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Friday, January 15, 2010

Evelynn wedding

This is being too late to blog them.. Love is a great thing to share but it is even greater and nicer if finding your love one to walk with you towards the rest of your life.. Evelynn had found her love someone who she can rely on for the rest of the life. It is her wedding day and she held them in the Penang high class hotel the Shangri-la Hotel where it comes with a banquet of i think 30 - 40 tables.

Before the wedding starts, we saw the bride and a congrats to her. Back to history and a long story down the road, we know each other ever since we are a kid .. a small kid studying in Penang. And it has been a long time we are being contact via facebook .. friendster and most important is he is my facial consultant as well.

The auspicious was held on September end where i gave my self a break to go back to Penang to enjoy and attending my best friend BIG day. It is a very late posting for this wedding as i was yet too busy with work.. and it can say this blog post had been delayed for a long time ..

Congrats to her and her hubby. Other than that, wedding can be say is a good time to meet with other friends and class mate who have not seen for long long time. It has been a long time i had not meet all my classmates like Swen Lin, Vivian, Phaik Ling and all.

It has been years we had not meet and it can say that is a great to meet each other. Other than that, we manage to snap some picture with the beautiful bride.

Before the dinner starts, we snap some pictures of the hotels as well

The beautiful table and the romantic candle that had been arranged by the hotel management

Other than that, the menu was listed as well in the menu.. which the delicious and yummy food down the table.

Last but not least is the wedding cake which is nicely designed

An unforgetable moment with them and indeed is an enjoyable moment.. Thanks gal and congrats


ducks said...

wahhh... it been a long time I been to Penang... I thought there is no longer Shangri-La hotel? Or it is located somewhere else now?

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