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Thursday, February 26, 2009

8th Feb 2009

This is the Bak Kut Teh where a day I need to wake up early for the BKT.. haha.. having my sleepy face.. carol took a picture of me with the tired look as well a sleepy look which is not acceptable.. wif out any make up and all.. isn’t that the worst face I ever had .. posting with the cup of tea leh? I am still wondering and that’s how the post it.

Let me take de picture of the BKT we ate..and we ask dem to add soup as well. delicious.. oishi.. for morning BKT.

The BKT today is a bit down grade and a bit salty.. and we din go along Klang actually.. just to have BKT and then to Mid Valley straight away. hahaha.. and that’s another shopping place which I usually attend to when in KL and is my usual destination for shopping lol. It will be in Mid Valley .. since is valentine season, u can see a lot of soft toys as well as decorations of hearts and love all around… but wat my eyes catching me is this one- de Forever friends teddy bears which really captured me a lot

- it is inside a cube with cute bears and there are different sizes of them.. It really make me so happy and without any hesitation .. isn’t that bear bear so cute!!! cant imagine if I can hug it daily… hehehehe..

That’s the cutie I love the most :P.. after this, went to have my early dinner in chopstick and then send carol mum to Pudu to take the bus back Kuantan and that’s a day. Yeah!!!

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