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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Harddrive cleanup

Harddrive cleanup yest .. had made me think of many things in de past .. some are happy and some are sad. My hard drive is full so so many things that I had save but never been cleanup.. dring my uni life my hard drive is consider kinda busy.. haha.. cause accompanied many ppl… from places to places inside de KF area as well as in other places.. and giving ppl lots of fun… cause there are entertainment dere.. haha..and this hard drive make me know more ppl as well.. that’s my hard drive.. and yest I need to format them.. as 2 reason.. have virus as well as it is full.. Full with songs as wells movies, pictures, diaries and all.. but it also give me sadness as well cause this hard drive had become a memory when I think of him ..

Though many things had pass.. and perhaps capacity in the hard drive is full and all that need to do formatting.. but things that happen to me.. the route I walk.. cannot be formatted.. and the tears and everything ..

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