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Friday, November 30, 2007

28-29 Nov- Tse Guan Visit to Penang

Haven been writting my diaries a long time di.. life is still de same.. everythin is still the same as it was.. and on 28.11.2007.. Guan arrival to Penang.. is already quite late. Having makan and a round along Gurney and some other mini places along Pulau Tikus.. i den send him for a rest as i think he don have enough of rest as well.
Next day.. calling him up , having breakfast and bringing him along the town as well as Gurney Plaza.. dono why we can spend in MPH about 1 hour looking at books.. haha... and i understand the concepts of many new stuff in comp sc that i had never hear before and new programming language.. now i learn.. then we go along the town .. where we went to different places in the town for a round and den headed to Island Plaza as well . I really haven been dere a long long time liao and manage get a birthday present fr a fren.
Next stop will be at the Park Royal Hotel.. which i haven been i think many many years back.. de last time i went BFeringgi is wif Chun for de BBQ and apartment stay.
Went to listen conference.. learned a lot on wat realli master conf is .. and many things.. so is a credit to attend...Then had dinner wif him as well as my family and went back home after sending him of the bus station.

The pictures taken : http://www.esnips.com/web/TseGuanConferenceInPenang-29112007/

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Cameron Highlands Trip

A long time .. vacation.. nearly about half a year ago.. a trip not long I join in Agilent.. is a trip to Perak.. Waking up earli in the morning after a week of busy meetings and busy week.. i had ... and is a time fr relaxation... perhaps it should be de way of being to relax after a tired moment of life.. i hope is an enjoyable trip..hehe

This trip have been to few places from the tea plantation to the cactus valley and more ... but is a nice trip.. cause we can be more close to each other as well as we can be close frens after this.. we don know each other well but with this trip .. we understand each other and build the bound of frenship.. thats the treasure of this trip and tats the best part of life.... thats the moment of treasure in life is knowing new frens.. thats the best part. This trip also let me have an enjoyable moment of snapping pictures..

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Love Life

Love.. some people say love need to be together having something together..but are there something indifferent that this..??

For me... maybe i have been through the hardship of love.. being in my happiest moment like dancing in the heavan and lastly being in de hell like hanging half way but i cant give up my last breath.. For me.. love is something that is not under control

To love someone is wifout a reason thats true love.. When u find a reason to love a guy, i don think thats true love.. Reasons are part of life an excuse to give when you need to give... i never think of loving a guy for his wealth.. as i know wealth cant bring happiness...and love and care.. I might be wrong in some circumstences.. but for me a true love .. a love wif out a condition or reason .. is when you find urself comfortable wif him.. having him is like u get the whole world out of it.. thats where you find true love is..

Having to love a person, i had understand today wats the feeling is.. where no matter he is or not wif you.. u will be dere for him.. hoping and praying everything goes well for him... Though u can see him, touch him, hear from him.. u don't get a pinch of feeling from him.. but loving him is by the heart .. as long as u did something that is worth for both of u.. the care you gave.. and u have gave him de best thats enough...thats worth a million.. to love someone is not having him.. but now i understand is seeing him happily dere.. wif smile and everything is fine.. i would be happy.. Many say i might be stupid.. but if life is not the things of calculating or getting a calculation out it.. If everythin can be count that not love, that will be business...

26 Nov 2007- Stiching

Today.. work as usual .. in office is mosli office work need to be done.. as usual lo.. and back home and went to Qbay Mall... Went to buy the stuff for card making.. hope it turns up nice.. HoPe... dono le..
Starting to do some stiching... but it don appear like wat i expects .. maybe my knitting skill is not that good yet.. dono.. maybe... i hope i can complete a christmas card soon.. hope that it will turn up to be a nice 1..
i need to get christmas gift for my frens... dono wat to get .. no idea of that.. Why i am virgo.. perfectionist ..even buying 1 thing i need to think how suitable this fr him or fr her.. wat should i get fr her and him .. no idea.. i have made a scaft fr him.. but dono wat is good fr him as well... should i add something fr him.. dono. i am still thinkin and planning..
Hope all can be settled by this week lo

Monday, November 26, 2007

2007:- My Hometown Penang trip

Though this trip is very long ago and it has been months already but still i wanna put in to say i had been to round the small island :) this year...Though is a company trip.. it is a fun trip indeed as we really enjoy and snap many many many pictures... and our relationship is getting better as well as we understand each other better as well..

This trip is a short one though jus an afternoon to night trip but we have been to not many places..but nice one.. from wat chayamangkalaram, gurney plaza.. as well as having nice food.. From this trip, i found the meaning of photo snapping that maybe in my life i really hate taking pictures..

