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Monday, March 31, 2008

Nicholas Teo From Now ON concert

Nicholas Teo Malaysia first concert had impress me,, and had make me crazy of him now.. haha.. He is so so cute and adorable in the concert and this concert really makes me.. wah.. on him and he is so funny in the concert ..

Nicholas Teo From Now On Concert 2008 blasted off with his new song ‘Xin Ge Shi Zhang’. A theme song for his debut paid concert. The dancers lead by Nan Pok (a famous dance instructor from Taiwan) started the show with gimmick of superstar going to appear soon. Though Nicholas has given his best on the dancing skill but he in fact needs to practice a lot. He’s really look like an amateur among all the male dancers. When he appeared on the stage, my first thought was ‘He’s so thin. Must be working hard & stress a lot for this concert’. The beginning of the show has few hiccups like the mic not functioning well and music is louder than Nic’s singing.

During his concert, he showed off his multilingual skill. He sang in English – Fly Me to the Moon & Greatest Love of All – a duet with Fish Leong (needs a lot of pronunciation practice. Some words were not properly pronounced). He also sang in Japanese, Korean and Malay. He has a few numbers of cover versions eg: Only One is a Japanese song from SMAP which he sang in Mandarin. When he sang the song, he blended nicely with Mandarin and Japanese.

The same went to the song Dream (a Korean song) – he sang half Mandarin & Japanese & finally Heart (a Malay song) – sang half in Mandarin & Malay. He also sang a cross over between his own song ‘Wang Zi Ai Guo’ and Eason Chen’s ‘Gu Duk Tam Go’. The crossover was nicely arranged. The duet with Fish Leong on In Love with You showed his weakness on weak vocal compare to Fish. Fish’s vocal is so amazing and the song carry well with her great voice. Then Fish had her solo and she sang ‘Zhung Bai’. Once again, I was truly amazed with her voice plus the music arrangement nicely blends in with her vocal.

He talked less in his concert and the only segment he talked a lot that when it’s time for him to thank all the people that has been working, leading and helping him along the way. First of all, he thanked to the media that built a platform for him to share his passion of singing. Still remember he was from the Astro Talent Quest? His winning song ‘Huang Hun’ made him popular and everyone loves the song because of him. So when he sang that song, there was video clip from the competition played on the screen. The video clip brought back a lot of memory to his fans & people that been working with him at that time. Later he sang the song ‘Fu Zhu’ – his first recording song for his EP. This song brought back my memory when I was with Music Street. Everyone in the company busy preparing for the album launch, from visiting media, getting a press conference venue and also making sure the EP was released on time. During the song, there were slides of his photos during that time. Those faces were so familiar to me. Then indefinitely he has to thank his family for being so supportive & bear with his lack of time being by their side. That’s when he sang the most touching song ‘Ba Ba Ma Ma’. The screen featured slide of his photos from kid days.

The most highlight moment when he said everyone has to sing this song with him & that will be the ending song for the night. As everyone in the stadium predicted, it was none other than ‘Dang Ni Gu Dan Ni Hui Xiang Chi Sui’. I’ve recorded the whole scenario & song for memory. Everyone in the stadium was so cooperative. I guess everyone sang the song except me coz I wanted to capture the moment (the full length live video can be viewed in this video segment).

I think this concert is a success. Credit to all the people that been working hard on this concert. People that turned up for the concert were definitely his family members, his friends (esp from Kuching), lyricists & musicians, his ex-colleagues from Music Street, bosses from oversea, sponsors – current sponsors & also past sponsors, friends from entertainment field and last but not least his fans. His fans were came from around the Asia region – Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Korea and also from United Kingdom (don’t know how true is this). Everyone just wanna be there to show their support. After all, Nicholas has been nice to everyone. He’s easy going & always giving his best to anything.

I like his concert costumes very much. His costumes were so nicely design & with a lot of bling bling to add in effect when lighting shines on it. The stage was simple but yet presentable. Nothing too complicated. Everything is just nice coz after all the fans were there to see his great live performance.

