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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Cameron Highlands Trip

A long time .. vacation.. nearly about half a year ago.. a trip not long I join in Agilent.. is a trip to Perak.. Waking up earli in the morning after a week of busy meetings and busy week.. i had ... and is a time fr relaxation... perhaps it should be de way of being to relax after a tired moment of life.. i hope is an enjoyable trip..hehe

This trip have been to few places from the tea plantation to the cactus valley and more ... but is a nice trip.. cause we can be more close to each other as well as we can be close frens after this.. we don know each other well but with this trip .. we understand each other and build the bound of frenship.. thats the treasure of this trip and tats the best part of life.... thats the moment of treasure in life is knowing new frens.. thats the best part. This trip also let me have an enjoyable moment of snapping pictures..

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