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Friday, January 16, 2009

1st January- Sg Wang

A new beginning of the year.. a year with a new day.. and I started my day in KL … hahaha.. Today my plan is to buy some stuff from Sg Wang and then headed home.. and jalan jalan @ Sg Wang.. is just a good timing we saw stars .. a group “ Golf and Mike” performing in Sg Wang. Without any hesitation I just take my camera phone and camera to catch a few shots of the performance to share .. is something like the opening of their fans club.. hahaha. .. and me there is to become a keh poh dere.. hahahhaa.. So here goes their performance.. hahahhahahha…

after that, jalan jalan and I manage to get my Chinese new year clothes .. kinda cheap and nice.. and is said worth fr the money lol.. and headed back home after the jalan jalan

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