Songs list:
1) 新歌試唱
2) 遊戲
3) Super Idol
4) 寂寞邊界
5) 重傷
6) 錯了再錯
7) 痛徹心扉+日日夜夜
8) Fly Me To The Moon
9) 王子
10) 孤獨探戈+忘記愛過(Cross Over)
11) 分手快樂
12) In Love With You(duet with 梁靜茹)
13) 崇拜(梁靜茹)
14) 我真的以為
15) 這首歌+陌路
16) Only One+Dream+Heart
17) 黃昏
18) 付出
19) 爸爸媽媽
20) 晚安寶貝
21) 北極星的眼淚
22) 如果
23) 錯愛
24) 只因為你
Encore :
25) 小烏龜(清唱)+就微笑了
26) 當你孤單你會想起誰

Reviewing on my KL trip 2008 (30th March 2008)

Today .. a tired day.. wat a day!!.. Wake up at about 7.30 am.. and have a bath and den.. headed for breakfast wif frens at about 10 am.. along Jalan Alor.. After that.. went to Pavillion to buy donuts.. wat donuts.. hehe of course Jco.. I had try many but still my love is JCo..

Nicholas teo.. concert mood is still uis still here.. and then hearde to Pearl Point to see Superstar.. A big disppointment.. Gary din appear.. haiz.. but sin Yin is here.. so taking Sin Yin Picture lo..

- Sin Yin the another host of Superstar-

- The top 10 Superstar-
After that.. went back to Pudu.. and trap in de station fr long long hours.. haiz.. Pollution.. and is full of CO ( Carbon Monosite) ish... i hate them and de bus is real late.. 6 pm... lucky it reach early to Penang .. but din stop in Sg Perak.. no more pomelo :( haiz.. next time no more Konsortium.. Plusliner or Nice is better :)
- the dirty and Poluted Bus station-
- The Raining Weather-
- The Ray of Lights passing Through-
- cant imagine.. is late and de toll is still jam up..-
Reaching Penang about 10.40 pm.. a tired journey.. but very nice concert i enjoyed :)

Reviewing on my KL trip 2008 (29th March 2008)

Nicholas Teo concert today.. wahaha.. my mood is swinging wif Nicholas teo songs and mind is jus palying some song from nicholas teo.. I love them so much... wat song are my mind playing.. various.. from 小乌龟 , 爸爸妈妈, 新歌试唱 and more.. cant wait to see him.. and this afternoon will be going to Submit USJ to see Gary Yap ... again.. hehe

Early morning, my bro send to the nearest KTM and then we headed to KL then.. we reach KL about 10 am.. and settled all the things that we have to ... then headed to Pavillion.. wat i did in Pavillion.. haha.. is jus my 2nd time to Pavillion.. not much shopping this time.. why? HURRY... to see Gary Yap.. wakakaka

Stop all the craps..em.. reaching there .. headed to basement and when walking around. as usual let me have one thing i wan... thats John King durian tart..isn't that taste nice.. is real nice.. will blog more on food.. in my food blog ya.. not here kua.. hehe..

And I spotted a watch...and buy dem fr my sis..is solviel titus..hehe.. bought fr her this watch.. and den headed to JCO.. and have my donuts.. I jus buy 1 cause will buy more tomoro.. bring back to Penang..keke..

- i bought de pinky one-

Meeting XY.. and her bf and have lunch in Sg Wang.. so i had wantan soup and a dessert fr lunch and den headed to the mall to see Gary Yap again.. This time he very .. a bit of cool.. din call him pretend dono.. haiz.. at last we call him as well.. and chatted wif him.. a while.. manage to get autograph from him and pictures.. will post more of the pictures in frenster.. not much here .. or perhaps later kua.. He posted a nice post fr us to take fr him.. haha.. cute him..

- Gary at Superstar in Submit USJ-
- Gary at Superstar in Submit USJ-
- Gary at Superstar in Submit USJ-
- Gary at Superstar in Submit USJ cute cute-
- Nice post Gary-
- Gary wif a smile and very cute-
- Me and Gary again..!!-

Then went jalan jalan along the mall.. and found out interesting stuff of wat i seen in Tv last few times ago.. will do it later in my blog again.. seems like i have many to talk in blogs right? yaya.. will and waill be more coming soon.. cause i am going to talk on nicholas teo concert la.. and ... more la.. and de upcoming food as well as my sabah travel.. hehe
I haven take de pic of my concert ticket yet.. before give dem... mus take pic first.. very very important one le...
- Nicholas Teo Concert Ticket-

