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Monday, August 18, 2008


Weekends.. Is a complete weekends that having so so many things to do… My weekends started with the last Friday where I am busy after work rushing home to watch de semi final of the olympic games of badminton.. Which give me a satifaction which is Lee Chong Wei won to finals.. Yeah.. And lookin forward to de final.. And wat I am busy is doing Japanese trip card ,, that’s de whole night construction but this seems like not satisfying where I edit again and again.. Haiz.. And at night rewatch again Nicholas Teo concert.. Feel like watching dem.. Again and again.. Dono why .. Haha..and after doing all my creation .. I finished dem about 12.30 am.. Haha..

Next coming de day ,, wake up , having breakfast and went one stop to get a laptop. An AMD laptop wif kinda a good specs.. Nice nice.. And my dear best fren called me to go out. Nice to see u agin Sze. Went out wif Chun and Sze wif her bro.. And we went Prangin and grab a bite in Sushi King.. And went along shopping around. After that, we went for walk walk and window shopping plus shoppin..hahaha and den headed to conema and watch Mummy .. Is though a old movie is ok lo.. Not bad.. Quite nice as well. But jus a bit funny ,,, after that, we continue our shopping carnival but I din manage to get anything.. We back about 7.00 pm and had our dinner at recommended chu char at Kim Shan.. In Relau… my most recommended places of makan.. Haha.. And after back home.. Continue with stacks of work which are paying stacks of bills, and also reformat PC as well as the Japan card.. And my drama series

Photography is another hobby where this time I went to explore de' beautiful penang.. Historic places.. Will blog more whenhaving some time to explore de place itself .. Hope can have more adventures as well as understanding my state I born and stay .. Penang to people.. As well as the yummy food.. Stay tuned. And it aslo had a Olympics finals - Lee chung wei ( Msia) vs Ling Dai ( China) . Though Malaysia lose.. But for me, I think is really good di.. Lee chung wei had put the effort and all.. No matter wat, he is the best di.

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