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Monday, November 26, 2007

2007:- My Hometown Penang trip

Though this trip is very long ago and it has been months already but still i wanna put in to say i had been to round the small island :) this year...Though is a company trip.. it is a fun trip indeed as we really enjoy and snap many many many pictures... and our relationship is getting better as well as we understand each other better as well..

This trip is a short one though jus an afternoon to night trip but we have been to not many places..but nice one.. from wat chayamangkalaram, gurney plaza.. as well as having nice food.. From this trip, i found the meaning of photo snapping that maybe in my life i really hate taking pictures..

A pictures means a million.. the memory, the laughter, the people that had been along with you.. the road we been, the smiles we share.. the cried as well as everything ... I get a touch of photos... watching you grow .. from day one till now.. capturing something that is hard to say in words... looking on the life of every people in the world... remembering the frens.. that had beenn in the route wif you.. the meaning of A-Z.

So, from today, i will i will snap more pictures and remembering each events in words... so i will never forget u .. cause i know brain cells dies.. when i am getting older.. But frens i promise, words wif you, laughter that been written and shots we took will be remain in my brain...my memory, my blogs, my photo albums as well as my diary from today onwards.. i promise

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