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Monday, October 19, 2009


Malaysian-Chinese actor-singer Nicholas Teo completed his second round of album promotions two weeks ago. He was supposed to be given two-weeks of leave from his company and originally wanted to take the opportunity to visit his relatives and rest in his hometown during the break.

A few days ago, Nicholas started to feel unwell and weak and thought that they were just symptoms of the common cold. He underwent blood tests on Thursday last week and his liver was discovered to be infected with a virus. According to the medical reports, the viral infection in Nicholas's liver has reached a high and dangerous level causing him to feel weak..

The 28-year-old singer was originally supposed to fly down to Guangzhou on the 16th to continue with his album promotions. A specialist forbade the singer from traveling and ordered him to remain under hospital observation for the next seven to 10 days to prevent his liver from getting further infected. Hospital personnels have began treatment procedures for the singer and have controlled and prevented his condition from worsening.

Nicholas underwent a series of ultrasound scans and blood tests on the 16th as doctors advised that it was necessary to find out the cause of his condition before they can administer the appropriate medication. They cited that overworking was one of the main reasons which led to a deterioration of health.

Worried fans of the singer have expressed their concern via Nicholas's official website. The singer has also reassured fans through the media and said, "I will get better, it is nothing, don't worry!"


sources from: LIFETV

"get well soon"

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shloke said...

Thanks for sharing :)

He'll be back under his feet in no time. Get Well Soon, Nicholas.