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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

26 Nov 2007- Stiching

Today.. work as usual .. in office is mosli office work need to be done.. as usual lo.. and back home and went to Qbay Mall... Went to buy the stuff for card making.. hope it turns up nice.. HoPe... dono le..
Starting to do some stiching... but it don appear like wat i expects .. maybe my knitting skill is not that good yet.. dono.. maybe... i hope i can complete a christmas card soon.. hope that it will turn up to be a nice 1..
i need to get christmas gift for my frens... dono wat to get .. no idea of that.. Why i am virgo.. perfectionist ..even buying 1 thing i need to think how suitable this fr him or fr her.. wat should i get fr her and him .. no idea.. i have made a scaft fr him.. but dono wat is good fr him as well... should i add something fr him.. dono. i am still thinkin and planning..
Hope all can be settled by this week lo

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