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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time s I never forget

Time has passed so fast and we had been together kinda long.. a great understanding of him and my life style had already changed.
he thought me lots of things.. which I really don know.. Programming?? hahaa.. no no… I don think I can capture .. as I had gave up this field long time ago..Fromhim, I learned patience, I learn how to think positive, I learned how to love and more.

With him, we went to more places.. and in this few months we had made my foodie blog from blogspot to .com… which is becoming more professional.. Using his knowledge, he change the view of my blog.. make a difference on everything in my blog.. and becoming more a professional blogger… but though I am not .. haha..

Oh ya. talking on this, need to recommend a bit also ma.. my web is www.malaysianfoodie.com.. haha.. as well he make more effects on the blog.. wahahaa… and that’s a way he make the exploration and all.

In this month, we went too many places which I had blog some- from Kuantan -> Teluk Intan -> Penang -> KL and this week is back to IPOH.. I can see the busiest week of our exploration of the month and we had been round the country.. not the far one .. but we had a happy time together which make a big difference. We see, we snap, we eat and now I blog will be the happiest moment of my life with him.. haha

Life with him is simply nice !! tHANks a lot DEAr

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