So reaching bulit Jalil stadium at 6.30 and walking around the area.. wah.. so many people start line up di.. NICHOLAS i am COming!!!! haha.. and there are karoke room.. very pro le... can practice ur song befoe going in to sing wif nicholas teo.. wanna see de pic of the special KTV..haha

- Practice before de concert-
- The Crowd Waiting fr Nicholas Teo-

- While Waiting fr de concert Start-

The concert start at 8 pm.. and we can see.. de whole concert hall are filled wif luminous stick..and everyone started getting high when teh music started.. haha.. me to .. NIcholas started wif his new song.. and continuous wif more rock album.. 新歌试唱 ..then wif his usual .. soothing songs.. which captured many people heart.. and i really love it as well.. There goes Nicholas ICHIban Performance.. haha.. adn de concrt is very very WORTH...

- Nicholas Dance and Rock!!!-
- Super Idol Nicholas Teo-
- Nicholas.. is now singing and dancing.. cool-
- Wah.. nicholas..so Yeng!!-
- Nice Pose-
- Nicholas ... is so cute here-

and i will talk more on the concert .. nicholas cried.. and he is so cute.. and de concert ended wif the song 当你孤单你会想起述... will blog more on the concert..

After concert went to Jalan Alor fr makan.. eat wat BBQ chicken and leng zhi kang .. tats my dinner cum supper kua.. haha..dono.. i am too tired.. and have a nice sleep till 4 am..

Reviewing on my KL trip 2008 (28th March 2008)

Is a tiring trip for me to KL.. and i really haven been so so so tired...... Reaching Kl at bout 6 pm.. wah .. gosh .. KL is real jam.. was at the Pudu bus station.. and have drizzing rain.. Though the rain din stop.. but walk out of the bus.. and grab something to eat first.. wat is de first thing I took.. is Dunkin's Donut.. a chocolate mint Dunkins.. thats my diner till night..

- Dunkins donuts-

Haiz.. my fren rushing to see Superstar .. Gary Yap.. taking a taxi down to Shah Alam.. dat stupid driver cost me RM70 fr that journey ... oh gosh.. and been complaning from the start of the journey till the end.. haiz.. wats dis.. i pay the money some more dono the route.. need us to guide.. haiz... Reached there about 7.15 kua.. and den need to find de way to .. up stirs Sri Pentas.. em .. tat mall is in shah alam name "Alam Point" .. should be.. something like dat.. but real forgot.. and wats dere.. not much..

Superstar starts at 8 pm.. and we din see Gary... em.. is de recoding of Superstar that will be up in de show fr saturday and sunday.. so we went have see Gary Yap and his partner.. his appearance today.. em.. not really nice..gosh.. Ok.. let me introduce more things i did in KL.. watching superstar.. eeee.. dere u go.. de studio itself
- The Superstar Studio-

The studio not realy big as i was expecting it should be.. and de place is a bit small and like location was a bit blur lo.. em.. de recording was enjoyable.. Gary craps a lot.. he is real exciting and laugh a lot.. like children.. and talk many many stupid things as well.. i was laughing out and bursting out the laughter.. but de recording are not advisable to take video.. so.. i din take video.. jus bits of pictures.. :P.. no choice..

- The two host- Gary Yap and Sin Yin-

- cute Gary Yap-

- Gary Yap wif the other constestants-

is kinda tired.. after that.. have to rush home.. and went back by WC.. Thanks frens.. sorry fr disturbing u.. I owe u a makan.. when u in penang .. call me up.. take u fr a nice one.. he is really a great fren.. helping me out the journey.. thanks a lot.. much appreciated. Thanks to my cousin bro to lend a place to stay.. Thanks a million..

em.. cant have much sleep.. cause "kan cheong" wanna see Nicholas Teo concert.. haha.. isn't it so .. em.. dono also

Thursday, March 27, 2008

张靓颖 Jane Zhang 我走以后(After I Leave)

张靓颖 Jane Zhang 我们说好的(A Promise)



My Heart

The Attraction Of KL: KLCC


The Petronas Twin Towers (also known as the Petronas Towers or Twin Towers), in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia are the world's tallest twin buildings. They were the world's tallest buildings from 1998 to 2004 if measured from the level of the main entrance to the structural top, the original height reference used by the US-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat from 1969 (three additional height categories were introduced as the tower neared completion in 1996).

