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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Xiang Ying Hse Pai Nian

Steamboat crazy... is called fish ball and mushroom crazy more.. hahaha.. me, anna and valer went to XY hse fr pai nian.. and is real crazy .. wat we makan is jus fishball , sausage and wat else mushroom,.. everything is so delicious.. but too much we have bought for steamboat...a nd we enjoy 15 Jan 8864.. and laugh like crazy together..

Aunty fried mee and bihun for us to add on on the steamboat and is real oishi and siao gung xu fried hot dog which is real ichiban.. thanks frens fr de steamboat and thanks .... aunty fr the ang pau

This is de picture i took fr XY room.. nice penang view right?

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