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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

31st December 2008- 1 Utama Crazy

My New Year Countdown was celebrated in where?? is in 1 – Utama.. Reached there about 7 pm and trying to find my way to the place will be taking me a long journey since I walked from the old wing of 1- U to the new wing of the mall.. and tats really a long journey. We ended up able to get in to see dem about 9 pm.. and the shows begins to start…

Chery Lee was singing.. oops .. is a nice song where she is singing CNY song as well as Christmas song here…She is really beautiful in real person and have a good singing voice as well.. Recommended to buy her album

After Xin Yi Performance, there are many stars performance which is not bad.. but for me.. I don remember much since I don take much notice of some.. so I just take this chance to snap more pictures on stars only.

And lastly, here comes .. de one I wan see.. GARY.. hahahahhaa.. a great performance of him which I waited the whole night though for his superb performance of the day . he sang 3 songs which is real nice and superb.. love his performance tat night.. one is Will u marry me tonight and den is 2nd album song and lastly is Forever Love

after seeing them.. there is fire works .. ooooops .. will blog dem.. once I have my picture downloaded on my PCs.. hahaha.. seems like hard le.. den have some 1st pictures of the year taken inside de LRT on the way back from Kelana Jaya to KL Sentral

Tats my countdown in 1- Utama on 31 January celebrating my first New year In KL.. wahhahhahahhaa…
Now comes the video.....

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