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Friday, June 26, 2009

默的瞬間(The Moment Of Silence)- nicholas teo

Taiwan-based Malaysian singer Nicholas Teo is going strong in his career. After starring in the top-rated idol drama Woody Sambo and holding his From Now On tour in Malaysia and Singapore last year, the "Ballad Prince", now signed with Warner Music, is set to release his latest album The Moment of Silence in June 2009. The main track The Moment of Silence is an Euro rock number that manifests love in its simplest and most straightforward form. Other songs on the album include "Don't Listen to His Songs Anymore" and "Low Profile". The Preorder Version comes with a 32-page private journal titled "Finally Not Silent" with pictures and messages from Nicholas.

02.默的瞬間(The Moment Of Silence)
03.低調(Low Profile)
04.說你也一樣愛著我(Say You Love Me)
05.就是愛(This Is Love)
06.我們都有錯(We Were Wrong)
07.男人不壞(Not A Bad Guy)
08.不要再聽他寫的歌了(Don't Listen To His Songs)
09.愛你勝過自己(Love You More)
10.幸福下一站(Next Stop Happiniess)
11.平靜曲(Silent Song)

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