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Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 2 – Penang Trip

Today, we din go much places as our focus will be in town and wat we plan for is food. Today plan is having nice food and buying some local delights back to KL .

The journey was around the town area where we will be on some nice places of Penang which are being categorizes by UNESCO as a historical places. So, I brought them around the corners of the streets..and this time we manage to meet a long time no see friend, Lean Wooi. Is our second trip to Kek Lok Si as Guan wana get some things there but is a failure.

So we went up to a higher places of the Kek Lok SI for jalan jalan and take some group pictures as well together.

We also have a group pic together as well

and I also take de pic wif my dear

and after that we went to Botanical Garden and have an evening walk and at night we had a steamboat buffet spree.. and is oishi.. and delighting. OISHI………
that’s a day

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