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Monday, November 26, 2007

MY Wish List

Things/ Products

  • Camera- Thinking wanna have Canon Powershot 570 or Nikon ???( At last got it.. Powershot 570i) - Got them already ... :)
  • Facial Package: where ...em.. LD, New York , or Nardia ( LD confirm)
  • Leon's Drama: Good morning SIR
  • A big teddy... - Nice one- but not big enough
  • Little Car- Kelisa? Kancil? VivA? Or MyV?
  • PSP ( Sony Playstation - Pink Color)
  • Laptop.. maybe Dell Pink color one

Vacation Wish

  • Hong Kong trip
  • Johor
  • Sabah:meetin frens, juniors, lecturers and coursemate (went on 3-6 APRri 2008)

  • Sarawak :meeting coursemates and frens

  • KL: To meet coursemate (Going there SOON- Planning 16 NOV) - Done at last, fail meet many

  • Pahang: meetin my room mates

  • LangKaWi

  • PeraK- real nice hol wif frens and coursemates dere
  • Taiwan- Alishan.. :)
  • China - Beijing, Shanghai, Xiangmen

Artist that I dream to see...

  • Leon Lai
  • Nicholas Teo : saw him 3 times ( 3 album Promo) ( went his concert de)

  • Rynn Lim : saw him in Sony Cybershot promo..Gurney Plaza

  • K.Liang : Saw Him Makan Makan ..and in Penang concert ( FOC)

  • Pin Kuan : Saw Him Makan Makan .. and Wu Ge Ziu Yau Promo
  • Janice Wei ( a yes or No)- concert on 1st MAy
  • Bosco Wong:- Saw In Gurney - Kim Gary
  • Myolie Wu- Saw In Gurney- TVB Artist as well as in Qbay and Sunshine Farlim
  • Gary Yap- Gurney Promo.. Restart Album..and saw him few times de


  • Will be kept in my mind .. cause money can't buy dem...
  • i hope he is happy and enjoy his work, take good care of his health. Hope his career is good and successful.. Gambate..

  • Able to complete my learning in knitting -complete a very nice scaft for him

  • To join UNICEF.. hopefully give me 5 years...

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