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Saturday, September 20, 2008

is dere love?

Sometimes I feel sad and down coz I dun have my love, my true love…espcially when I saw peoples with their lover hanging around sweetly and happily…hai…what a tragedy for me…What can I do to have a good relationship? What should I do to accept myself, accept other’s love? Why can’t I fall into love easily? Coz I’m too chosy,set the standard too too high?? or i could not forget the past ...

wat is the main point of life sometimes i am thinking... perhaps life there is many up and down.. and perhaps life is like dat..will be shifting to a new department soon.. so at this moment i will concentrate my career .. perhaps thats life ..and thats the things that i need to learn and need to be aware of. I am still thinking how many things at this moment is not smooth .. hope life is really smooth at this moment ... and happy going lo

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