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Monday, August 18, 2008


is it a lifetime precious
or someone that jus pass through life ?
Now u r here and
years later u r gone...
or will u stay wif me
for lifetime??

Poems and Poets
may describe frens as
for lifetime
but in reality
how many dere is
treasuring frenships..

some says they are
but some is not..
for me, i am ...
i make de effort but ...
some don even bother..
some says frens are jus a passerby
and some says frens are someone
u can used to accomplish ur mission and vision
but is dere a need of tat?

i am still thinking..
for those who r in that kind..
frens and relationship cant use money to buy
but money can lose...
forever in minutes..
and if u treasure ur frenship
they will never leave u ..
and be wif u
in ur colorful days to smile wif u
and ur dark days to mourn wif u ..
be wif u ..
in any seasons of the year
thats wat a real frens is ..

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