinda update of our job and more. We have them @ Shabu Shabu, the restorant located at Level 4. in Times Square.

Here you goes the restaurant that we went. Overall the sitting is kinda fix so we cant have much interaction if our leg is too lazy.. so while waiting for them to come over, we had our drinks ordered and dear and me ordered the Kiwi Juice as below. The Kiwi juice is not bad. Very the oishi as well.. yum yum.. and it cost about RM 5.90 / cup

The kiwi Juice

And me and dear ordered a set of special Shabu Shabu.. but for both of us is not that nice. The tom yam is not as spicy as I thought it should.. and the food is really limited.. not much I can see except 3 prawns, some mushooms, pieces of chicken meet, bihun .. and tats really can say is allof it d. Nothing else. Not very nice..and the prawn is not fresh enough as well..

the shabu shabu

The set comes with desserts which is the ice creams..not the branded one,.. just the Magnolia one and as for fruits they have coices of watermelon and pineapple..

After makan makan, we had chats and photo taking together and overall is kinda an enjoyable one.. Nice to meet u guys ya.. Oh ya, need to thanks my dear for accompany me and being the photographer.. Thanks a lot dear.

Taste: 2/5
Price: 25 inclusive tax ( service ( 10%) + government (5%)) and drinks
Service: 2/5
Environment: 2/5

Isn't me cute?

if I laugh like this , will u be smiling…
I know I am cute.. but don cemburu la.. I paiseh one le..
Dear, don promote me so much!! if not …I too famous den I no time can entertain u d oooo!!!

Wat dear did when he is bored!!!

I cant imagine how cute is he..

wat is my next target, dear?? I had conquer so many programming language .. arghh.. no more new programming language.. maybe I should do one jerry.net… wahahahaha

“Isnt my eyes big and cute… u know see my eyes now.. and take all ur money out.. !!! I am a billionaire d.. wahahahaha

DIY Photo frame for dear and a card for him

Being a craft lover is already a must to do for dear some of my creation .. em.. I wanted him to have a memorable collection and something I can DIY. Though for the frame, I cant do much DIY… since the frame is bought .. but I add some accessories.. into it .. as long as I have some touch up ma.. this one,- not much surprises since he already know wat it is about…

- Photo frame -

Another is my usual creation is a card..and I hope he love the card la.. dear like it ma?
That’s the front view… and there is the inside view as well..:P

Front View Card

Inside View Card