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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thaipussam day ( 09 Feb 2009)

A day which is kinda unforgettable.. at last we make the decision to move to Kelana Jaya.!!!! at last we make dem… hahahhaha… and a day I pass the Valentine chocolate as well a valentine card for Gary Yap!! and he is real cute .. hahaha..

8th Feb 2009

This is the Bak Kut Teh where a day I need to wake up early for the BKT.. haha.. having my sleepy face.. carol took a picture of me with the tired look as well a sleepy look which is not acceptable.. wif out any make up and all.. isn’t that the worst face I ever had .. posting with the cup of tea leh? I am still wondering and that’s how the post it.

Let me take de picture of the BKT we ate..and we ask dem to add soup as well. delicious.. oishi.. for morning BKT.

The BKT today is a bit down grade and a bit salty.. and we din go along Klang actually.. just to have BKT and then to Mid Valley straight away. hahaha.. and that’s another shopping place which I usually attend to when in KL and is my usual destination for shopping lol. It will be in Mid Valley .. since is valentine season, u can see a lot of soft toys as well as decorations of hearts and love all around… but wat my eyes catching me is this one- de Forever friends teddy bears which really captured me a lot

- it is inside a cube with cute bears and there are different sizes of them.. It really make me so happy and without any hesitation .. isn’t that bear bear so cute!!! cant imagine if I can hug it daily… hehehehe..

That’s the cutie I love the most :P.. after this, went to have my early dinner in chopstick and then send carol mum to Pudu to take the bus back Kuantan and that’s a day. Yeah!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

7th feb 2009- a shopping spree

A shopping spree for me.. and I got another mini mattress to have a better sleep at night. Shopping again for the day.. Plans had been up where we had been in a shopping spree in town today. From malls to malls we had been walking and eating.. we had makan and makan non stop as well as to shop as well.. Carol mum bought a sport shoes and many other things from Petaling Street and I never thought that the piracy that they make is really look alike. gosh .. that’s really incredible.. wakakkaa.. and a eatng spree where we cover from Bukit Bintang to Imbi.. wakakka

and that’s a shopping spree for a day…

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

KL Life – Feb week 1 ( 06 Feb 2009)

Work in the office is getting hectic and I am handling more and more accounts daily .. and can say I have lots to do now .. blogging had been lesser and lesser as the internet line in old klang road kinda slow.. so u wont see me in msn at nite as usual when I am in Penang,.. good news is I will be shifting to kelana jaya next month and hope the internet line dere is better than here.. may this helps and will see me online again.

Em.. for this whole month, I had one word to say which is busy.. had been busy with lots of events and things about the whole month and have been fighting for more time for me to rest and blog.. but looks like fail like dat.. hahaha

in this month my schedule is kinda pack… the week started with my trip to NZS- Niu Cher Zhui which is located in Ara Damansara. This trip is really enjoying.. is a place to go wif ur love one.. haha.. as well as frens.. if u love Disney characters I think u would like this place… I went there kinda late tat day and does not have much to eat.. furthermore.. as I am suffering from my horrible first time gastric pain.. wat I want is just sometime to eat to ease de pain.. though is not really as easy as is it… ended up went there to take some Chinese restaurant food.. no spicy food for me as well as no sushi for me.. and that’s horrible.. I dono wat to take except for this rice set which is the sweet and sour fish set and a hot milo.. though after the dinner should be turn fine, but it doesn’t and it did spoil my mood a bit.. but not wasting the chance, I still post and snap pictures.. or not will seems will regret lo.. lol.. There is an enterance fee to enjoy the Disney light and then u can buy the things with the coupons as well. Is kinda fun and nice in NSZ..

this is the valentine feel of the picture WC took for me.. but still ok huh.. natural?? so after this me and carol post in this cute MINI car which is on the restaurant itself which is quite nice and cozy.. feel like going there again… but thinking of the public transport available there but I wasn’t too sure on this .. need to get more info on that then.. haha..

We also post inside there and snap picture of the place itself .. if using DSLR camera the effect will be nicer haha.. but is a pity … I don have it yet. so that’s my aim.. or maintain my current camera leh?? haha.. I am still in de dilemma. .. oh ya, there u can see all de characters from mickey, Winnie de pooh, and all de Disney cute character can be seen dere.. so cutie cutie wan ya.. :P

After the NSZ, me, WC, Carol and her mum went for HK Wong Kok Char chan Teng.. but don look nice and oishi.. I jus have a cup of hot chocolate which is kinda nice .. but not much things to eat.. WC order the mango delight which looks nice and taste nice.. but I could not take dem.. since have a bad gastric that day.. gosh.. that’s horrible.. that’s teach me make sure I eat if I am hungry now.. haha.. see how nice is de oishi mango drink..

That’s a day.. which is one of tired days I had tat day.. and ended up be piggy at 2 am.. hahahha.

Friday, February 20, 2009

CNY Album – Featuring Rynn Lin

Overall the first song is nice nia.. others not much lo.. I still prefer the 8TV CNY song more.. ahhaa.

