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Friday, September 24, 2010


The 2010 trip had been planned ahead for the past few months. Thanks to Air Asia which are providing a cheap and affordable fare of the year. I been thinking of going to Sabah again after my last trip in 2008. This is the trip i went with my beloved ones.

I booked them from a package AIR ASIA GO with 5 days 4 night trip for only RM 660. Is truly a cheap and affordable package for me. So, the day had come. We went there through a big plane of Air Asia departed at 8.00 am. No delay from AirAsia and the place had been numbered.

Here is me and my flight. I am flying to Sabah. The comfortable journey had took us 2 and half hour landing to the KK 2nd Terminal Airport. The journey was simply comfortable and quick. Thanks to Air Asia.


Arriving there, we had my best friend to pick us up from the air port and renting a car for us to go around the town. We had a quick lunch in Luyang ar Kedai Kopi Yuen Fook which is famous among the UMS students. Here the places give a meal in afforable price and delicious one with the famous roti bakar as well.

The Economy Rice we had

The economy bihun

The cooling drinks we had

Roti Kahwin - which is simply yummy and delighting. Soft texture bread with butter and kaya. Yummy yummy.

We also went to YoYo to have its famous  Milky Tea, yummmy tea..

Then we had check in to our Hotel in Tune which is a low cost hotel but a 5 star facilities for a checkin. Is simply good and nice hotel to stay but space wise is slightly small. Budgeted hotel.

We had our journey to the UMS, my school. We had a walk at the UMS Jetty and had our memorable pictures there as well

We then headed to the nearby UMS Aquarium which is giving us the underground feel. The ticket is RM 5 per person and to have the enjoyable look of the mini Aquaria in KLCC. The project is by the Marine students of UMS

Some of the pix of inside the aquaria
#1. The turtle in the big aquarium
#2. The seahourse which is so cute
#3. The fishes and prawns by the rocks
#4. The fluffy beautiful sea creatures in the aquarium
#5. The memo and fishes i love
#6. Old old fish in the aquarium. I say is the grandfather of the aquarium.. how old is he le??
#7. The building itself
#8. Sea creatures which is indeed an eye cathing

We then went to the UMS Chancellery and captures the view there. Up above the hill..

We then back to hotel for a rest and headed to Tuaran for a Seafood meal.Oh ya.. have you ever see this? I had made a new purchased Cola which is from Gardenia ( MALAYSIA BREAD PRODUCER) , producing the cola.. hmm.. and the taste is nice, :P

The restaurant which is named Gayang. And the coconut pudding and lokam there. On our way there, Guan took us for the delighting local mystery food which is located nearby the seafood restaurant we are heading.

The lokam and Coconut
The coconut pudding

Lokam.. which is a sea shell ..:P

Seafood time now ... and we had a lot.. Prawns, crabs and seashell with just less than RM 100 and makes us blotted with food.

The day ended... and is time to zzzz...

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