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Monday, February 16, 2009

KL Life Month 3

KL life … is already not much problem for me.. and I am quite ok now wif the KL Life.. the travel tme, being inside sardine.. and all. is a life which I lead in this 3 months and that’s incredible.. and shopping mall for me is no longer my interest .. as here there is too many to c and shop .. and now I more prefer to be at home or staying down to learn the craft works.. which I think that’s my new hobby in KL.. I am trying next few month on book scraping which I think is kinda fun …

Suddenly wat I think is here is kinda lonely .. frens do accompany .. but not always as well.. jus wondering if there is anything for nme which is worth to go and do .. and I am thinking … travellin is no longer in my mood now adays.. and my plan to few places will be cancel for this year .. jus hoping have more time to back Penang at this moment rather than travel..

Sometimes, I dono why .. things doesn’t turn out wat it should be .. many guys say I need money to have a gf.. wat is a gf do wif money ??? huh?? Are dey thinking love is calculated by money?? again?? haiiz… jus think wat is needed … *#@%&*%&!!!*

em.. stop thinking of this useless “PHRASE”, PAM???? wake up!! don think anymore on this ?? Work now is kinda ok now.. and here is fine .. colleague here is nice as well … and i really enjoyed working here.. J .. OH YA, I am movin liao… be moving again this time.. 2 Kelana Jaya @ PJ… hahahaha.. at last ….. I am in PJ…

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