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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Gosh, this post had been delayed for a long long time and now I have the time to sit down and write. Finally had settled my ROM since a long way back last year for preparation. I had noticed they had so many things to prepare .. Gosh.. IC, Witness IC, Birth Certs and up and down to Government offices to settle the stamping and more.

It takes us a day to settle the process running up and down and thank goodness is only once in the lifetime.  Finally, we had submitted and chosen the date for the registration.  Now is time to wait and see if you would like to invite friends and family member for the big day not. For us, we make is very simple where we just invite 2 friends to join us. I had just invited Chun Man and Carolynn to attend our registration day and we did not do many things like some of my friends did.

Keep it simple and low profile , we have no flowers, nothing special but our wedding rings ready. That’s all. After the registration, both us went for a meal in Mid Valley and I think that’s what we do on that day. Oh ya, we had it at Thean Ho Kong temple.

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