A pictures means a million.. the memory, the laughter, the people that had been along with you.. the road we been, the smiles we share.. the cried as well as everything ... I get a touch of photos... watching you grow .. from day one till now.. capturing something that is hard to say in words... looking on the life of every people in the world... remembering the frens.. that had beenn in the route wif you.. the meaning of A-Z.

So, from today, i will i will snap more pictures and remembering each events in words... so i will never forget u .. cause i know brain cells dies.. when i am getting older.. But frens i promise, words wif you, laughter that been written and shots we took will be remain in my brain...my memory, my blogs, my photo albums as well as my diary from today onwards.. i promise

MY Wish List

Things/ Products

  • Camera- Thinking wanna have Canon Powershot 570 or Nikon ???( At last got it.. Powershot 570i) - Got them already ... :)
  • Facial Package: where ...em.. LD, New York , or Nardia ( LD confirm)
  • Leon's Drama: Good morning SIR
  • A big teddy... - Nice one- but not big enough
  • Little Car- Kelisa? Kancil? VivA? Or MyV?
  • PSP ( Sony Playstation - Pink Color)
  • Laptop.. maybe Dell Pink color one

Vacation Wish

  • Hong Kong trip
  • Johor
  • Sabah:meetin frens, juniors, lecturers and coursemate (went on 3-6 APRri 2008)

  • Sarawak :meeting coursemates and frens

  • KL: To meet coursemate (Going there SOON- Planning 16 NOV) - Done at last, fail meet many

  • Pahang: meetin my room mates

  • LangKaWi

  • PeraK- real nice hol wif frens and coursemates dere
  • Taiwan- Alishan.. :)
  • China - Beijing, Shanghai, Xiangmen

Artist that I dream to see...

  • Leon Lai
  • Nicholas Teo : saw him 3 times ( 3 album Promo) ( went his concert de)

  • Rynn Lim : saw him in Sony Cybershot promo..Gurney Plaza

  • K.Liang : Saw Him Makan Makan ..and in Penang concert ( FOC)

  • Pin Kuan : Saw Him Makan Makan .. and Wu Ge Ziu Yau Promo
  • Janice Wei ( a yes or No)- concert on 1st MAy
  • Bosco Wong:- Saw In Gurney - Kim Gary
  • Myolie Wu- Saw In Gurney- TVB Artist as well as in Qbay and Sunshine Farlim
  • Gary Yap- Gurney Promo.. Restart Album..and saw him few times de


  • Will be kept in my mind .. cause money can't buy dem...
  • i hope he is happy and enjoy his work, take good care of his health. Hope his career is good and successful.. Gambate..

  • Able to complete my learning in knitting -complete a very nice scaft for him

  • To join UNICEF.. hopefully give me 5 years...

24-25 November2007- spend too much...

24th Nov- last year this day ...i am happy the most happiest day in my life but today ... is not.. no longer having the happiest moment of my life.. smile no longer exist.. jus a smile fr photos.. 24 th November... i went to not much places ... jus Gurney Plaza and also Qbay Mall.. Jus this 2 mall.. i spend a lot.. but i also dono wat i am buying nor wat i am spending in... jus know i spend a lot.. luckily din swap credit card..
Er.. Jus Memory Lane alone i had spend over that RM 40 wif the photos that taken to develop already i am not mistaken...already RM 60.. isnt that over spend.. i plan to get more stuff but makan and everything aladi RM 50.. no money liao... and went to Qbay and there i hada spend RM 50 i think for all the photo album and etc... jus like dat.. dono why i can be a big spender in Penang but not in KL?? * weird**
In KL everyone spend a lot but fr me ... in Penang.. KL...er din buy much.. my spnding on my own not even RM 50 i think.. jus on food more.. and buying gift fr frens... thats the failure out of it... haiz......

25 Nov 2007.. same as usual.. mood will never been good.... up and downs ever since last year... many things change,,,life.. staying @ home.. eat and sleep as usual.. thats usual thats my choice of life....... hope everything is better next year...according to Lilian Tok book ... on astrology ...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

23 November 2007- UnKnown

Life is not easy... i dono why...
i feel like is the end of the world.. i feel like all is not as wat i wan..
i am tired.. really tired.

Friday, November 23, 2007

22.11.07- Bored and undescribe

Jus a simple word.. to describe.. life today besides working cant be describe... still in de dilema.. dono.. as well as tooo.. bored.. and eat and sleep

Thursday, November 22, 2007


em.. sad sad sad.. no other words to describe ever since i came from kl.. i dono ... maybe i wan to prevent or perhaps i don plan to face them... other than work, eat and sleep... i totally don wan to do any thing ....

