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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trip to Bentong – Chanmang Waterfall

This waterfall is located approximately 8 kilometers out of town. It is a scenic place very popular with the locals and tourists alike. The waterfall is easily accessible by road. The road is small yet is in good condition. From Bentong Hospital, travel up to Raub road. After 1.5 km will be seen a sign board showing the left turn to Chamang Waterfalls. From this road just drive straight all the way until you reach the destination. Along the way the sight is changing from village to rubber plantation, durian orchard, forest and lastly the waterfalls. Once there, pay attention to the sign board display dangerous area where there are whirlpool or strong undercurrent between rocks. The red sign with skeleton sign is a no no area. When climbing the waterfalls rock be very careful. Many have drowned in this area.

In my trip here, I can feel the our lovely country which is not polluted. You can breath with the greeny smells of the plants and you can felt the cold water as well as the nice view of Malaysia. The water was so clear and I can say is a lovely place to travel. The area was big and many people is having picnics and swimming around the area.

Our pic

Besides that, there is a hanging bridge which is quite stable and well maintain compare to some bridges I had cross which really scary. Overall the bridge here is nice and you can see the view of the waterfall and felt the coldness and the breeze when you are standing in the middle.

Other than that, you can also walk down to enjoy the cold water of the place and playing along the river bank. A nice place of relaxing .. as well you can hear the dizzling water sound, sound from the waterfall and all. As so, I had take a couple of pictures on the places to share as well.

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