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Monday, September 22, 2008

Back to new work

Today can say first day back to my first day work in dell again.. shifting a new department .. and today is a training day of course.. as going back to zero again.. today perhaps can say very good news. Gary back top 8864 again.. yeah.. after din saw him for a week in 8TV now he goes back to 8 TV again wif hisr the handsome look again.. but he is a bit thinner after since he was sick for the last week. .. Now he is back to work.. real happy..

Today work is still de same and life is getting busy. Learning the system today.. and seems there are many more to learn in this few weeks… before really get into the move to work.. haha.. and is kinda fun working lo.
Everything tday is ok.. and still enjoying .. and that’s de great day today ..

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