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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Travelling with KL Express

This keep me thinking of the KL Express on my recent trip with it.. Em.. last time, i used to take them for my transit from Sabah to KL Sentral. The journey took me just a glimpse of a minute to reach the town. Having this i have no worries if i will miss my flight with the massive JAM in KL

I remember i was in KL and my plane will be departed in 3 hours. I have been early to start my journey down my hotel in Bukit Bintang.. gosh..and the traffic was massive till i had to repurchase my ticket for the next flight.. and this is really hectic. Journey to the airport is really long.. and has been my last time travelling via road.

I have now my solution of travelling, an ease of travel, nothing in my mind .. except for a safe and a good trip without worries. This time, i had make a very good choice with the KLIA express without any regrets.

Lets see what make me think is a good choice.

1. I do not need to cramp in the jams.. for hours with worries.. and wasting my petrol and ample time.

2.Easy way of access. The station is starts at the city, No worries on how to reach there. You can get my by RAPID, AMPANG line, KTM or even monorial. Is in the centre of the city.. and a place you may reach with the affordable transport line

3. Eco-Friendly- having to go there, you may enjoy the nice view of plantation where often you can see blocks in the city

6. Convinient and cheap- with just RM 12.50, you can reach there..taxi to there will be about RM 100 and we take hours to reach.

7. Beg Free- if you are taking MAS, you may check-in in KL Central and free bagage when you travel with KLIA express.

8. With the ample and aircond sitting places, you may enjoy it fully with the cold aircond at the hot weather of Malaysia.. cooling and enjoying

No reason for not travelling with KLIA Express. A good choice and my choice.. with hastle free traveling..

and is JUST RM 12.80 and I reach the airport..

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Gilly Newman said...

Entertaining Post. Will be back to read more.