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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Middle Year Wish List

Accomplished quite many wishes this year

And that’s wat I wrote in my wish list for 2009, so see which had come true

Vacation List
1. Melaka
2. Perak ( I been to Ipoh and Teluk Intan every month) – IS REALLY COME TRUE MANY TIMES

- Cuti – cuti Malaysia will be it… since economy no good.

Things I wan buy

- Kuma Kuma – I got a cute one from dear
- Teddy Bears fr SNJ – Too expensive and not worth it- I don wan di- RM 700 le.. one bear.. GILA if I buy ..
- DSLR camera – thinking so long not buying liao- even a normal camera also I lazy to take wat else a takai des one
- 8MP Camera Phone – em.. this one ah… My handphone din KONG yet so no reason fr changing HP
- Drawing Keypad Mouse – I try to use d.. think is easy but after use YUCKS

Plan Long Things
- House- still in progress
- Car

- To have someone to care and love me – YeS, I FOUND HIM- JERRY KOH
- Save more $$$- IN PROCESS

- Any where la.. as long as with him go anywhere also can

- I dono le.. no aims le.- Something I can use, something I can fully utilize, something I can enjoy, something which I need.

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