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Friday, February 06, 2009


jus another day past, step into month 3 of my working life in kl.. isn’t that fast… I am now trying my best to get used to de environment of KL as well as … my working life here..everything here is real nice and enjoyable.. this month I think I won be able 2 back Penang as no holiday fr the month. So will be staying in KL and walk around.. Maybe will plan fr a visit to 牛车水 as well as the Aquarium KLCC for this month. Others I don think so since is the first week only.. need to save some money also ma..

I really love dell services and is extremely good.. I purchased my laptop with 3 years complete cover which satisfy me a lot.. no regret as they do the best part to help me in getting my laptop in best order and really satisfying me. What was so great about this is they will come and get my laptop on the day and get it done and day end.. gosh.. absolutely good … and today I am getting a new green skin fr my laptop from Dell as I could not change the color. wat can I do .. is just change to a new skin which is FOC. If going to purchased.. then will cost me more that wat it should be.

So, thos week I am in KL maybe see to walk around the corner here in KL

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