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Thursday, August 06, 2009


i am thinking in this few days on how to earn more money for family. Things are getting more expensive and i had to be working more hard to earn more money. Can i be a part time blogger to earn money? how much money can i earn. Work wise now a days is getting more tough. WOrk has been much more than my usual work load and things is no longer getting easy any more.
How can i cut cost? i am now cutting my telephone bills and meals.
Things in KL is so so expensive which i cant no longer bare and minus everything i jus left with a few hundreds to use.
HOw can i save money for my future. Expenses wise is getting a lot lot higher now

Cutting cost now ... i am now going for maggi meal 3 days in a week.
That can save me a bit. Going for OT... gosh.. and tats the life.
A plan has been cut no longer have money to save

cut cut cut.. bus are getting more expensive .. less to go back to Penang is a solution .. so if i am going back 3-4 months once.. then i can cut down with a few hundred.
so better leave my hair long so no need to go fr saloon so offen.. wat else can i cut. No more nescafe.. cut down and drink plain water..
Hmmmmmm.. wat else can i cut?

I can still cut on food only lo. Food can be cut.. and no more go outing.. stay at home and do more blogging. Will this earn more money??
Haiz... MOney not enough d... haiz

i hope can earn more ... and perhaps can provide mum and dad more money. Nasib baik got my sis help up a bit.
Futhermore there is PTPTN to pay..and a lot more to pay.. haiz.. electric, water and petrol as well.. fr dad and mum..

HOw good if i can earn a loT??


anglina said...

oh....its a very good idea for earn more money.....

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