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Friday, January 16, 2009

kl life- week 7

Is already 7 weeks in KL and I had get used with KL life in 60% .. hahaha.. wat I not get used is the bed is not nice … and I need to wake up kinda early… and need to be sandwich on early morning only. Other than that, KL life is not bad… just don compare food la.. if food.. how to fight with Penang oooo.. Penang food no matter how also oishi desu.. am now I am still counting down.. my days to back to Penang. and is now just 9 days more to go home.. this month I din went back home to Penang and I stay whole month in KL and trying to get used to my life here befor back to Penang for 1 week …for the Chinese New Year … wahahha .. is that de way it should be..

Recently I am busy with a lot of creations and creations.. though is not much .. I had complete some simple one as well as some complicated one.. Now I am doing again a complicated cross stich which I also dono how long will I take to accomplish the job. It seems it will take a long time.. as now I am learning and advancing my photoshop design.. ehm… I am now designing a few banners as well as post card view fr Gary .. and I dono how many still I can ablel to do more since there are more to design… need to ask him to get more post so I can use dem to design more things fr him… waahhahhahaha.

Work now is getting more heavy as I have request from other ppl as well. It’s sometimes kinda hectic .. and I felt I can accomplished on timely manner as there are many things still I don know and need to refer to my bos.. so a bit slow still but on paperwork my colleague Kelly had taught me a lot and been greatly good to me.. Thanks a lot Kelly for your kind help.. much much appreciated..

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