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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Soya Bean Good and Bad..

All of us know that soyabean drink provides good protein to our body... but many of us don ' t know that there are certain days we should avoid drinking it.

Soya bean drinks are best consumed on hot sunny days when the sun is strong. The soya milk will give lots of nutrients to the body as the body is able to absorb the protein well.

However, avoid the drink when the weather is cloudy or raining. Taking the drink in that weather, the body will not be able to take in the protein and will result in a disease called ?GOUT? or ' high acidic urine ' due to the high protein residue in the body, after a long run.

This disease will cause pain to your knee joints and it will only be in control when you control your food intake of proteins and medication. The pain is unbearable and usually you will have no idea what you have taken to cause the pain. Food like soya beans, anchovies, broccoli, spinach, peanuts, & n esp animal organs ( i.e. pork liver) etc will have to be avoided to prevent the pain from attacking.

Sharing The RiGhT TEA

Are you drinking the right tea?

1. People who use their ' brain ' to work or students who study hard day and night.
--- Should drink more Chrysanthemum Tea.

2. People who need a lot of body energy to work or those people who exercise a lot everyday..
--- Should drink Wu Loong Tea.

3. People who travel on a bike or work in dirty and polluted places.
--- Should drink Green Tea.

4. For people who like to sit down all day long and not do anything, even exercising

--- Must drink Green Tea and Flower Tea.

5. People who smoke and drink a lot of alcoholic drinks.
--- Should drink more Green Tea.

6. Carnivore (i.e. People who must eat meat at least once a day, or feel sickly)
--- Try to drink some Wu Loong Tea.

7. People who go to the washroom too often or not often enough.
--- Should drink more Honey Tea

8. People with high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
--- Wu Loong Tea, Green Tea.

9. Those who work with computers everyday.
--- Need to drink a Lotof Tea (any tea will do)..

Whenever you are working with the computer, you should make some tea; drink it when you are free.

Drinking Tea is healthy, it can protect and prevent the harmful Ultraviolet light from harming us (when using computer).

Furthermore, it can also relief us when we are tired and help make our body feel fresh again


Saturday, October 24, 2009

A night with Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Last week, at last we had a chance for a movie in GSC. We went for a cartoon 3D mojavascript:void(0)vie which is Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs.

It is the world's first ever animated disaster movie comes to the big screen when an outcast inventor creates a machine that rains food on his hungry town and gets the attention of the girl he's always loved. Intoxicated by the love and validation he receives, he goes too far with his machine: the falling food gets dangerously out of control, he loses the girl, and he has to set things right to win her back.

is very nice movie which i don think is bored.. and is nice as well. A lot much more recommended. For better effect, you can go fr 3D.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Malaysian-Chinese actor-singer Nicholas Teo completed his second round of album promotions two weeks ago. He was supposed to be given two-weeks of leave from his company and originally wanted to take the opportunity to visit his relatives and rest in his hometown during the break.

A few days ago, Nicholas started to feel unwell and weak and thought that they were just symptoms of the common cold. He underwent blood tests on Thursday last week and his liver was discovered to be infected with a virus. According to the medical reports, the viral infection in Nicholas's liver has reached a high and dangerous level causing him to feel weak..

The 28-year-old singer was originally supposed to fly down to Guangzhou on the 16th to continue with his album promotions. A specialist forbade the singer from traveling and ordered him to remain under hospital observation for the next seven to 10 days to prevent his liver from getting further infected. Hospital personnels have began treatment procedures for the singer and have controlled and prevented his condition from worsening.

Nicholas underwent a series of ultrasound scans and blood tests on the 16th as doctors advised that it was necessary to find out the cause of his condition before they can administer the appropriate medication. They cited that overworking was one of the main reasons which led to a deterioration of health.

Worried fans of the singer have expressed their concern via Nicholas's official website. The singer has also reassured fans through the media and said, "I will get better, it is nothing, don't worry!"


sources from: LIFETV

"get well soon"

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009


  • External Hard Disk
  • Zooooooom Lenses

Monday, October 05, 2009

Amazing Malacca Trip ( 29 AuGust 2009)

This is a wonderful back dated post which i should review earlier but i don have much time on my reviews to Malacca which this is one of the UNESCO small ship town which i been during my birthday. Is actually my birthday wish to go to Melaka .. and dear had granted and fulfill the wonderful trip

We make our journey there about 2 hours from KL to reach the historical city and there we step into the UNESCO town. So, what should we have is the parking ticket in this town in order to prevent us for kena saman.. hahhaa... and there's our precious ticket .. isn't that so...

I can say is not the same as in Penang as we are using the small little cute machines or human parking .. hahha.. and this is not much too convienient as we went up and down to find where to purchase them...
Walking down the streets we saw this cute beautiful trishaw...where it is for rental to sit. This is different from Penang style trishaw where this is more nice and beautiful.. added in this is incredible expensive travelling in this trishaw. It is RM 40 per person per hour.. but you can see the synery nd the town.
Here comes more trishaw... and there are all standard colors and pattern as well...

There is also a long river along the town which connects two small places of the town.. We need to snap the photo of this as in history book.. this river is VIR ( very Important River) :P ..
Melaka River is a river which flows through the middle Malacca Town in the Malaysian state of Malacca. It was once an important trade route during the heyday of Malacca Sultanate in the 15th century. It has lost most of this function in the present and is a mere tourist attraction

Other than that, we indeed snap the picture of the historical town which is actually like i been back to 20 years ...
The strets and the houses was indeed red.. i can say is a red red town.. like very very Chinese New Year feel.. and the town is extremely clean i can say..
In front of the Christ Church, there is a beautiful nice water shot and is so cooling under it.. and t this is pretty can say .. a landmarked of the state itself..

See how beaurtiful the shot of water

This church is pretty historical.. and there you can see... here.. so whats the history of this church?
The church was constructed in 1753, the structure reflects original Dutch architecture. The building houses hand-crafted church benches, jointless ceiling skylights, a copper replica of the Bible, a headstone written in the Armenian language, and a replica of "The Last Supper".
As at there, we spotted the beautiful tower which is around Red Square The beautiful square around Christ Church and the Stadhuys. On this square you will find the Tang Beng Swee Clock Tower, it looks Dutch, but it is not. It was built in 1886.

We managed to spot more nice places in Melaka which is much really attractive.. and really an adventure..

- There goes to another part of the town-
Besides we venture to places like normal usual historical dutch wall and portugese wall which is used to protect the settlement last time. .. and is similar to the one in Penang which is the Esplanade.. or Fort Cornwallis which is built by the British
- Both me and dear posting in the war place-
On the way to Jonker Street, we pass through the river - malacca river and we take the second shot of the town itself

Transnational BUs

Transnational bus service is not bad. Puctuality wise is not as punctual as Plusliner.. and what I don really like is they stop in Pudu Raya.
Safety wise is still ok

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Flowers@ Kim Gary, The Curve

While having my meal in Kim Gary at the Curve, I spotted this nice flower.. which I quickly take up my dear’s birthday gift for me- Canon 100D for a shotting.. and here it goes…..

Pavillion Raya Mood

This year seems a year of not a much celebration even though is going to be Raya and a just pass Merdeka (which is called the Malaysia National Day or Independence Day) . Perhaps due to H1N1, a lot of people are more caution on their health and less going out to Malls and jalan jalan. As so, we went to Pavillion.. but seems like not much decoration as per the last few years I came. And maybe is due to economic slowdown as well. These are some pictures we took during our visit in Pavillion and we are able to see the SKII promotion as well.