Monday, February 16, 2009

KL Life Month 3

KL life … is already not much problem for me.. and I am quite ok now wif the KL Life.. the travel tme, being inside sardine.. and all. is a life which I lead in this 3 months and that’s incredible.. and shopping mall for me is no longer my interest .. as here there is too many to c and shop .. and now I more prefer to be at home or staying down to learn the craft works.. which I think that’s my new hobby in KL.. I am trying next few month on book scraping which I think is kinda fun …

Suddenly wat I think is here is kinda lonely .. frens do accompany .. but not always as well.. jus wondering if there is anything for nme which is worth to go and do .. and I am thinking … travellin is no longer in my mood now adays.. and my plan to few places will be cancel for this year .. jus hoping have more time to back Penang at this moment rather than travel..

Sometimes, I dono why .. things doesn’t turn out wat it should be .. many guys say I need money to have a gf.. wat is a gf do wif money ??? huh?? Are dey thinking love is calculated by money?? again?? haiiz… jus think wat is needed … *#@%&*%&!!!*

em.. stop thinking of this useless “PHRASE”, PAM???? wake up!! don think anymore on this ?? Work now is kinda ok now.. and here is fine .. colleague here is nice as well … and i really enjoyed working here.. J .. OH YA, I am movin liao… be moving again this time.. 2 Kelana Jaya @ PJ… hahahaha.. at last ….. I am in PJ…

Friday, February 13, 2009

SOny Ericson C905

Sony Ericsson blurs the line between a full-featured smartphone and a basic phone and comes away with positive results. and this had attracts me the most …

Not saying on other things, C905 has everything most smartphones come with these days — support for HSDPA, Bluetooth, GPS and even WiFi, together with the applications that take advantage of the hardware.

On top of that, the C905 is also a Cyber-shot branded Sony Ericsson phone and comes with a whopping 8.1-megapixel autofocus digicam with a Xenon flash built in.

The nifty sliding mechanism of the Sony Ericsson C905 always sits flush with the rest of the phone’s body, minimising the chances of the cover catching against something in your pocket. When you consider just what Sony Ericsson has managed to pack in, it’s actually relatively small compared to most of the competition, and as you’ll soon see, this phone has a few little tricks up its sleeve as well.

The package

The C905 has quite a number of accessories packed into the box. Apart from the phone, charger and ubiquitous wired headset, you get a USB sync cable and a USB card ­reader for the Memory Stick Micro card.

All in all, a pretty good bundle.

As far as the phone functions go, the C905 is no slouch and comes with everything you’d expect from a high-end phone — HSDPA, UMTS 2100, quad-band GSM and of course support for Bluetooth headsets, etc. Call quality was good and the speakerphone function is louder and clearer than on my now aging K618i.

The C905 is a reasonably fast phone in terms of menu response — it’s not the fastest, but certainly faster than on smartphones with true operating systems. Response times are quite ­satisfactory to me and require only one or two button clicks to get to the SMS application or call and contact lists.

As I mentioned before, one thing that the C905 is not lacking is in hardware features and this deserves quite a bit of looking at.

First off, the C905 has built-in A-GPS that comes with both Google Mapsand a trial version of Wayfinder Navigatorwhich offers voice turn-by-turn navigation.

Next up is WiFi — on the ­hardware front, the WiFi on the phone works extremely well and seamlessly ­transfers between WiFi hotspots and 3G/HSDPA when you’re surfing.

The C905 produces perfectly usable pictures and is actually not bad for a phone, although as expected, ­cramming 8.1-million pixels into a sensor smaller than your thumbnail produces an image with a lot of obvious noise reduction.

While I would have liked more control of the ISO settings, the camera itself does automatically increase the ISO when shooting in low light conditions.

The Xenon flash works well and exposures were generally spot on when the flash is on.
As for GPS and the 8.1-megapixel camera well that’s just the icing on the cake. and that’s my next aim

Friday, February 06, 2009


jus another day past, step into month 3 of my working life in kl.. isn’t that fast… I am now trying my best to get used to de environment of KL as well as … my working life here..everything here is real nice and enjoyable.. this month I think I won be able 2 back Penang as no holiday fr the month. So will be staying in KL and walk around.. Maybe will plan fr a visit to 牛车水 as well as the Aquarium KLCC for this month. Others I don think so since is the first week only.. need to save some money also ma..

I really love dell services and is extremely good.. I purchased my laptop with 3 years complete cover which satisfy me a lot.. no regret as they do the best part to help me in getting my laptop in best order and really satisfying me. What was so great about this is they will come and get my laptop on the day and get it done and day end.. gosh.. absolutely good … and today I am getting a new green skin fr my laptop from Dell as I could not change the color. wat can I do .. is just change to a new skin which is FOC. If going to purchased.. then will cost me more that wat it should be.

So, thos week I am in KL maybe see to walk around the corner here in KL

Me @ Ikea…

I am at Ikea at last after wanted to go dere for so long … which is in Bandar Utama. .. din buy anything much but just went for a walk walk and playing around. Here me posing my self at the softtoys corner @ Ikea.

Me @ Ikea…

I am at Ikea at last after wanted to go dere for so long … which is in Bandar Utama. .. din buy anything much but just went for a walk walk and playing around. Here me posing my self at the softtoys corner @ Ikea.

Me @ Ikea…

I am at Ikea at last after wanted to go dere for so long … which is in Bandar Utama. .. din buy anything much but just went for a walk walk and playing around. Here me posing my self at the softtoys corner @ Ikea.