Eyes On Malaysia - a place not to be miss in KL



Eye on Malaysia is something similar to the London eye although it only last about 30 mn. Best time to go is in the evening as there is a beautiful laser and water show on display which kids and adults would love. Price is reasonable and the view is fantastic as its right beside a lake.


- The booth to buy the ticket-

My Love- Ipod.. accompanied me ...


My Love.. i never regret I bought this Ipod last year though they have released a new one.. which can see videos.. but this I-Pod... have accompanied me fr long distance travel.. pg, kl,perak, sabah.. on bus, flight and all.. Never regret ..

Penang- St Xavier Insitution


In 1787 SXI began as a Melayu Medium school, in a hut in a jungle clearing. In 1825, as an English medium school it was named St. Francis Xavier's Free School, and April 20th 1825, the de la salle Brothers took over the direction of the school and its 80 pupils. In 1857 it was relocated in a building 30x50 metres of Farquhar Street. The Island was pectiferous : the town unsanitary and the mortality high. But SXI was progressive, it entered its pupils for government scholarships for the prestigious Queen's Scholarships, and from 1892 for the Cambridge exams. The building was enlarge, and in 1900 the enrolment was over 400.
About 1900 on account of the tin miners, rubber estates and the Federated Malay States (FMS-Railway) Penang became an important port. Strict health regulations, the invention of motorcar, the need for rubber tyres and electricity, all these brought prosperity to Penang. SXI had over 1000 pupils, hygiene was a compulsory subject : pupils attended morning and afternoon sessions : and the building was an imposing edifice. The boarding department was flourishing, the school has a spacious playing field and a cadet CORP was formed. But in December 1941, SXI was bombed and ceased to function during the Japanese occupation years.
After the war, SXI was housed in huts on the school field pending the completion of the new building. The secondary had "forms" and the primary schools had "standards". SXI had its own laboratories and workshops : a canteen replaced the hawker system. The school uniform was compulsory, elaborate perfect and monitor system was established : school games and athletics were more organized. SXI had Form-6, and Bahasa Melayu became the medium of instruction. Xaverians are advance while the Xaverians of 1787 were isolated and the present SXI is in a concrete jungle no distance from anywhere.

Penang- Cathedral of the Assumption


Not long after Francis Light arrived on Penang Island in 1786, he sent for a community of Eurasians from a parish in Kuala Kedah to be settled in Penang. The community was made up of descendants of European settlers who had intermarried with the Burmese and Siamese. Due to political prosecution, they had moved away from Phuket and resettled in Kedah. (Perhaps, Light's empathy for the plight and identity of these descendants may be due to him being associated with a lady of Thai-Portuguese descent?).

The Church of Assumption was so named because the first group of Roman Catholics landed in Penang on the eve of the Feast of Assumption. In 1955, the church status was raised to the status of a Cathedral of the diocese of Penang.

St George Church - Penang


At the corner of Lebuh Farquhar and Jalan Mesjid Kapitan Keling, the historic church, named after a patron saint of England, is reportedly the oldest Anglican church in Malaysia. Built by convicts, it has been faithfully holding services since its conception in 1818. The grand Francis Light memorial that rests in front of the church is a reflection of Penang's tribute to Francis Light, who established the island as an English settlement in 1786. Stroll the grounds and if you're lucky, then you might just hear strains of the church choir practising. English services are held on Sundays at 8.30am.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The forgotten One

It was suppose to be
a day of surprises and delight
a day filled with well-wishes
a day showered with love and happiness

But it turned out to be
a day she wished it would be forgotten
a day where she was filled with shattered hope
a day for her to reflect back on how his life has been to her

The insignificance shown to her is very hard to bear
never had she felt so much grief inside her
but all she can do was to show a weak smile
amid the crowd around her

She was forgotten
even by her closest people and pals
her only solace was her bed
trying to stop the tears from flowing

What has her life become?
was it her to blame for being unknown?
for being naive?
for being a quiet and phlegmatic person?

It struck her hard
and it made her even more determined
to search for inner peace
for inner freedom
by letting go whatever she’s clinging on to

Letting go does not seem to be that hard anymore
since the day she was forgotten
she has little regret
for it was them whom has shown how insignificant she is
to this world, to this life and to this passing moments

Time will tell what destiny she will choose
time will give her space to heal
time will let impermanence show itself
time will make her strong again
to face the wicked truth

Easter Egg.. wats my personality?

