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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3rd Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011

Is Finally UP UP UP. The 3rd Putrajaya International Hot air ballon is finally here again during the last weekend from 18 -20 March 2011. Here I am again this year and get a chance to go inside to enjoy the actions of the people setting up and how the air ballon goes ups..

This year what special. I think is daraemon... Taking many pix but will post some here for sharing. enjoy!!

- The hot gas pumping into the balloon to make de ballon goes UP!!-

- He is checking "EVERYTHING OK?"

- The rainbow colors of the balloon-

- On his way go UP and UP!!-

- Two Ballons in Action.. who is going up more?.. but 1 is terbalik flying le"

-OOps a Reflection? NO.. is one of the ballon TERBALIK lioa..."

- Here comes the star of the day "DORAEMON"-

- The scene-

- Please don leave me .. i wanna fly with you-

- The colors of ballon...=

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