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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gary Yap 2010 Single " So Worry "

Gary Yap had is single's released and the album with a song " So Worry " had been released in the market for charity purposes. The charitable star had make his move to a " Gary Ga Ga" Look where he had changed his look from a handsome, cute artist to a " Ga Ga " look.


He had presented the song " So Worry" profesionally and hereby had a look on his performance pictures on stage.

He had a style of dancing where he had put a big effort on the performance as well. Great job Gary!!


The chicky smile from the star had appaluse the crowd.


There are also charitable moment where the star had donated the things he buy from overseas. The star had made a charitable heart to help the poor

People are requesting for the post for the album and here he comes with repost of the style.

 After the performance Gary had take the opportunities to take pix with fans as well.

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