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Monday, May 11, 2009

Trip to Muzium Sg Lembing , Pahang

Our Last place in Pahang during our 3 days visit is the Muzium Bijih Timah which is located at Sungai Lembing, Pahang

The Pahang Sungai Lembing Museum was set up to remember the glory days of Sungai Lembing town as the richest producer of tin when the country, Malaysia, was the largest producer in the world.

However, tin is no more an important ore in the world, having been replaced by plastics, alluminium and other cheaper synthetic resources for what were previously its end products, like tins and containers for foods and drinks.
With the decline in tin production, Sungai Lembing town itself has slowly dwindled in size and importance, but the memories of its heydays are still vivid in the minds of its old residents.

With the establishment of the Museum, it is hoped that the present and future generations can comprehend and see the importance it had played in the economic and social development of Pahang state as well as the country.

me and dear

inside de museum

dear posting

me and carol

the view of how bijih timah is process

things they use and the view

me and dear post

post infront of the museum

And that’s the end of our trip

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