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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Sick again.. oh gosh.. i hate being sick.. but this time is better.. not cough.. but bits of flu.. so it will recover faster.. so no more yummy food in my mouth till i recover.. Tomoro will be back to work.. and this weekend .. my plans again .. TRAVEL

where?? some where nearby nia.. Perak, IPOH.. em.. i have been to Perak .. but jus passing by cause many says nothing in Perak to see and look .. so i don really bother till last few weeks i saw the web on some places NICE places in Perak and things i shoud eat and blog .. haha.. and tats my decision headed to Perak.. on 3-4 th May.. why not more days?? em.. dono if frens dere are free to accompany not .. so jus go fr 2 days first .. den.. i will go when free again..

Hehe.. so i see.. dis week perak.. and next month is KL wif Carol, Siew Leng... haha.. hopefulli have more frens to come and join lo.. not sure yet. so my plans is like this way first.. and aug.. maybe is Sabah..

Still on planning.. i plan fr HK and Langkawi.. but see la.. how first.. i am looking fr more time and more money so I can shop till i drop.. today cleaning up my room and trying to make dem look more pinky

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