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Monday, July 06, 2009

27 June 2009- Nicholas Teo IN 1-Utama

On 27 June 2009, Nicholas Teo .. my idol back to Malaysia for his album promo in KL which is just a signature session which covers a few places in KL . Reaching there, I was searching to buy my idol album and at last I bought it .. so the crowd had been coming more and more ever since 1 Pm. and I saw a large crowd and Nicholas fans was waiting for him.

While waiting, I took the picture of Nicholas Teo banner promotion around the area as well… Haha..

There, you can see where the promo round KL and Selangor Nicholas will be…

And this is the album, Nicholas will be promoting during this time, his nice attractive album “ Zher Mo de Shun Jian”

About 2 pm, the crowd has been coming more and more.. and you can see many outstation fans from China and all buying a large numbers of album for Nicholas Signature :P

At about 3:30 pm, the DJ arrived and I dono what is his name.. and he recommended some of Nicholas album and promoting as well.

Then, Nicholas was here and give a few words.. and smiling away .. He then sit down and have a signature session on his album … :P

Not after a while, Nicholas came out and gave a few words before he starts to pen each of his signature on the albums.. oh gosh.. and I do not hesitate as well getting his signature and album of coz..

That’s a day seeing Nicholas Teo.. and then on the way back, I snap a picture with dear at 1-Utama as well. :P

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