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Friday, January 22, 2010

Can I Do THAT Online contest

sharing my thoughts and stories now is kind of hard. I need to sign in to blogger to share my thoughts and everything and facebook for pictures and all. Now , if i can have my own coolest website, it will be a great great thing i can do!!
I would love to have my own website for a long time. Having my own personal server to share my photos capturing the moments with my love ones, our Malaysia, places i been and food i had eat. If i am able to do it, i can share all the moments and the food i had taken. With my own website, i can add in more animation, with all the interactive banner without any restriction.

My dream is always to share the pictures I took to the world. My Malaysianfoodie.com had only pictures and food recommendation. I hope to get a chance and to host on my own to put a more informative website and to promote Malaysia to the world. I can have my food pictures and aside i can customize on the bars and more. Writing my mum old nyonya recepies is also my wish list to do.

I can put in a video on Malaysia food and the Malaysia travel places. The sound of the sea, the beautiful view of the nature with slides of pictures as like what i -phone is featuring. Recommending on places to visit in more details, with beautiful pictures and videos of Malaysia. I hope my blogs can be integrated with google earth for a simply more effect to present to the visitors as well.

By having this, i named my Web ONE-Info Malaysia websites which i try my best to gather the info on hotels, places of visit and Malaysia food as well. It also can be linked to some of my photography collection to share with people on Penang and Melacca the historical city pictures, on Malaysian's life ( wedding of the Malaysians) from Malay, Chinese and Indian and not be wasted is the events like Chingay, CNY and more

The web will be more interactive with combination of chat box as well as chatting. Visitors can also share their pictures together like what flickr have..

Will my dreams come true.. I am now OUT of my box.. besides indulge my self to blogging, facebook and twitter..I CAN DO THAT ONLINE With Exabytes



ladycooper said...

Wow. 1 Malaysia.
hope to see everything about Malaysia to be available on your blog.

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