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

20.11.2007- prevention

Will things get better or will i forget him... it has been so long but for me... i am still living in the world that is wif him.. i really hope all this is true.. i realli hope i can see him again.. i hope .. i hope all comes well fr both of us.. will dere?
i dono if i am right or not ? i dono if i can still live like this.. i dono.. i really cant find an answer fr my self.. met guan but de feeling all has gone... do not have feelings on him di.. we r now like bro and sis more or jus best fren.. no others..
and when i called him.. i still love him.. de feeling of love is still dere... at today.. as usual.. my life is jus in 3 words... work n sleep..
slept after work till de mor

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

19.11.2007- sleep

life .. back to work.. but jus half day.. and rest of the day.. will be sleeping.. sleep the whole day not thinking on all the things.. other than sleep i dono wat can i do.. so sleep ..
i slept from about 1pm till the next morning 6.40.. i don wan to think nor i don wanna face all of this..

Monday, November 19, 2007

15-18 Nov: My Journey Pg- Kl

complication of life.. needs to take a break out of it.. is a matter now already.. i cant really concentrate already.. taking a break will a good choice of my life.. i also dono will it be something that will happen or maybe days will be better to pass..

15 Nov- a day that i need complete all my task as need to get on for the holiday.. Back to work and do the task... as well as uploading songs to my IPOD.. uploading up to 1.2G of songs..into the ipod.. and hopefulli have more things to buy and things...to see... er.. sleep not that earli but jus have chat wif frens as well as well as going buying things fr the vacation use.. not reallly many things 2 buy jus a bottle of mineral water nia..

16 Nov- wake up earlier and went to bus station.. 7.30 am.. gosh.. is sleepi fr me.. is a damn sleepi but is not that easy to sleep but jus looking around in the bus... and the places wif the ipod stucking on my ears fr the whole trip... wat i did in the bus.. taking pictures of places around.. i am not on photography mood in putting them into my life.. to maintain memories that i haven done.. and forget...i dono.. i make photography now is the point where i keep up my days and written up and seal up... will never forget..
Being to KL as usual .. but mosli wif plane not bus... is quite a tiring and bored journey.. jus have a need to sleep but cant.. so all along taking up to 6 hours to reach KL... So, once reach need to figure the way to meet carol in Time Square.. dono is it Imbi or Bkt. Bintang.. is a mistake i make.. but finally got to it and checking the hotel at Jalan Alor... a food paradise in KL.. but fr me.. er.. Pg food is better.. So, the journey begins where it starts wif Sg Wang and to Low Yatt.. and going to KLCC.... and snapping in KL...Then waiting my frens in KLCC.. and we went to de eyes on Malaysia.. the nice and wonderful view....and den went to have a bit round to places in KL..

17 Nov 2007;is a journey tiring one.. hotel food taste yaks... and ended went out fr breakfast.. went to Petaling street and other places today.. Petaling street... and den.. to Sg Wang and then...to Time Square and then wait Guan at Sg Wang... as well...from dere we went to KL sental and to Mid Valley.. fr the gathering.. some din came but is ok.. we have more chance gua...
Comin is weng ing.. Guan... W.chuin, tes and also Yen Tatt..
though not many.. but is still an enjoyable chat we can keep in touch wif dem'
- thanks frens-

18 nov in kl.. meeting my manager Nikki.. at pavillion :) thanks to her fr the yummy food in Pavilion at Madam Kwan.. is nice food.. and had a long chat wif her,
Reaching Penang at bout 9pm... tired..

Attached the link: http://www.esnips.com/web/MyKLTrip16-18Nov2007 .. thats where i been to KL and the pictures are dere...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

14.11.2007- Maths.. oops

Holiday comig soon. Life yesterday was kinda busy but is stil ok.. dono le.. the whole day veli veli busy. Back home do maths and maths.. wah i nearli forget all liao but still can manage la.. hehe

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

11 and 12.11 2007- ipod

Last two days, busy with jobs as there are lots to do.. and life isn't get easy... when u wanna earn money.. and days is getting busy. Still have time to chat wif frens and gettin to contact them as well.. as my days are pack.

Last two days being busy to complete up the assignment and request as well.. but for me .. i really hope to be busy as i can put more time in work.. and try to fill up the gaps i am thinking

last 2 days, i am busy wif doing handy craft and also to complete the assignment and uploading new songs to my IPod.. going kl and be bored... cause need to take up to 4-6 hoours of bus.. haix.. but meeting frens will be de priority ..

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Sat life.. em.. dono wat to say?? this sat ,.. went redeem de points fr bonus link .. and then buy de pimple gel fr bio term in gurney..dono is good not but i think should be a good try gua..

Tired tired tired and sleepi as well.. wanna format laptop but fail ?? haix

Saturday, November 10, 2007

09.10.2007-wat i wanna do

Life on friday.. em.. is not as wat i expected.. thinking i can't be so bored when dealing wif my stuff but i am actualli bored and tired. i am thinking... how can i make my life a little more busier sometimes.. haiz...i am thinkin of starting on my new card.. new year or crismas.. but no idea yet.. so still doing some basic collection...

em.. i am really bored today... cham.. is dere?? is something i can do this weekend.. knitting but no idea yet.. knit scarf again??

