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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 sucks.. will it be better in 2009??

2008 is it a good year for me.. ?? it has been a question for me.. I don think so.. as I know career isn’t that stable and others as well. Will 2009 is better? wanted to see wats de horoscope say or should I go to Lilian Too Fung shui place to look on it?

In this few years my life isn’t as good as I expects it to be.. is a normal dangling life which had been dangling fr so long.. this year is unexpected travelling so much but is jus in Malaysia .. so far my dreams and life is not wat I want it to be.. I feel like givin up my life at a moment which I really dono if my life is not as good as other ppl. I see ppl have ppl care, love and all.. but me .. I am trying to figure something out of my life too.

Thanks to someone in this year who have make my life more nice and more happier.. maybe de way he talk had make me smile, and his songs had make me understand many things in my life. I had put my days this year in doing crafts,blogging and sewing .. jus few things which had made me fulfil a year

I understand of putting career first in life .. and the rest.. I understand de way of living in the world.. but sometimes some how or others I still in de dilemma.. of thinking which one is the things I need to do.. how can I forget .. how can I transfer the words to say.. that make him understand what I am thinking .. Sms-ing will it works? or jus to say wat I am thinking upfront?? isn’t life miserable?

I had started my new path in KL.. but how will de path like … its still cloudy outside and I see no clear routes of my life. I see obstacles in all de parts of my life.. I see nothing but jus a very great clouds which the plane cant even fly. KL life is already a month fr me. I have many things I need to do.. and wans ?? but leading KL Life is not that easy as I expects it to be… now I am trying to change my lifestyles in makan liao. I think if I am going to settle down in KL .. I need to really calculate all de budgets and the etcs… no more others….

and I tnk stay more home will save a lot of money.. ya ma> that’s wat ppl say
I think should practice this life style in kl.. hahahha


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