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Monday, November 26, 2007

24-25 November2007- spend too much...

24th Nov- last year this day ...i am happy the most happiest day in my life but today ... is not.. no longer having the happiest moment of my life.. smile no longer exist.. jus a smile fr photos.. 24 th November... i went to not much places ... jus Gurney Plaza and also Qbay Mall.. Jus this 2 mall.. i spend a lot.. but i also dono wat i am buying nor wat i am spending in... jus know i spend a lot.. luckily din swap credit card..
Er.. Jus Memory Lane alone i had spend over that RM 40 wif the photos that taken to develop already i am not mistaken...already RM 60.. isnt that over spend.. i plan to get more stuff but makan and everything aladi RM 50.. no money liao... and went to Qbay and there i hada spend RM 50 i think for all the photo album and etc... jus like dat.. dono why i can be a big spender in Penang but not in KL?? * weird**
In KL everyone spend a lot but fr me ... in Penang.. KL...er din buy much.. my spnding on my own not even RM 50 i think.. jus on food more.. and buying gift fr frens... thats the failure out of it... haiz......

25 Nov 2007.. same as usual.. mood will never been good.... up and downs ever since last year... many things change,,,life.. staying @ home.. eat and sleep as usual.. thats usual thats my choice of life....... hope everything is better next year...according to Lilian Tok book ... on astrology ...

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