Friday, November 09, 2007

08-11.2007 -Will It happen

isnt life is simple.. em.. maybe not maybe yes.. today, went to buy sourveniers.. spend over RM 50 liao.. em.. there is lots of things i wan... i wan change HP.. can ar? too many things on mind liao .. .. i hope it will come true.

i wil wait fr the day

Thursday, November 08, 2007

7 November 2007- Cold and shiverring

It has been announced that it will Lalina soon.. so it will be raining always.. tats why is so cold recently.. it has been cold in the office that i had consumed a lot of water and most of it is hot water .. is been a history that i drink lots of water .. the last time i am drinkin a lot of water is when .. I am in Dell

After work about 5 pm.. i will be staying home as usual.. and now as usual complete the last stich of the scarf

Today slept veli earli.. too earli maybe.. 9pm slept liao and... hope to have a better rest.. :)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

06 Nov 2007

Em.. today not much happenings.. but jus a bored day as usual... Today as usual i will be completing the knitting that had been done so far. Life isn't that complete when things not as well as i dream of and my days is veli sleepy as well..
At last my knitting ended but need to the a little design below.. hopefully all goes well.. Knitting finished wat will i do next.. KNiTTinG agaIn?? is dere any thing to do still.. hopefully can get something new to do ... see how it goes

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

5 Nov 2007- SImple yet is :)

em... yesterday as usual.. i am starting my own diet plan that is taking more fruits and everyday will be seeing me chewing fruits and also some basic vege.. dono why suddenly like i am getting fat .. but many say i had loss weight.. haix..
work is not as busy as usual cause able to do chatting.. haha.. chat and chat.. today Guan appears online so we chatted a while and ask him on his master stuff.. is not that easy studying master as well .. quite tough.. and working is also not that easy i told him...
Back home and having meals and watching drama is one of my daily tasks... em.. my scaft will be finish should be by this week .. i hope i can think of doing others .. but i don have the idea yet.. maybe is time to do something like cards.. Christmas.. maybe yes maybe not??

Monday, November 05, 2007

4 Nov

Life today.. dono.. went to Air Itam having yummy Curry Mee.. yummy is has been a long time not traking fattening stuff.. diet plan now.. tired day..
After makan, headed to Giant and buy fruits and tats my daily makan .. should be if i am able to control them..
Whole day online nia.. nothing much today.. i think the happiest thing that will happen is getting his call or sms...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

GuRnEy day

3rd Nov

A day.. again.. spending a full whole day in Gurney Plaza..em.. a shopping mall tat i used to go nearli every weekend.. but it seems not so far... since he went away... Today, went dere for facial treatment in New York. I had made an appointment wif NY.. along wif my collegue for a facial dere.. haven done facial for the past two months and face back to dull... yaiks'

Today went dere for facial... spending about 2 hours doing facial. .. sleeping while ppl doing facial for you.. Treatment today is ok nia.. not like i expected.. as is not as pro as LD.. i prefer LD cause it has a full range or Bella is also OK.. But cause having pimples.. need to go for NY.. But don plan to subscribe any facial plan till next year.. maybe considering LD for full range facial as the people dere is nice and it provides a better range of product as well..:P

Em... After facial, having walk at gurney with my Fren , SI.. went to see bags and laugages... and thinking** wanna subscribe LD not.. Haix... think and think .. it seems money no enough.. going KL soon .. i dono even how much will i spend... dere... cham..er... this time ...wat i wanna buy and do.. thinking veli long time to subscribe in slimming as well... i am getting fat.. LONDON will be my choice then....

em.. after spending some tiem having lunch at wong kok.. yummy food at wongkok.. nice...and yummy..wondering de food that is so nice and yummey.... AFter makan.. and walking dere and here .. waiting Yi Na coming.. so went popular to GraP the idea on card making and craft.. so we went and have mcd but a pinch of coke.. thats all and a cup of the new ice cream.. not really nice.. as wat i am expecting....

After makan, went to London to try the treatment and it really works... thats good.. subscribe liao lo... hope can go thinner in this couple months

Friday, November 02, 2007

2nd November- busy life

life i know now i am very busy.. i am busy wif work... things are getting more... getting more and more stacks ups and now... i am doing doing and complete the tasks.. Today, have complete part of it.. think is about 80% of the task.. but is still ok lo..

Thursday, November 01, 2007

1st NovemBer 2007

I had stop writting my life long ago and life is not easy to go this year. everything is not the same as last time as i came back from Sabah. working life is not easy and earning money is not easy...

I really hope can back to study.. where everything is so simple