What Your Easter Egg Says About You

You are cheerful, friendly, and open minded.

You do your best to make sure everyone is happy, including yourself.

Empathy comes easily to you. You are very forgiving.

You don't hold grudges. You easily forget about any negativity in your life.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So Much of Loneliness - Nicholas Teo

Illuminating Arbutin Essence Mask by Elianto

- Illuminating Arbutin Essence Mask-

I've always on the look out for sheet mask that does their job well and does not feel greasy or oily after application and this mask that I'm going to review fits my requirement. :D

According to the website, it is said to help to clarify uneven skin tone and lighten spots, fine lines leaving skin smoother, fairer and younger looking.

The mask isn't too big and neither it is too small for my face, fits just nicely. The scent is quite light, so I'm quite alright with it. Essence wise is just enough, no dripping or any sloppiness I've experienced with other sheet mask (will write a review about it later), and the best part is that you can place a cotton pad inside the mask's package and you can use it on your neck as a neck mask. :P

After application, skin is brighter and smoother with only a slight stickiness is felt after application. Usually I tend not to apply any moisturizer after using sheet mask as it will feel very greasy and oily, but I decided to give another try and boy was I suprised!

The essence and moisturizer sinks into the skin very quickly. Although there was a slight stickiness upon application, the stickiness dissappears and the skin feels smooth and well moisturize but it doesn't feel greasy or oily.

I think this is a good mask for days when you need an extra boost before attending important events or wanting to look at your best for those special days :P

This is a keeper till I find something else better! :D

Price:Rm 6-RM 8

Green Tea.. a weight loss sollution?

Antioxidant in Green Tea Benefits Weight Loss

Green Tea Weight Loss,Green tea epigallacatechin gallate ( The compound known as EGCG ), a key element in polyphenol antioxidant contained in green tea, benefits weight loss by helping the body burn fat. A study in Switzerland found drinking the equivalent of 2-3 cups of green tea daily caused the participants to burn 80 extra calories each day, without increasing their heart rates and factoring out the tea's caffeine content.

Other More Key Benefits of Green Tea Besides Weight Loss

Polyphenols are a group of naturally occurring plant chemicals with very high antioxidant potential. Antioxidants are substances that protect the body from free radicals, which are special molecules and fragments of molecules that can damage your body from a cellular level.
Free radicals hurt the body by making you more vulnerable to degenerative diseases like cancer and heart disease.
Antioxidants help by deactivating the free radicals and minimizing the amount of damage they have done or will do.

The many health benefits of green tea, all of which have been demonstrated in scientific studies,include

-Cancer protection.
-Cholesterol reduction.
-Blood pressure reduction.
-Antibacterial and antiviral activity .
-Protection against radiation.
-Reduction of body fat.
-Reduction of blood sugar .
-Polyphenols, High Richest in Green Tea Beverage.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dim Sum @ Abu Siti Lane

Early morning today, we take dim sum.. it has been quite a while not taking yummy dim sum.. and today my dad suggested to have de dim sum at Abu Siti Lane behind the RED ROCK Hotel.. is a kind of take yourself..so we had not much.. as I cant take much during morning.. so I din take a lot today.


- See how many buzzing and makan Dim sum dere-

Is really a lot of people makan dim sum dere.. as it is not really expensive and it is nice.. So, we went today to try them.. and eat not much.. So, lets see.. what are there in de restorant..Too many people unable to take many pictures..on the food .. so is just i can take some of it..

IMG_2049 IMG_2048


- Different types of Dim Sum-

Lets see.. wat my dad take and ordered.. we din ordered much.. so we have the crab meat siu mai, HK Prawn chee cheong fun, Ha Kau and more.. and there are also many more like Shark Fin soup and Egg Tart..

IMG_2050 IMG_2051

IMG_2052 IMG_2053

IMG_2056 IMG_2057

IMG_2061 IMG_2055

- The yummy food of the day-

Overall the food is great as it is not all consist of pork and the taste is also ICHIBAN.. I jus don really like de shark fin soup.. as it doen't taste yummy at all.. I jus love all de yummy dim sum.. :P.. Try them.. Its open daily in the morning fr de dim sum.. and is usually pack during weekends.. There goes de map..